Monday, January 18, 2010


If you are the Adelaide person that's all over my personal blogger stuff and emails please explain yourself.
Love to you,
OLive x

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Morocco Bama said...

Olive, I'm telling's ICH. I don't think there's a Tom, and if there is, he's intel.....and there's a group of them running that site. It makes sense. My Outlook Program was tampered with just the other day. I don't have spyware, but if I did, no doubt it would show shenanigans coming from ICH and Echo. By the way, Angel Gabriel and Al-Caswa can see my posts whereas no one else can and Al-Caswa has personal information of mine that he could only have from reading my e-mails. Spooky. These people are crumbs......and you're right...they own the opposition.