Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dreaming again...

I dreamed a dream.
A dream where the world as we know it was washed away.
Where humanity stood naked and unknowing.
Without leadership. without regulation, without the baggage of history.
Just people seeking love, companionship, the warmth of a good home, the balance of life lived in tune with nature, trust and truth, justice and happiness, each other.
I saw people reaching out to one another, touching fingertips, smiling in recognition of their shared humanity, seeing one another for the first time in a new light, a new dawn.
I saw people understanding that the path ahead was full of beauty, full of love, full of the endless possibilities that their ingenuity and fellow feeling could create.
I saw a future emptied of fear.
I saw a future emptied of loneliness.
I saw a future that could last forever bringing nothing but joy to humanity and the world that is our host.
I saw humanity welcomed at last into the great brotherhood of love, the vast and all knowing essence of life itself, the "We Are" that is the pure energy of life-force of love in the universe.
I saw us coming home.
Come home, friend.
Join us.
I saw too this writer.
Recognised this writer's unfitness to lead, unfitness to pass on a truth, unfitness to wash the feet of those that will come.
Perhaps you are part of that coming?
I felt, too, the force that drives this writing, the urge behind it, the words slipping into my mind, the phraseology, the determination to keep going and to forsake the wordly, the imminent need.
I feel the mission that has entered my life and welcomed it.
There are those who visit here that believe in a god and who am I to disprove them or even want to. There is almost certainly in the greatness that is the universe things that are better than We Are. Creatures so advanced, so mindful of science and the true nature of things that they are , by comparison, gods.
Guessing now, I imagine that any species that can advance so far can only do so by virtue of their understanding of love, for if they did not have such understanding, if they lived as we do under the cloud of division and mutual emnity but with the science to cause vast and heinous destruction (as we now have) then surely they would not exist?
The conclusion is that if there is a great force in the universe, then that force is love. Nothing else could survive.
Logic dictates that there are such things in the universe. It also dictates that they are aware of us if only as a person is aware of an ant or a wasp. No doubt they keep a wary eye on us. Perhaps they watch us closely, waiting....
And we, humanity, will not survive unless we come into the fold. Unless we understand that we must live in harmony with each other and with our host planet or we must perish.
Humanity is treading that path of self destruction right now. Our specie is being led down that path by an ancient and frankly ludicrous and ridiculous system of control that we can well do without.
So let's do without it.
If you feel powerless, it's because you are.
If you feel the power of a united humanity, it's because We Are powerful.
There is a new way for humanity. A new way to organise itself, a new way to be.
It is our mission to find that way.
For you, it is to be as a torch lighting the darkness.
The responsibility is yours.
The action must come from you.
This is not a future for bystanders, those creatures that have sadly fallen under the sway of our current masters.
This is a future for unsung heroes, a future for those that give and do not count the cost, a future for crusaders swathed in truth, bathed in the light of love.
We Are making our pledge to the rest of humanity.
We seek not riches .
We do not yearn for power.
We ask not for fame nor glory.
We simply Are.
Go amongst the people in any way you can.
Bring love into your life and pass it on to others.
Be the human being you always hoped you were, that finer you that is inside, that great soul, that human.
Together, We Are going to change the world.

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