Sunday, January 31, 2010

Death of civilisation?

There has grown, over time and in the minds of the great mass of white, Anglo-Saxon western people a general misconception of what "civilisation" is.

Born of the ages when the European nations and later the USA were able, (and are still able), by force of arms and superior weaponry and the pyramidal system of control that allows a few wealthy and powerful people to encourage, cajole, trick and force their poorer and less powerful subjects to inflict their version of "civilisation" on other, less controlled or less scientifically developed peoples.

The very idea of superiority of nations, race and culture were born in these times, carried forward by such strange notions as superior language, dress, religion, social etiquette, technology and systems of government, colour of skin, flag, allegiance, nation.

Each an excuse then and now to kill and rape and maim and steal.

These age old constructs are difficult to shake off. Passed from generation to generation they are as strong today as they ever were, allowing the demonisation of all sorts of "enemies" of "democracy" as enemies of civilisation, enemies of all that is portrayed as "good" in the world.

So it is that war can be portrayed as peace, that the warmonger Obama can be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
So it is that the rule of the many by the few rich and powerful can be sold to the masses, by the instruments of a failed education system and a controlled press, as "democracy" and "freedom".
So it is that societies made up of wage and debt slaves funding, by their taxes, the warmongering asset-thieving armies of genocide and mass murder can and do consider themselves "civilised", spreading "democracy".

This dystopia, this modern day world characterised by the universal misery of the great masses, by their invisible and yet ever present and self-inflicted oppressions, by the war, violence and terror inflicted upon other peoples and in their own society upon themselves, by this almost universal misery-spreading false reality, is yet considered the "civilised" world.

Not by everyone, of course, but certainly by the mind controlled and ignorant masses, the masses that have secured the positions of the ruling elite for ever, the masses whose acquiescence and dumb obeisance and fears have allowed humanity to build an entire history based upon falsehood, wrong, injustice and uncivilised behaviours.

Most equate the idea of civilisation with the organisation of a society of people, the acquisition of material wealth and the sophistication of the devices available, even, still, the pursuit and practise of one religion rather than another, the wearing of certain types of clothing (or the wearing of clothing at all), the creation of art and music of enduring substance and worth, the appearance of freedom of action of citizens and assumption of the fair application of law.
Such ideas of civilisation give comfort to the world's "master races", the white western or westernised nations, a comfortable sensation of moral and natural superiority predicated upon the misguided and erroneous belief that they are "civilised".

This is true, if one accepts the dictionary-type definition of "civilisation" as a human society that has highly developed material resources and a complex cultural, political, and legal organization.
You might have a different view of what a civilised society should be.

You might believe that a civilised society is one where people live in the absence of fear of one another.
That a civilised society is one which does not possess the means and instruments and organisation necessary to carry out warfare, nor indeed the will to do so.
That a civilised society is one in which crime is defined as "the causing of intentional harm to other people, property or our environment" and that any other action shall not be a crime. A society where criminal acts are dealt with in such a way that the criminal learns new behaviours and not where the criminal learns not to get caught or learns such bitterness and estrangement that he or she will never be other than a criminal.
That a civilised society is one where education brings true learning and understanding and the skills required to fulfil oneself.
That a civilised society acts in such a way that the society as a whole strives for the maximum happiness of the maximum number of citizens.
That a civilised society is one where love, kindness, understanding, recognition, harmony, learning, fulfilment, peace, fun, excitement, leisure and industry, equality and fairness and justice, all are measures of the success of the "civilisation".
That a civilised society is one that lives in harmony with the resources of the planet and the environment we all require in order to exist.

A few great people have tried to teach us these messages.
They were all assassinated.
One notably on a cross, others with a bullet or a noose or the executioner's axe.

Later their words and deeds were claimed by organs of civilisation, as the inquisition claimed Jesus' words as a basis for its torture and murder, as Obama likens himself to Dr King and Gandhi whilst reaching out his hands to harm innocents, destroy innocence.

And so we are not, in these times, witness to the death of civilisation. Civilisation was a rare and beautiful thing found centuries ago amongst simple, noble peoples and ruthlessly stamped out by the conquering forces of the rich and powerful elite.

We are, though, witness to the birth of true civilisation, the time in which humanity realises the mistakes of the past, the foul dangers we face as a result of those mistakes and the only way we can, united, progress into the future.

This realisation, this apocalypse, this lifting of the veil, this reaching of understanding is the battlefield of the moment, fought on every front by the elite with the vast weapons of control over opinion and debate and the hearts and minds of the people at its disposal from the main stream media to religion, from the flag-draped coffins of its "heroes" to the earnest declarations of its puppet politicians. They are fighting an intense rear-guard action, afraid of us at last, afraid of the truth, afraid that we might, finally, become truly civilised.

For a civilisation has no room for such as they are.

With love to all,
Olive xxx
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Erich Kofmel said...

Check out my blog, the "Anti-Democracy Agenda":

and my book, "Anti-Democratic Thought" (Imprint Academic, 2008):


David G. said...

A powerful post, Olive Farmer!

To get the citizens of the world thinking is the main task. Currently, most of them think that the indoctrination they've received from birth is thinking.

A nuclear war might jolt some of them awake but it will be too late then.

P.S. the word verification was UNCOMA. Seems appropriate!

Daniel Edd Bland III said...

The hardest part about this journey is offering better solutions. It sure is great to learn from your awesome writing!! Thank you for being a leader in the information war! We need more people like you!!


P.S. Loved your definition of crime!!!

Yamin said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Anonymous said...

Great post Olive. If it's any consolation I feel what we are enduring is unsustainable and change is inevitable. The critical mass you speak of must come. It can't come soon enough.

The more people who awaken to the nightmare, this nightmare that we live each day with all the pain and suffering that comes with it provided by the indespicable oligarchs, the better off we and the world we live in will be.

Bravo to you Olive and your post. You are a true warrior!