Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Naming some of the bearers of false gifts.......

If you are a part of the great matrix of control (and I know that many of them read this blog, as they read all information, take names, build their lists for the camps)...
Listen, eavesdropping scum....

You may share a common purpose.
You share, too, a common destiny.

It's not what you believe it will be, will be not nice.

You may believe that you have the future in your hands, that the winning streak will go on and on, that your destiny is to climb ever further up that greasy pole towards your god, your helper, your master, your lover, that lucifer that has promised you the ultimate in fulfilment.


You have joined the losing side.

I remember you at school, harbouring your hurts, turning them as soon as you were able by might of body or by strength of mind or most usually by slick and vile cunning into the thing you value most, the ability to bully, the ability to make others afraid, the ability to hurt and to belittle and to demean.

Then you found the world of work and by the grace of your master you discovered your real environment, your true place, for at the top of every pyramid that forms a part of the great edifice of control sits a demi-devil that seeks out and rewards your pathetic kind.
And so your true journey began.

As you progressed you found the benefits were more than you could have dreamed of. The material gains, the social position, the feeling of acceptance in this vile club you so value, the ability to exact your revenge upon the rest of humanity for whatever hurt it is that drives you.

We see you in all walks of life.
Watch you slither, hear you hiss, smell the hatred that oozes from your pores, avoid when we can the fickle nature of your psycopathic ego.

You see, we know you all.

We see you in the police. Beat officers that enjoy the beat, detectives that like the framework, senior officers that enjoy cementing their relationships with others that construct careers, pointing trowels in hand, aprons donned.

Amongst you are the real police, the proper coppers. They bide their time, and then will act to prevent your worst excesses, use the true law against you, clean out the pigsty you have created.

We see you in the big corporations, your rapid and undeserved advances, your machinations, your instinctive disloyalty to those who deserve your loyalty, your cunning connivances.
Your staff hate you.
Your colleagues despise you.
All of them see you for what you are, all will grow to understand what the corporation itself is, what it is a part of, how it can be disposed of or changed when the time comes.
You are in people's sights.

Humanity closes upon you daily.

We see you in the media aiding and abetting the great liars, using your skill to manipulate us all. You are in our sights, as are those that guide you and manipulate you. We see you in the military, see the unspeakable acts, witness the fear and misery you gift.

Everywhere you prop up the matrix, everywhere you are recognised by the evil, used as its minor assistants.

The drug makers in big pharma, the weapon builders and designers, the politicians and the tax collectors, the civil servants and the bankers, the list goes on and on.
Everywhere the system reinforces your power and rewards it.

And everywhere you feel confident in your petty power, luxuriate in your ability to use and abuse other human beings.

You are so easy to spot, so easy to mark down for when the time is ripe, will be so easy to round up and bring to the justice that is ours, not the faux simulacrum of justice that is currently yours.

Amongst your kind are the current stars of the alternative internet war, growing corporations of ace manipulators whose design is as wicked as it is clever, whose purpose is to prevent the coming together of humanity, to mislead the awakening, to befuddle the senses, to slow the building strength of the tsunami of change.
What do you hope for from this service?
What will you gain?
Fat wallets you have already, of course. .....

All of you puppets of the Tavistock mind controllers you pretend to despise, using their tried and tested psy-ops, mixing truth with subtle lies, creating a new brand of religious fervour, gifting information overload, linking to each other and co-operating with each other in an effort to corner the market, shear the sheep.

The web of deceit you are building is as intricate and widespread as the mainstream media you pretend to despise. As always, the global scum that you work for build and control their own opposition but please, though it's tempting, do not underestimate the growing critical faculties of the herd.

We are about to turn, and you will not be leading that turn.
You will be, in due course, brought to justice.

Let me wonder aloud who you might be, where you might be found.....
I hope I am wrong.
I guess time will tell us.
You might, for example, be amongst these sites...?
OK, let me know if I'm mistaken and if so I will withdraw......

(If any of my readers are further aware of this deception and those involved with it or have information they wish to share please leave a comment or send me a message.)

There are of course many, many more of them out there.
After all, their masters have all the money in the world.
It is that complex.

I will do the big list one day soon.
From apparently lonely bloggers, through special interest sites (2012, Illuminati, consciousness, witchcraft, shamanism, drugs, 9/11, etc etc etc) via the vast numbers of forum members, everywhere the net within the net operates to control, manipulate, distract, and most of all prevent the important truth from coming out.
Including the most important truth there is.
There are more of us than there are of you.

Your time is about to be over.
Love to you,
Olive Farmer xxx

PS It would be nice, one day, to receive another flipping donation from somebody, somewhere!
I can absolutely guarantee that I am bloody penniless.
If you are one of the many that spend hours reading this stuff and would like to read more as the day approaches please help to prevent me from having to sell my computer.


Daniel Edd Bland III said...

Hi Olive-

There are many false prophets and teachers. I heard Ron Paul on TV the other day saying that alQiada was responsible for 9/11 and Timothy McVeigh was responsible for OKC Bombing. I could never support a politician that wasn't smart enough to figure these two out. Here is Dr. Paul on CNN.

Although he tells a lot of Truth (ie 9/11 false flag), I have been suspicious of the guy since the very beginning. Here is a little piece I wrote on the topic early on.

Keep up the great work!!!

Daniel Edd Bland III

Captain Ranty said...

Hi Olive,

Do you have any evidence that the sites you list are....tainted?

I ask because I sometimes use them for source material.

If I knew for sure they were dirty I would avoid them.



Olive Farmer said...

Hi Captain,
I don't normally do detail. This stems from my belief that detail is the tool of the evil that governs us, that within detail can always be found argument, that justice is often perverted by such argument, that truth is often obfuscated by such minutiae, that the murderers get to walk on a technicality.
Everything I write I draw from within, from my personal and instinctive sense of right and wrong, from my innate understanding of and growing perception of the nature of the control matrix, from my spirit or soul or whatever name you might care to give it.
Most of all it comes from logic and deduction and the inner light that we all share, the connection to the greater universal love.

Those named, (and I have many more on my list), will of course be a point of reference for those seeking truth. Those that control them would of course ensure that they are foremost in this area. What would be the point otherwise?

In the next few blog posts, if I can avoid being very boring, I intend to reveal how this element of the control matrix uses psy-ops to defuse and mislead the growing global political awakening amongst the mavericks amongst humanity.

The mavericks are the only threat to the scum elite. They either send us in the wrong directions, defuse and divide our strength, sow discord amongst us, put us in camps and burn us, or a combination of all the above.

What choice do they have or have they ever had?

I always ask myself: If I was one of the scum elite what would I do to control this thing called the herd? Work it out from their strategic position, then look and see what there is out there that matches that conjecture.
Of course, the real question is not tactics, which are easy, but the motive, which is hidden.
Love to you,
(Oddly, I feel I should also say that something that concerns you personally at the moment should not! Don't know why I said that.)
Olive xxx

Captain Ranty said...

Hi Olive,

For someone who doesn't "do details" you did a great job of explaining your rationale. Thank you for that. We have, for years, ignored our own intuition and we have paid the price. It is a powerful tool that we have to help us through life. How many times have you heard people say "I wish I had gone with my first thought" ?

I am doing my best to regain control. I am tired of being a herd member. It puts me in harms way but I firmly believe that someone has to do it. I volunteered, and my conscience is clear. I will accept the consequences.

Thank you for your message too. I don't identify with one concern particularly, but I take the message in the spirit it was given.

Love and light to you and yours,


Anonymous said...

Olive, I am with you on this subject and will follow your ongoing insights. I have a bad habit of recognizing psychos and this too puts me in the spotlight! Also, when threatened by a psycho, I have a bad case of, "I'll kill you before you can kill me." Lets see how far that will get me! I am still here. Am still a peaceful person. I spent all my young years growing up with a psycho-sociopathic brother. I was his main object of obsession. Sooo, I am sensitive to these types. My therapist says I have a sophisticated sense of what is dangerous. Thank you for sharing with us, Olive. Always more to say. Love and peace. Grace