Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cure yourself

The universe as we understand it
Is described by our limited knowledge
By the science that we have so far mastered
By the minds we have so far bred
By the measuring devices they have so far conceived for us
By the truths our masters have contrived to have concealed from us
By the limits of our invention
By the mistakes that we cannot yet disprove and so live under
By the systematic obfuscation that is the natural outcome of a world that is controlled as this world is

If we allow a child to starve
If we murder by machine and artefact
If we hold so dear to ourselves that which we value at the expense of others
We can not claim civilisation

Without civilisation there can never be truth
Without truth there can never be understanding
Without understanding there can be no true education
Without true education knowledge can not be attained
Without knowledge we are stagnant

The world was flat once
The sun revolved around it
The speed of light was as fast as you could go
Money was a good idea
What we could prove was all there was

The moment in time which we occupy
The space within the universality we see
Both are a product of our ignorance
The ignorance that produces the machinery or biology or chemistry of killing
The ignorance that despoils
The ignorance that harms

What does the universality make of us?
What does it see?

It sees a carbuncle on the arse of creation
It sees a part of the whole that is wrong
It sees the runt of the litter
The child born sick
The sick child that will grow into the monster
The monster that is havoc
The virus in the body of everything

Logic overcomes knowledge:

We are therefore not alone

We are therefore in the hands of a superiority born of a billion years of progress beyond our own

Some may call it god for such is its wisdom and power and love

This everything, this universality, this everywhere and every time, this whole of which we are part

This life force

Is you.

Cure yourself.

From the healthy seed the tree of understanding grows.

(Thanks Sher***, the only one who heard. Love to you. Come visit one day if you can. Olive xxx)

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