Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dear Human Being,

This letter is reaching many others around the world. You have been chosen to receive it. What you do with the information it contains is for you to decide.

Whatever continent you live on, in whichever country, whatever God you believe in or no God, however rich or poor you might be, whoever you give your political allegiance to or to none, this letter is for you.

It is a call to duty. Maybe it’s what you have been waiting for?

It is about our future as a species and the part you can play.

It is about changing the world.

Set aside for a moment your personal concerns and ambitions and read on.

Our world:

This faint blue speck of light travelling through the universe we choose to call earth, we call Home, is a miracle that is, as far as we know, unique in creation.

It carries life, as no other place we know of. It is a special place. We hold its destiny in our hands.

Our species, the human race, has advanced such that our technology and our actions can destroy not only ourselves but also all life on this beautiful globe, and perhaps therefore all life in the universe.

As a human being, no matter how important or unimportant you are, you share in the responsibility for this state of affairs. You must do something, but what?

Our species:

Though sometimes it’s hard to see, we are by our very natures peace loving and caring beings. If you believe this is true of yourself, know that it is also true for nearly every other human being. We share this love of peace, as we share the desire for security in our lives. We do not seek war. We instinctively want to help those that suffer. We all of us see the harm we are doing to our planet and to each other, yet we share a feeling of powerlessness to change the world. We all of us want to be free, and know that all human beings should be born into freedom and live in freedom for all their lives. We all of us want justice and fairness in all of our dealings with other human beings. This is how things should be. It is the truth.

Until now, there has been no conduit for ordinary human beings to express this unity of desire.

This simple letter is its beginning. In it lies the power to change the world.

Our number is legion:

We are seven billion strong, our family.

In that number is the authority to change the world.

To make a world to live in that is shaped by the shared desires of us all. True democracy.

This movement:

This is your movement. There are no leaders, no policy makers, no ranks, no deals to be cut or rules to impose, no backroom sponsors, no money to change hands, no allegiances save the allegiance we have to our species and its future. Our message is simple, its heart lives in your heart, it can be expressed in one word and that word can change the world.

The word is Love.

It is time to speak the word. It’s time for the world to hear our voices.

What can you do?

Our world is full of ways we can share this message. You must simply pass it on for the world to change and for you to have helped this change happen. Share it on facebook or twitter, email it to friends, print it and send it to someone you love, to family and friends. If you are young, this is even more important for you, for the future belongs to you and it is your duty to make it reflect the desires of all of our species. If you are older, it’s time to make a stand. We can all see much that is wrong and want no part of that.

Too many of our family are suffering right now. It is time for our species to start again, for Love to be the road we follow to our future. Sharing this message will make that happen.

Use your imagination.

The word is Love.

Speak it, wear it, share it, advertise it for all the world to see that you are a part of this movement, that this is the future you want for all of our family, that there is the power to change the world in this simple word.

All of Us are in this thing together. Share this now. Share the message. Share Love. Change the world.:

A music video can get one billion hits in a couple of months. What can we do with Love?

Simply Pass It On. And when we see our number, so we can change the world.
Pass it on now, with love.   
Tweet that.                        
Olive Farmer, Crete, with Love xxx xxx xxx.


Zebedee said...

Thankyou Olive Farmer and a nice surprise to have you share your thoughts once again.


Zebedee said...

Thankyou Olive Farmer.

A nice surprise to hear your thoughts once again.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear your voice again. Carys.