Thursday, August 20, 2015


One wonders, one really does....

After seeing the debacle in Greece, where a stooge of the Bankster paedophile mafia used his charisma and the sneaky edges given him by the dark force to unite those who opposed the permanent debt slavery of the Greek people, then went on to reveal himself as the worst of traitors and to sell his country's children into never-never repay land......
After seeing that great sponge suck up the rebellion and anger of a nation and squeeze it out into the toilet pan of oblivion.....
After witnessing the sense of hopelessness that this betrayal passed on to others in Europe who were praying that Greece had the balls to DO SOMETHING and found, instead, that the traitors were inside the walls.....
After witnessing this betrayal, one can look at the leadership "contest" for the Labour Party in the UK and see oddities of a similar nature.

Let's first deal with Corbyn's history of doing nothing to clear out the Paedophiles in Islington:

In 1992 Corbyn was told about organised child abuse at children's homes in Islington by social workers, informed of child trafficking by council employees,
He was informed that they believed some children had been murdered. 

What would YOU have done?

Corbyn did sweet fuck all about these and other vile allegations.

Now, surprise surprise, Russel Brand supports Corbyn:

Of course, Icke supports Corbyn. Both have been accused of "anti-semitism".

Then of course there's the hundreds of thousands of new member registrations in time for the leadership vote, and the Labour ruling body's dismissal of legal advice about those new registrations:

It all starts to stink somewhat.

Then there's obvious shills posing as deeply thoughtful media analysts who support Corbyn, failing ever to mention his somewhat questionable connections with the "do nothing about paedo murderers" gang which dominates the power structures of the world elite in every nation, religion and corporation:

I wrote to these poor fish asking why they had not researched Corbyn's apathy to child buggery and sacrifice as reported.
I received no answer, naturally.

Those who are masters of this reality rape and murder children, drink their blood, eat their hearts to get high on Adrenochrome.

It is not human to do this.
It is the pinnacle of all that is inhuman.
Draw your own conclusions, using instinct.

There are more and more of these demons among us, and they have absolute power over the rest of us and they don't care that we know, don't care that we are discovering them because they have something very bad up their filthy sleeves and it makes them cocky.

One wonders what it is?
Will we disCERN it in time?

Only time (whatever that is) will tell, but I guess we haven't long to wait for the externalisation of the hierarchy and the new "Christ".

(One of the "Masters", called the Fifth Ray", lives in Crete, apparently).

Unless humanity somehow manages to find unity in love, which is the only hope, our great promise as a species and the great test which we are all undertaking will culminate in failure.

Interesting times.

Aktina Pempti
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Anonymous said...

Aktina Pempti and the Fifth Ray.

Olive Farmer said...

Our little joke.
Pempti Aktina reversed.