Thursday, July 22, 2010

What's next for you and I?

You know why you have arrived here.

It's because you are one of those that understand there is something rotten in the world.
Your sense of uneasiness drives your questing nature to seek out information, to gain understanding.

Those that rule over us know who you are.

Give them a wave.

Extend that digit or those two digits in defiance.

It will not be long before they decide to come and get us all.
So show them you fear nothing.

This thing that is rotten in the world, this vile cancer, has been around a long time and is spreading at great speed now through the body that is humanity.
Weakening it, causing it pain, making it afraid, numbing its senses.
Everyone is infected.

Countless are carriers, helping the spread, weakening the body-humanity's natural immune responses to this rotten growth, helping it on its way.
We each of us have a dark smudge, greater or smaller, controlled or out of control.

It can be cured.

When you do your duty and speak to those badly infected, offer them the medicament that is truth, that is when their true outer selves are most visible, that is when their eyes cease to be the mirrors of their souls and instead become the mirrored sunglasses of the truly lost, reflecting back your love and concern twisted into hatred and anger and ridicule.

When they come for you, these zombies, and come they will, it will be with the approval of those we pay to be in uniform and protect us all.

Or led by them.

The future was glimpsed at G20 in Toronto. The zombie-police in their space-bully suits squashing you and me, even if we weren't there. Modern day SS thugs, believing right to be on their side, twisting justice into "law", trampling under their marching boots the freedoms humanity holds dear, sending a message to the rest of the herd: resistance is useless.

In the full light of day and under the watching eyes of a thousand lenses they dared to trample, knew that the herd would do nothing, inwardly glorying that they had joined the winning side and the rewards, the opportunity to bully and beat and maybe soon murder would be theirs.
They are selected carefully these people.

Sometimes a real human being will get through and enter the ranks, believing in the old ideas of protecting the people that pay their wages from wrongdoing and evil. They are few, these good souls, but they are one hope for us.
The fifth column.
Proper police.
Blessings and courage be with them.
We need you now, friends.

The zombie-police, as ever throughout history in one snazzy uniform or another, are the fists and boots of the dystopic reality. They are the colour black and the texture of fear on the palette of the artists that are painting our reality and their brush strokes are about to get stronger, less inhibited.
Shame on them.

We will in due course forgive them, for they know not what they do.
It takes years to turn the insecure and cowardly bully that's selected into the ruthless bullying machine that acts without conscience, believing the uniform will protect him or her even when they step over the ever more distant line.
Usually, it does.

They socialise with one another, are made to feel comradeship and loyalty to one another, see themselves as "us" and the rest of humanity as "them". They are selected for this propensity, then trained and schooled in the peculiar psychosis that creates this angry and violent mob of oppression.

If you are a seeker for the truth then those that rule us are about to make you, in the eyes of the law and of the zombie herd, into something to be hated, to be vilified, to be rounded up and disposed of as vermin.

They have always done this, so why should this time be different?

In the 1930's the Bush-sponsored Nazis rounded up the communist, the dissenting professor, the Gypsy, the homosexual, the jew, the truthful journalist, anyone who protested however quietly.

On every block their Gauleiters took names, collected evidence of dissent or "deviant" behaviour.
They don't need Gauleiters now.
The internet is collecting all the evidence they need.
What you think of as private has been known to them for years.
You cannot hide. You cannot run.
So give them the finger and stand proud.

These are the reasons we must stand together, must know our number, must grow our number in one place. We need to understand we have a critical mass and exercise the strength that gives us.

If this cannot be achieved then you and I are lost, dear friend, and the world is lost with us.
We are well into the endgame now.

Those that rule over us are pressing ahead with their evil at an ever increasing rate, assailing humanity on every front, identifying those amongst the herd with a genetic disposition to resist, with a preference for truth over lies, people who have slipped through the control grid or are immune to their cankerous rot.

They badly want to cull the herd of that gene pool.
They want to get us before we wake up to our number and power and sweep them into the dustbin of history for all time.

They want us dead.

They have used their control of the internet to find us and flush us out.
They have used their long seeded disinformation agents to cast the lures and draw us into their nets. With their truths mixed with fantasies, their faux love mixed with finger pointing and hate mongering they are drawing us in, counting us up, finding where we live whilst at the same time using their information overload to weaken and divide our resolve.

Many are caught in these particular webs.

They can be likened to the early christians, walking heads held high through the gates that led not to heaven but to hatred, intolerance, genocide, torture, millennia of wickedness in god's name.

People still walk through those gates, joining one religion or another.

If there is a god, how it must weep at the horror committed by good people in its name.

The coming interesting times. May you live through them.
Those that govern humanity understand that they can get away with anything right now. The success of their centuries long strategy is now well proven to them. Even the biggest lies remain believed in.

They've just robbed every human being on the planet with their bank heist, condoned and orchestrated by nearly every puppet government, forcing humanity into perpetual tax slavery. They are picking everyone's pockets, every day, and the zombie herd are taking it.

With their fake but deadly war on "terror" they have robbed us all of freedoms we took centuries to win, caused millions to draw up lines that separate humanity based upon the old lies of religion. They are in the swing of murdering right now, soon to get more vigorous, soon to bring ever increasing numbers into their wars.

They've done it so often in the past, what makes you think they won't do it again?

Do you believe humanity to be better educated, more aware, stronger in the face of totalitarianism, freer of mind and spirit, less gullible, possessed of a freer media than they were in the last century, when countless millions went gladly and grimly off to murder countless millions of other human beings?
Of course you don't.

You understand the complexity of the control matrix that for a century at least has worked scientifically to prevent that very condition.

So confident are they, and so possessed of an urgency to get the job finished that we will see an acceleration of the experiment. Boosted by their successes so far, by the enormous instrument of mind control they have built, by this many headed hydra they have conjured from the ingenuity of those they seek to oppress, they will seek now to batter and beat the cornered beast that is humanity into the waiting cages, there to be factory farmed for the rest of time.

This complex system of control will reach its zenith of wickedness within the next couple of years. It has to. If more and more zombies realise what's going on and cast the blinkers from their eyes, or if those mavericks that already do see have the sense and guts to stand together then the evil itself becomes threatened, its servants like monkeys will scatter as the tree begins to fall, the change will finally come.

Who can say what their next move will be?
They have such a powerful and diverse arsenal.

Will it be a pandemic? Another, bigger war, mushrooming millions into oblivion? A nicely placed false flag terror event placed squarely at your door and mine, causing the zombies to point at you in the street, angrily beat you and spit at you as the police drag you away?

Look at the films of the Nazi era, see how the sheep can be moulded into violent haters, struggle with each other to be the one that lands the blow on the defiled, the beaten and cowed, the outsider, the non-believer.

We understand the checkmate they are driving towards, the fear of light that drives them, the final loss they face, the emergence of the beauty of humanity they so despise. We understand we are in their way.
So we are probably their next move.

Dealing with us.

The link to "We Are" is my personal, emaciated, weak but defiant two fingered salute to these bastards. Stick your finger up there too, by clicking on follow.
There IS good out there.
But we have to make it ourselves.
Love to you all,
Olive xxx


Anonymous said...

Awesome post Olive and worth the wait!

I shall pass this on and extend that digit or those two digits in defiance.


Bill said...

I will stand with you in defiance of tyranny. Realize that you will not stand alone. Many people have awakened and multitudes more are almost awake. As a personal example, ALL of my close friends are completely awake. Many, many more of the people I associate with know that something is seriously wrong and are distrustful of government. They see the strings that control the system, but they haven't figured out who the puppet master is yet. There are a LOT of people in this category. For every one of us, there are ten of them. I think these people will stand with us. They don't need to have every piece of the puzzle to know that they are losing their freedom. When the hammer drops, when the tyranny becomes more blatant, when the lies become obvious - these people will stand with us. They will not willingly participate in the system any longer. This gives me hope.

wiggins said...

Marvellous to read your post again olive.. last caught you @ ukcolumn.
(now not the same).