Thursday, July 1, 2010

Urgent Warning: The traps are set.

You have been referred to this site to read this important document because you understand some of the vast and intricate conspiracy that is robbing you of the historic freedoms and liberties fought for by humanity over all of recorded time.

This great robbery continues today and is accelerating in its implementation in more subtle and disturbing ways than you may realise as the global elite prepare for the great tipping point.
If humanity do not understand the complexity and intricacy of the well laid plans of the evil that straddles the globe then the great battle for the soul of humanity is already lost and the golden future that humanity can create will be lost for all of time.

The future, friend, depends upon you and how you act from this day forth.

The global elite have proven throughout history their ability to control the herd of landless slaves we know as humanity. For centuries if not millennia they have recruited to their ranks of servants the finest minds, the greatest intellects that humanity can produce. With a combination of bribery, blackmail, the threat of death (and the fear that it generates) and with the promise of power and riches or the plaudits of others they cajole and force our brightest to make their plans and designs for them, to invent their hideous weapons, to design their awful control and monitoring systems, to think ahead in the greatest detail and with the benefit of the finest instruments of science and the great learning and understanding that the control of knowledge has given them.

In the 20th Century this elite recognised the threat that communism posed to them and determined to create the communist states of the USSR and China and to forever blacken the idea of societies run for the mutual benefit of all, creating the vile monsters of organised genocide that both became.

This old trick of discrediting a good idea that posed a threat to them was used again in Germany in the 1930's when the monster that was Nazism was bought and paid for by the Bush family and associated bankers, thoroughly discrediting the idea of national pride and socialism, creating the modern demon that is the Zionist state of Israel in the process.

It is well known that these creatures own and control the education system and the dumbing down of our youth. It is well known that they own and control the mainstream media and the dumbing down of the whole tribe of mankind. It is well known that they poison the water you drink, the air you breathe, the food you eat, the medicine you take for their fabricated ailments. It is well known that they want you to work hard until you no longer can and then to die before you become a cost to them. They dare not allow you to have the faculties of free thought, the great strength that is free will, nor the time in which to indulge them, nor the freedom from debt and other fears to allow you to think like a free human being.

Their control systems, via their millions of minions and their usurious control of money and national governments, of law, of law enforcement, of armed forces and intelligence agencies, of all the science that we have produced with our ingenuity, of every element of control and governance that interferes with and regulates your life, and via their long term control of the understanding of how the mind of humanity is shaped and formed and controlled through institutions such as the "Tavistock Institute" and the great minds duped into providing the mental bars of the great cage that encircles and grips the minds of all of humanity.
If you understand all of this, if you have a grip of the vast intricacy of their plans, the enormous detail of their criminal enslavements, the great numbers of us that are involved as willing or unwilling supporters of a system that progresses ever more rapidly towards the "final solution".....if you understand all of this then consider the threat that the weapon that is the internet poses to them and then consider how, knowing what you do about their skill and understanding and track record, knowing what you do about their subtle and intricate capabilities, knowing what you do about the sheer unadulterated evil of their reasoning, what do YOU think they would have done, years ago, to ensure they had control over this great leviathan of information?

Worse still, know this:

With their financial control of most internet service providers through hedge funds and blind trusts or by having been the seed capital behind them, with their control of the vast resources provided by the various arms of intelligence agencies around the world and the enormous scientific organisation and expense that lies behind enormous facilities such as the GCHQ in the UK, with their control via investment for scientific research, via control of government budgets for research into the instruments of surveillance, with their long standing and well rehearsed tactic of leading their own opposition, of what use could the internet be to them?


Logic dictates that at this crucial time, this tipping point in histroy, they would be fools not to have devised some system of identifying their enemies, of identifying and locating those that can still see through the blinding miasma of their false reality, those that somehow by fortune or sheer bloody-mindedness have emerged unscathed from their programming at school, their mind control via the TV and other media, their dumbing down and chemical coshing.
They want to know where we are and who we are so that, at the crucial time that approaches, they can quickly eliminate this last vestige of a threat to their global and eternal enslavement of a humanity that will no longer be human.

In espionage terms you have fallen into a honey-trap of the mind. You have sought the truth and there, like spiders at the centre of a web, they wait for you.
They know where you live.

Do not ask for whom the FEMA camps are built.
They are built for thee.

Fear nothing, good will overcome,
Love to you all,
Olive Farmer x.
Keep coming back.
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Anonymous said...

The world wide WEB, spider's WEB, WEB - catches flys..'A fly in the ointment'-A small but irritating flaw that spoils the whole (planned) thing.
Spider patiently waits.

The INTERN(ment)-et , Inter-NET,
NET- useful tool to catch Butterflies emerging from their larval stage of grazing,sedentary existence.

hope said...

your blogs bring me hope.

you put perfectly said words to the thoughts and feelings I have in my own head and give me the confirmation of the truth I seek.

Anonymous said...

and...visible became in.visible?