Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Remember, there IS good out there....

As the collective ingenuity of humanity builds upon the collective knowledge and science of past ages and as the numbers of our kind increase and the speed and ease of communication with one another accelerates then there can be only one possible result.

The truth of all things will become known.

The incredible shift in the rate of advance in all fields of knowledge over the past decades defies belief. Imagine for a moment what the next decade will bring, the next twenty years, the next century, the next millennia.

A rule could be applied here, a rule that states that:

Number of Human Beings x Speed of Communication + Accumulated base of Knowledge = Rate of Acceleration of Understanding.

This will continue, at an ever increasing pace, until we reach the point where no further knowledge is available. that between us we know all things. The "speed of light" of knowledge will be reached. We will stand in the light of the truth of all things.

Of course no one person will be able to see the whole, for just like the universe itself the boundaries will be infinite, too much for a single eye, too much for just one mind.
But collectively we will have it all.

Consider now those that would be threatened by such an understanding.
Consider too what steps they would take to prevent this burgeoning understanding and to control those elements that posed most threat.
Consider too how they might seek to prevent this growth, perhaps by the control of scientific investigation via the control of the budgets for that costly exercise.

Perhaps via the control of education and the dumbing down of our species by any number of methods.
Perhaps by the designed reduction in free time engineered through the imposition of artificial debt (for if a human being has not time to stand and stare, to contemplate their condition, to philosophise and conject, to organise and object then of what use can they be to the betterment of the human condition?)
Perhaps and most evidently in the control of the entirity of knowledge itself, for it is knowledge that poses the greatest threat of all.

Knowledge and the determination of humanity to acquire it, distribute it and use it for the improvement of the human condition and the common good.

This, after all, has been the prime objective of almost all efforts to gain knowledge by human beings outside of the control grid.

Efforts to gain knowledge for the worsening of our condition, from inhuman weapons of destruction to the intricate financial machinery of embezzlement, all have been efforts bought and paid for by those that fear most the loss of control of knowledge, from inside the control grid.

If you look again at the equation:

Number of Human Beings x Speed of Communication + Accumulated base of Knowledge = Rate of Acceleration of Understanding

You will understand that the Rate of Acceleration of Understanding (ie the acquisition of the truth of all things) can be affected adversely in a number of ways:

By controlling the number of human beings (a work in progress)
By controlling the speed of communication and, by extension, the content.
By controlling the accumulated base of knowledge (a very long standing practise)

Those that seek to undermine humanity's progress into a condition of truth and light fear most the next two years for they understand the principle and processes involved in self fulfilling prophecy, understand that the collective psyche of humanity is moving towards a momentous expectation of change and that collective psyche, that "hive mind" is more connected now than it has ever been.

Logic dictates that each of those factors that will adversely affect the rate of acceleration of understanding will be applied at ever increasing degrees of forcefulness as the next months unfold.

This indeed will be our near future, this the crux, this the moment where each of our two very different futures stand in the balance.

Do we stride together into the light or succumb to another few millennia of the darkness?
The answer lies in resistence and in critical mass. The conduit of truth is provided by the internet, but it is also the conduit of lies and deception.
And for how long, if they lose control of the great quest for truth, will we have this great instrument?

"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. BELIEVE. There is GOOD out there. We Oppose DECEPTION"

Love to you all, fear nothing (even death itself).
Olive Farmer.
P.S. The book will be here soon, free of course. It will lay down a strategy.

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Anonymous said...

I like very much olives, since I am spanish. It has been a shock to find your blog, and I feel surprised that nobody is participating here. I jumped from your precedent blog, which has been corrupted, is that right?
Your words give strenght, thank you very much.