Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Musings on the great truth movement....

The next few moves in the great game.......
Sacrificing pawns.......

Thinking of your opponent's strategy is one of the keys to succesful chess playing.
Understanding the strengths of your opponent and not underestimating those strengths is another.

Bearing these things in mind we can readily perceive that our global masters would have planned well in advance both to lead the truth movement (as it is becoming known in its infinite variety) and to mislead it.

The internet IS a weapon, but of course they have the planning capabilities, the knowledge, the effort (via their unwitting or conscious allies and servants), the money, the foresight (via their think tanks, staffed by some oh-so-clever human beings engaged at the sharp end of enslaving the rest of us) to make this weapon their own.

The rest of us, the "viewers", are at the mercy of the providers.

One wonders how the truth movement would have developed without the misguidance and red herrings of its many so-called leaders? These fast developing personality cults resemble increasingly others we have seen in the past, with perhaps the same frightening prospects for followers........

For example, one can easily foresee a sequence of events that witnesses:
Following a false flag "homeland" terror event mass arrests of truthers, the rest "going underground".

Following that a WACO type event or a mass suicide, as practised before by the CIA on Jim Jones' followers in Jonestown.

So, let's consider the strategy of our mutual enemies before we give them a big hug and waken them from their nightmare of malice.

Amongst the truth they have given us to make us believe (and of course the truth we have found for ourselves) they have sown some "big lies".

One such lie may be the approaching raising of human consciousness by the intervention of some alien or god-like force.

Once we are so conscious we will easily rid ourselves of evil and live together in a paradise of pure love. We will have special powers. We will get rid of the reptiles/lizards/alien bloodlines etc. that control us. We will become god-like ourselves and everything will be just fine and dandy.
For a time there I believed in this ascendancy.

I fight against not believing in it now, for there lies HOPE.

I preached it to my friends and here in this blog. I have only just come to the realisation that this is all a part of my enemy's great plan for me.

I've been underestimating the great reach of their power, the great systems and knowledge and personnel at their disposal, just how very good at all this they are.

It is VERY difficult for me to renounce this belief in ascendancy now, it has so much formed a part of my giddy optimism for the future.

Understanding the way the conscious mind works, even now that I have decided NOT to believe in this message I still want to cling to the idea that it is a possibility.

Everywhere you care to look on the internet you will find others explaining how this great event has been prophesied, how it is foretold, how there is lots of (spurious?) science to back it up.
Even messages from the gods and messengers.

Christians call it the Rapture but it goes by many names or no name. In each case it describes something that can be called a miracle.

For ever human beings have been led into these cul-de-sacs of misguided hope, of belief in a better world just around the corner, of heaven, of paradise, of miracles and mysteries which will be revealed, of revelations......

Is this ringing any bells, or have you decided to stop reading because this posting does not reinforce what you need to be reinforced?

If you are about to stop reading for that reason, consider please what you already know about mind control.

Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

So here we all go again, friends, falling for the oldest tricks in the "good" book! The promise of heaven, the green grass on the other side of the fence, the golden future of eternal life and godlike abilities waiting for us all just around the corner, just a few months away.

Keep waiting, keep waiting, have hope and faith, keep waiting for tommorrow, tommorrow, tommorrow it will come.

I fell for it. Did you?
I still want to believe it.
Do you?

This is the power of the mind control that has been designed just for you and I and the millions like us. There is other stuff for other people, but they've always had a special story for the folks that want, in the core of their being, to CHANGE THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER.
Is that you, too?

Perhaps this is where we really wake up.

As our masters enjoy revisiting old strategies, here's a few suggestions that may well have some resonance:
We may well see one of the "leaders" of the truth movement martyred.
We will almost certainly see some flase flag homeland terror event linked to this person and their followers.
It will happen that a core belief in the mystic stuff will grow amongst the remaining few that haven't been "fed to the lions" or its modern equivalent. (Have we heard this before?)
Eventually, some world leader will proclaim that, having thought about it, the truthers were right and this now sadly dead "leader" had it right all along.
From that "capitulation" and "acceptance of the faith" will grow this "lovely" new world religion of peace and love.
First, though, people that don't believe it wil have to be got rid of, unfortunately!
It will be sad, but folks will agree that evil heretics have no place amongst the rest of us, for their beliefs are clearly not true.
And if we all cling to the new belief, and all behave ourselves, then who last the transformation may come and we'll all live in heaven together in love and peace.
Once we've killed all those that don't believe.
Tortured to death those that blaspheme.

It's all been done before.

We still kill each other daily over it.

What I'm saying is this: that the truth movement and its semi-mysticism is a trap, a trap that will lead to a new one-world religion. It will unite all the horseshit about global warming and the ecological/environmental issues that we like to worry about but do nothing about in our daily lives because its just too hard not to use plastic, not to drive, not to buy a cheap shirt made by a slave in China, about global overpopulation (a big lie that has been a hundred years in the making).

It will be born of the idea of transcendence, of the raising of consciousness we so hope for.

It will kill and enslave us all.

Of course I can't see tommorrow, so none of this may be true, none of this may happen, all of it might have been written by a servant of the masters devising ways to prevent the great ascendancy of the consciousness of humanity.

As with me, so with you, it is for you to decide.

There are, however, some things I do still believe.

I believe that the inner core of people is good.
I believe that evil derives from the system we have allowed to be imposed upon us.
I believe that there are vastly more good people than evil people upon this earth.
I believe that it is this dawning of understanding that the sick bastards that rule us are most concerned about.
I believe that this is why they are fighting so hard and so cleverly (and soon with such increased violence).

I believe that they are afraid.

It is for us to fear nothing, but to get on with the job of shrugging off the chains.

There are more of us, and we will at last, on our own two feet and with the co-operation of us all, take back our world from the sickness that it endures.

So try this:
Hug a friend today.
Forgive an enemy this week.
Do some act of kindness to a stranger every chance you get.
Hold out your hand in friendship to those that might need a friend.
Tell your story of truth.
Question everything, then look again.
Begin to live the future, for the future relies upon you and what you do this day and for all of your days henceforth.
This and this alone will bring about what you desire.
Live the life, live the good, walk the walk and talk the talk of this new way of being, spread the word, practise what you preach.
Be the lone hero in your street or neighbourhood that won't pay tax to murderers, won't pay interest to userers, won't buy a shirt made by a slave, refuses the poison that is pharma.
Don't wait for the great event.
Be the great event yourself.
Strangely enough, I somehow know this will work.
With much love,
Olive Farmer xxx.
(If you think these words are worth spreading, please repost where you like but please, question everything first.)


Anonymous said...

nice one olive farmer,we gave them the power to do what they do,so we have the power to take back and empower ourselves,or something like that..have a fine day. neil

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice post. I agree with your thoughts. The more they times harden, the more should we look at ours, at our inner core. May be that's the only reason for allow all these difficult times we HAVE TO live.
A hug for you!

Anonymous said...

i love your blogs, i encourage other's to read it also

the spreading of these thoughts is what humanity needs right now... i can feel the revolution coming.