Thursday, December 8, 2016

Overview. Just sharing.

These are our "brief personal review notes", something of a brain dump, how we sort out what we think is the jigsaw's bigger picture.
See what you think.
Bear in mind that the 'power' in the world keeps many plates spinning, that the power is aware that few of its subjects are interested in matters outside of their particular situation, that although the power operates a number of strategic think-tanks (Chatham House, Tavistock, Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations, etc ad nauseam), there is no organised body of strategy in opposition. Rather the opposition is disorganised, lacking in focus, has no funding, is heavily infiltrated and in fact is more often than not led by fifth columnists. Consider too that the power can make law to suit its needs and engage force to enforce that law and that through its vast spying capabilities the power knows everything the opposition think and plan whereas the opposition knows nothing of the inner workings of the power other than guesswork and half-substantiated accusations.

The power is, nevertheless, concerned that it is becoming exposed and that humanity's rising expectancy of justice and the rule of law, of freedom of political choice expressed through clean and fair elections, of an end to war and other issues teeters on the point of becoming a force in the world. They keep this force from finding expression by controlling its leadership and dividing and misleading it, which is why the internet and the many fake news sites are so vital to the power. In case you do not, dear reader, understand, the recent release of a list of fake news sites was in fact an advertisement for the power's OWN sites, who are fulfilling a number of strategic roles. One of which is to cause you to cry “Hey, NO WAY Alex Jones (or whoever) works for the bad guys. He/She/They woke me up. I BELIEVE in them! I donate to them! NO WAY!
That's how this thing works. The Russians said the same of Lenin, the Germans said the same of Hitler, yet we know who was behind them now, so think on, so go figure.
They are dividing the attention of the awakened, they are creating division between factions (witness the Alex Jones/Young Turks farago), they are creating 'rabbit holes' for human beings to dive into and lose themselves (UFO's, the Nephilim, Pyramids and a thousand more). Their chief objective is to ensure that humans are overloaded with so many different concerns and issues that a fatigue sets in (witness how many bloggers have given up), to suck the 'donation dollar' into their own pockets and so prevent the real opposition from becoming funded, but chiefly they are targeted with ensuring that nobody, anywhere, counts our number or provides a rallying point.
In addition they are tasked with discrediting and raising hatred against we awakened souls. The 'Fake News' and 'Pizzagate' and 'the Russians were behind them' memes are working towards this end.
Think: If we knew we were twenty million strong in western countries, and we probably are and more, then we could ACT TOGETHER, we could CAMPAIGN in a coordinated way, we could FUND WEBSITES and marketing campaigns to raise awareness, we could hit the streets en masse and the world would know, oh boy the world would know.
This is what the power fears most: Unity.
It is humanity's only weapon.
This is why they control any mass demonstrations through their fake 'Occupy' and their ridiculous masked “Million Man March”, why they have agent provocateurs at every rally throwing Molotovs to encourage peaceful people to stay away.
This is why we repeat endlessly here that we need unity, that unity can only be found where there is no detail, in a core principle that every human being agrees with, that simply expressed this is LOVE and everything that springs from love, that we are ONE TRIBE called humanity and that it's about damn time we took back control of our world from whatever it is that currently rules this reality (whoever or whatever it is).
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The Spinning Plates:
  1. The US election challenge. Fake News. Russian hacking (see today's letter to Obama). Mind controlled Social Justice/ Hillary Warriors. The Electoral College. Choice between two criminals! Alex Jones and Trump and armed militias. Pizzagate (enough evidence planted to warrant suspicions, but not enough to prove you see) and the armed 'conspiracy nut'. The Clinton crime syndicate. Arkancide. Child Trafficking. Gender confusion. LIKELY STRATEGIC INTENT: Firstly; to cause loss of faith in the democratic process. Secondly; to cause anger at 'conspiracy nuts' such that the arrest and incarceration of you 'dangerous elements' will arouse only approval. Thirdly; to create disorder on the streets and armed insurrection leading to civil war. Fourthly; consequent to the above, to cause nations under attack from the USA to go all out to rid themselves of occupying forces. Fifthly; to cause an international run on the dollar, followed by its collapse, followed by the collapse of the Euro (but NOT the British Pound, as planned). Fifthly; to plunge the USA and then mainland Europe into utter chaos such as that experienced in the Middle East, Ukraine and other places that the UK/USA have had a hand in disrupting over the last 15 years.
  2. Syria, Turkey, Iran and Russia etc: Fake mercenary ISIS etc. Kurdish nationalism. Saudi power. Yemeni insurrection. Religious extremism. Turkish expansionism. Israeli arrogance. Absent the US armed forces this region will be plunged into full scale warfare, a war of a hundred different factions. The Russians will be drained by their involvement. Likely Israel will finally be attacked. Perhaps they will deploy nuclear weapons. Israel will be destroyed utterly, in keeping with prophecy (Jews that are of the Synagogue of Satan).
  3. China: The only country with a large enough army and feed population to be capable of occupying the globe. With allies North Korea and Vietnam they already have an army (including reservists) of 16.5 million, easily trebled or quadrupled within a few months. China is in the hands of the global elite. The 'expectancy' of the west is that China is an enemy.
  4. The global surveillance grid: This has been built to eradicate, from the gene pool, mavericks and thinkers and people that object to slavery. You and me, dear reader, unless we can find the unity we spoke of earlier.
  5. Europe: Hosting millions of young, aggressive male migrants. Economies about to collapse along with the dollar's fall. Rise of the new right wings. Long repressed anger at the unelected EU. Uncertainty and possible conflict on the Eastern borders with Russia. Outbreak of inter-community civil insurrection.
To Summarise: We stand at the edge of the maelstrom. All of these things or none of them can be instigated at any moment by the power. Their control of the opposition (you) is almost complete.
This last is the most important factor. You feel almost alone, disconnected and divided from your fellow truthers, led into argument and dispute, wasting time debating minutiae of detail. What you must do now is find a single point of agreement. To put it bluntly, it is upon this finding of unity that the future of your species depends.
Sorry, our species.

With Love,

Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
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