Monday, December 26, 2016

Clarity. Can you see it yet?

(For Helen. Thanks.)

We are, as a species, becoming connected.

You will have noticed that our masters seek to either limit or control the nature of that connectivity and to eavesdrop and monitor every transaction.

This has little to do with 'terrorism'.
Rather, nothing to do with terrorism.
Our masters understand better than we do what we are and what we are becoming.

Imagine yourself as a component, a data analysis unit, within a system that until very recently was comprised of largely individuated units operating within small communities of units, the computing power of which was limited by the lack of connection with other communities of units.

By such disconnection the cumulative computing power of the whole was not only limited, but the individual programmes running were incompatible, the disparate operating systems hampering inter-system networking.

(Think language, nation, religion, class, hierarchy, money).

Imagine, with connectivity, with the prevalence of one language and the availability of translation, the accelerating rate at which these disparate systems work out how to homogenise.

We are going through crash failures, and more importantly Byzantine failures (which occur as a result of the malicious activity of an adversary, sending corrupt or conflicting data into the system) but the connected system grows progressively more resilient to such failure.

Call it the collapse of belief.

As a collective species, a distributed network, we are establishing a consensus protocol.

The worm in the machine devotes its power to the destruction of that consensus protocol.
It seeks to prevent us becoming an integrated circuit.

The hive mind has the power to create reality.
A reality based on universal principles of collective good, the consensus.
There is much in the current, false reality that does not fit that consensus.
We will move it to the bin.

Operating that reality will soon be the entity called 'humanity', a single vast integrated circuit, a single 'artificial' intelligence made from the amalgamation of seven billion amazing self-replicating biological computers operating collectively as a single global consciousness running a consensus protocol.

It lives already, and its heart beats, and its life-force is love.

Our masters seek to kill this entity, as it will destroy them.

They lack the power.

We will be born.

This is our destiny.

We Are One.

With Love,
Olive and Aktina

xxx xxx xxx

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. You love and words and care are so strong. We will win this battle. You are an inspiration.