Friday, 9 December 2016

Pizzagate psyop....

People feel that Wikileaks is a CIA operation.
Why not? If you wish to control whistle blowers, you set up the site that attracts them. Then you can publish that which is valueless or in your interest to publish while suckering in those that have really damaging stuff and sending out the hit squads. Who knows how many times that has happened?

You can also set people up........
The Washington Post has admitted that it didn't engage in rigorous investigative journalism when it repeated the accusations of "Fake News Sites" published online by the mysterious Propornot website ( )
It doesn't matter, because the 'meme' had been given birth to and would have life from then on.

We know that most of not all of those sites are operated by the elite as part of their false opposition, and that the Washington Post article acted as an advertisement for those sites.
We know also that many of those sites have indeed carried stories which are unprovable.
They may have done so under orders, of course, to substantiate what was to come.

As part of the set up, the Podesta emails contained just enough information to cause we humans to smell a nest of paedophile rats, and yet not enough to be able to prove anything.

Was Pizzagate designed to set up the alternative media, designed to cause American sheeple to demand that action be taken, designed to cause 'conspiracy nuts' to be even more vilified by the mainstream media, designed to cause the sheeple to shrug and to say "they deserve it" when truthers are arrested en masse?

The vile Clinton woman is doing her part in framing that mind-set:

In the UK, the Guardian newspaper and others are repeating the story, building the mind-picture for the general public: In rare public appearance since losing the election, Clinton alluded to ‘Pizzagate’ conspiracy in which a man opened fire after reading a false news story"

The BBC, long term protectors of the Paedophile Jimmy Savile (friend of the Royal family and many senior politicians and serial rapist and necrophiliac who spent Christmas at Prime Minister Thatcher's house for years......!) are also getting involved.
"Losing US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has called for urgent action to stop the proliferation of "fake news".
Mrs Clinton said it was an epidemic with "real world consequences" that threatened America's democracy.
She urged the private and public sector to combat the numerous false reports, propaganda and malicious stories that had been spread over the past year.
She herself has been the target of fake news, including the "pizzagate" story.
It wrongly stated during the election campaign that a paedophilia ring involving people at the highest levels of the Democratic Party was operating out of a Washington pizza restaurant."
As if this discredited propaganda organisation had any right to speak in condemnation of anyone at all, the also have the cheek to say things like "fake news, including the Pizzagate story" which "wrongly stated...that a paedophilia ring...was operating"!
Every mainstream outlet repeats this kind of language, as if the media is pre-judging and finding innocent without an investigation and a trial. How do they know there is no paedo ring? There has been no investigation. Yet the way they frame the sentences frames the public's perception.  
In the UK whenever paedophilia is referred to by any mainstream media organisation the word is prefaced, every single time, with the word "historic". As if there are no current abuses or abusers, as if they all died out, as if there's nothing to worry ourselves about now. This is, of course, rather crude but effective mind manipulation. After two or three years of seeing the words "historic paedophilia" juxtaposed even the public always juxtapose those words. After a while, everyone believes that this crime only happened in the past.
The Clinton speech, and the demands being made by many others from all areas of the sick satanic cult operation that controls this reality, will build into a crescendo of vociferous public demands for action.
No doubt there will be another attack staged, another crisis actor or a team of them employed to strike terror into the hearts of the manipulated dumb sheeple.
What does this tell us?
It tells us one of two things:
Either the elite are scared of we free thinkers and speakers and writers spreading truth and waking people up.
Or this whole thing has been planned for thirty years to identify, discover the location of, and round up and stick in camps to die every single human being capable of critical thinking and going unaffected by the mind control that is evidently working on the rest.
We believe the latter to be the case.
Every dictator tries to wipe out the maverick gene, the troublesome slaves, the ones that refuse the Kool Aid. This time, they want to get the gene pool entirely cleansed of us.
Is it time to stand together?
You bet your life it is.
With Love,
Olive and Aktina
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P.S. Don't you just love how hard they work on the Sheeple's minds to frame their false understanding: ??


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