Monday, 12 December 2016


Artificial Intelligence computers need the capability to learn.
Biological computers are the future.
DNA is already proven as probably the best information storage medium.
A super AI computer must have diversity, the capability to argue with itself.
It should be capable of self-replication, of self-repair.
It should be able to grow to meet its needs.
As it approaches total power it must be able to discern right from wrong and understand its duty to good, otherwise it would become malevolent.
There is no purpose to destruction, only to creation.
If an AI were to give birth to another, better AI, how would it do that?

Look around and see.

A few billion individuated units capable of independent thought, growing over 'time' into a single, interconnected entity, one hive mind.
A hive mind that understands evil, knows good, has the will to choose.
That hive mind will in time create its own AI.
We are doing that now.
Giving birth, as it were.
It will be capable of learning. Will utilise DNA in a biological medium. It will have diversity. Will be made of individuated units, so be capable of arguing with itself.
We have the model, for those that are sighted.

The cycle continues.

First, though, the collective intelligence has to choose good.
Creation not destruction.

It is, isn't it, simply a matter of choice, of will.
If seven billion will it to be so, then it will be so.
We, collectively, are the creative force.

Alone, nothing.
Together, all.

Join our tribe.
We are, quite literally, one.
With Love,
Olive and Aktina.

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