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In earlier posts we highlighted how the Power deals with revelations about its Satanic Blood Sacrifice.
In this post (link below) we showed how the mainstream media stages interviews with the accused and attempts to affirm, in the minds of the unthinking masses, that there is no case to answer, that the accusers are mistakenly and cruelly attacking an innocent person.

Watch them. They are informative.

Watching both videos, that of the Alefantis/Jimmy Comet character and the vile Ricky Dearman character one is most struck by the deference offered to both, as if in the demonic order of things both characters are more powerful than their human status would seem to indicate. The MSM interviewers are full of faux concern, ask no penetrating questions, indeed are focused entirely on the task of putting the accusations to rest in the minds of the viewers.

Aktina and I believe that the power of the MSM to achieve their goals in areas such as this are waning, that indeed most if not all of the “Fake News” sites deliberately advertised by the Washington Post and other MSM are truly fake alternative news sites, established deliberately because the Power understood that we humans were growing in awareness and needed to control the outflow of truth.
Did you wonder why Alex Jones apparently took the lead with Pizzagate (though the real leaders were the countless researchers on Reddit), then dropped the story? Do you wonder why the Young Turks poured scorn on the story? As an aside, have Jones supporters wondered how it is that a 'man' who for years decried the left-right false divide paradigm suddenly came out for Donald Trump, as if that creep were any different from the rest?

In another post we jokingly sent a letter to the President outlining how the British always deal with these allegations of Satanic Child rape and murder, both in the home nations and in “The Commonwealth” countries (countries of the old British Empire such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand and others where the Queen still holds power).
See that post here:

This technique involves a number of key strategic strands:
  1. The MSM strongly refute the stories, or call proven cases of abuse “Historic” so as to fix in the minds of the dumb masses that these terrible things only happened 'ago', and of course could NEVER happen now.
  2. The police stage false investigations and inquiries, lose evidence, fail to interview accusers, bully accusers, fail to investigate the unusual accidental deaths or strange suicides of accusers, sanction, demote or fire officers that do their duty and, after all of that, announce years later that they had failed to find any wrongdoing. So that's all right, then..
  3. Set up Government enquiries that cost millions, reward bent lawyers, take sometimes as long as ten years, keep their deliberations secret, and finally announce that there was nothing that's all right then.
  4. Witnesses, as referred to above, disappear, die in accidents or suicides, or retract their statements. Almost without exception. Weird, really!
So, Pizzagate researchers, EXPECT NOTHING from the police, the FBI, the legal system. NOTHING.

Expect NOTHING from the journalists from the MSM, AND the liars from the Propornot list. Those people will carry the story, but less and less, filling your minds with other, newer stuff to get annoyed about, such that slowly Pizzagate will drift from your consciousness.

They will only carry the evidence that YOU dig up, the connections that YOU make, stealing what's already out there and other people's work to increase their following yet, at the same time, CONTROLLING the story, controlling the truth, taking false leadership and managing the awakening of humanity.

That is what they were made for, these sites, these characters.
False leadership, distraction and division.

Ask yourself: Do any of them COUNT OUR NUMBER?
Do any of them try to UNITE US?
Because their job is to make sure we don't find out just how many of us there are...........
Do you see?

Pizzagate wouldn't just fizzle out if we knew there were 20 million of us in the USA.
Why, if we knew that, we'd get together and MARCH.
If we knew that, we'd collectively arrest these criminals and bring them to trial.
Do you see now?
The fake alternative media's JOB is to stop you finding just what power you already have.

When the internet was first invented the Power realised how it could be used to control what they knew was coming, an awakening of humanity to their condition of slavery.
The Power spent billions of its fake thin-air money to make sure the internet went everywhere.
The world-wide mind control opportunities were simply too good to miss.
In their plans, decades ago, they formulated the fake alternative news strategy. It is MASSIVE. It covers every area of human endeavour and thought. It stretches from the fake New Age and UFOs through health and food, via politics, spirituality, ….the list goes on.

The internet was designed to take control of the NEW humanity, the humanity emerging from the dark. Because you may have thought you were 'woken up' by one of these sites you cling to them, because not to would be to admit you erred. Humans don't like to admit they were wrong, are nowadays trained to deny errors whereas in our tribal days we spoke the truth to our mistakes and were educated to do so.

Truth is: NONE of these sites does investigative journalism. They merely check the net for whatever has been discovered by human beings and then run the story themselves, so as to steal the energy and control the direction if the story. EVERYTHING they write about or speak of is already out there.
They are just leeches, sucking our power from us, distracting us daily.
They also take our MONEY, and live the life that provides
Does that make us suckers?
You bet it does.
They laugh all the way to the bank.

We have spoken here of the human propensity for BELIEF, that we believe easily because we don't much like lying and so can't see why someone would lie to us.
We have spoken here about all the belief systems established by our masters, how they use these belief systems AND our refusal to believe we are wrong, our refusal to believe we have made a mistake, to tie us in to those beliefs and from that get us to kill, to cheat, to lie to ourselves and others, to do harm to our home.

There is a new world around the corner. A human world. A world of fun and peace and sharing. A world of pride and honour and duty. A world of beauty. A world WE humans make.
It is just a moment away.
It is what we all of us want.

The moment when the vast majority of humanity realise we share these desires, that the power in the world lies NOT in the hands of false leaders, but in the hands of the meek, the quiet, the peaceful, the fun-loving, the loving.

This is our world.
Time to take it back?

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Love to all,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
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