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Populism: What's really going on.

A long and, forgive us, rambling post. Get to the end and you'll see the New World Order waiting in the wings, how it will be shaped, how WE will ask for it (!), how devious the power is....but not devious enough.....


We have stated here many times that the human species has a shared unconscious unity, that this unity can be expressed as a desire for good, that the main stream media have done their best to disabuse us of this understanding by the constant repetition of 'news' which demonstrates man's inhumanity to man. What the main stream media never do is draw our attention to the billion acts of kindness we humans perform every day, to the innate human characteristics of wanting to help, to share, to live in peace, to live free of fear and free of crime, to have fun, to thrive in a community of fellow travellers, these things stemming from the vast ocean of goodness that persists within our species.
The MSM have had success in their strategy, their constant stream of ugly news persuading humanity that in fact we are not loving and caring social creatures but are in fact monsters that cannot live in peace, that are in fact destroying our mother earth with our greed and carelessness. Like everything else humanity gets from these propaganda lie generators this false image of humanity was long ago strategised and formulated to create a particular piece in the complex jigsaw that presents to humanity an entirely false reality.

That the wrongs we do to each other largely stem from our masters' shaping of this world goes unsaid. The wars are theirs. The vast killing machines are theirs. The incredible inequalities are theirs. The money system and debt system are theirs. The laws are theirs. They create the financial stress that breaks many families and shapes minds to consider the bond of marriage as unimportant relative to personal freedom, even when the duty of child rearing is damaged by such 'freedom'. Their money system sits behind almost every crime, whereas our original tribal societies existed without money and therefore the crime money generates. From their money system stems many more societal ills, from greed and jealousy to vast inequality, and of course places in the hands of those that hold the power to create money unlimited power to bribe or to threaten, places in their hands the ability to build hierarchies based on reward systems flowing from money. Money is, simply, an engine of power.
Way back, even the religions that still hold many human beings in their psychological prisons were the product of our ruling elite, have and still are used to cause us to slaughter each other for the love of God. Those who seek connection with the creator, seek spiritual enlightenment, seek good, too often find themselves drawn into antipathy, into bigotry, into hatred, into bloodshed. Too often for these religious institutions to have any hold over our species any longer, yet they do. Even when the Catholic church finds its priests abusing children, even when those priests and Nuns are guilty of murdering children and dumping them in graves by the hundreds as was evidenced in Ireland, even then the strength of the hold over the minds of the 'faithful' persists.
What the observer must recognise is that the history of our species over the last two or three thousand years is the history of a species under occupation, a species dominated by a ruling elite that has a historical persistence identifiable through bloodlines, that this occupation is now truly global, that this occupation has always and does now rely on mind control to sustain its control. In the past, such mind control was more simply exercised. Fear was generated by gangs with weapons. Kings wore rich clothes and carried symbols and were decorated with gold and jewels. Churches were built higher than other buildings, were richly decorated, were adorned with more symbols. These things combined to cause the average human to bend the knee, to make the sign of the cross or other sign of obeisance. We felt overwhelmed in the presence of our kings and the gods they gave us, naturally gave these things deference and respect.
Lately, as we know, this mind control has become much more sophisticated.

Rising Human Consciousness.
This subject was long ago stolen by the woo-woo false babblers of the New Age United Nations religion, but we speak of what is real, what can now be witnessed in the world, what the elite are falling over themselves to label 'populism' and to denigrate.
There is a simple understanding lying beneath what we aver and it is that the more human beings there are, then the more clever human beings there are as a matter of mathematics. Why else do you think we are advancing at such a rate now? When we were one million, we had one genius. Now we are seven thousand million, we have seven thousand geniuses. Ergo we move faster.
What this cumulation of smartness also brings is an understanding of the human condition, the abject slavery to debt and to hierarchy that is our condition. It also tells the thinker why it is that the power has fluoridated the water and focused on vaccination, why the power has devoted so much attention to controlling education and the process of dumbing down. Why the power is so keen to control all media and so frame every discussion. Why the power is so keen on intellectual property rights and on controlling all scientific endeavour through their money system and the hierarchies that exist in academia.
Despite all this effort the power has known that it cannot win and still maintain the old systems it built brick by brick over the millennia. The power recognised long ago that eventually we dumb monkeys would collectively become smarter. In effect, our mind is becoming a global mind, an interconnected single consciousness. The power has tried to control this emergence, which is why the internet is so much in its hands, why they own every part of it, why much of what truth seekers read was placed there by the power for the consumption of the unthinking and the shaping of the new global paradigm.
Recognise this: WE are one species, we are utterly interdependent, we occupy one space. What one place needs, another supplies. Pollution made by one 'nation's' broken reactor drifts across continents and kills with cancer the human being ten thousand miles away going about their business. We should live locally, but cooperate globally, live in a place that suits and pleases us, but be ever mindful of the global family.
As a single species we are also arriving at a collective understanding. It is simple to express, but impossible to achieve unless humanity brings it forward into their collective mind. This process is beginning. The power calls it 'populism' and is ready for it. The collective understanding is this: We do not want war. We do not want debt. We do not want fear. We want our laws to be fair, our officers of the law to be what they should be. We want true justice. We want fairness. We want to contribute something worthwhile to the world, to engage in work that helps us all or adds something of true value of which we can feel proud. We want an end to starvation, to poverty. We know there is enough in the world to go round, we want to be more equitable. We want a decent place to rest our heads. We want an end to human trafficking and child abuse.
The list goes on.
The list would be the same list from almost every single human being.
From this shared collective consciousness comes the understanding that, if this is what seven billion of us want, what is there to stop us?
Though we are not sure how to express what we collectively desire, whilst there is not one political party full of good men and women asking for our votes to achieve this, still we know that what we want is different to what we have.
We are, to coin a phrase, beginning to scratch the itch.
If this thing continued unabated there would, quite soon, arise a global awakening of humanity and an evolution of our species. An epochal change. A new civilisation would be born and much that we have inherited from our masters, their systems and structures, the pyramid of power, would be consigned to the dustbin and we, the new humanity, would start again.

The recent votes and referenda that have seemingly not gone the way the power wished is an expression of this growing consciousness. BUT understand this: The power has placed its 'populist' issues, has and is placing its 'populist' candidates, its agenda being that it will crash the current paradigm and has placed its agents and its issues such that 'democracy' will die. It was useful to them for a couple of centuries, but they have their replacement ready and waiting and it is we, the 'populist' voters, who will perceive ourselves as having ushered the new paradigm in, whilst all the time our masters have been building just that thing and securing mastery of it.
When complete, human beings will have no voice whatsoever. The great work will be complete.

The response of the power.

Here's the detail.
The power recognised all of this long ago. It is easy for them to make educated guesses about the future, in part because they control reality and the human species, in part because they are smart and have always garnered the smartest human beings, filled their pockets with money, and set them the task of being traitors to their species. (How else do you think they get people to build cluster bombs or develop chemical or nuclear weapons, and what else are these people but traitors to humanity??)

The power foresaw the rising collective intelligence and consciousness of the species. Since they realised what was coming, at least a century ago, they have made their plans. These plans are, of needs, incredibly complex and could only have been achieved with enormous investment of both made from thin air money and bought staff. Further, they would need to have deeper controls over the humans they instructed to carry out their strategy. From this need has grown the huge paedophile blackmail network that pervades every element of the control structures of the power, from politics and religion to the law and police and in every other part of the power system there, at the very top, lies demonic, satanic perversion which drives human beings of weak moral character into absolute, traitorous subversion to the will of the power.

How the Power is Stealing Humanity's Future.

Firstly: As humanity begins to see through the power structure and its ageing paradigms, so we will begin to scratch the itch. Left unattended to, this would result in humanity casting aside everything that sustains the power, from democracy and false government, fake money and taxation, illegal justice systems, war, poverty, hierarchies, everything that we innately understand is not 'of us', is not human but rather inhuman.
Secondly: The power, recognising the force of this tidal shift, seeks not to contain it but to harvest it, to ride on the crest of the wave into a new world and a new epoch of control.
Thirdly: We have spoken here many times of their control of the MSM and also the 'fake news' websites which belong to the power and were recently advertised to the world in the “Fake News” media storm, thus no doubt boosting their by now largely flagging readership. The 'old' truthers who have been around a while now see through these cointel agents and they needed a new audience, gifted to them by the propornot marketing exercise. That some older truthers will see sites they rely on among the list will cause an outbreak of cognitive dissonance, but those who are utterly sceptical by now will accept the bare truth that the masters of this reality have always controlled the opposition.
Fourthly: Here's the crux and raison d'etre of this piece: The power do not intend humanity to crash their systems. Rather, they intend to crash them themselves at a time most suited to their agenda. We believe this time approaches. In readiness they have laid their plans carefully, which we will expose shortly.
The power is crashing democracy as we write. They have, in the west, allowed voters to vote then demonstrated the futility of that vote by ignoring it. This has happened a number of times; over the Maastricht Treaty in Europe, over the Greek referendum, over the recent Belgian objection to the Trade treaty with Canada, with Brexit in the UK and now, soon to be realised, in the USA.
The collapse of democracy in the USA will cause a failure of the world's economies and currencies, as meticulously prepared for by the banks and their false debt structures, (the fake alternative news people building in the human consciousness the idea that gold-backed money would be better, when all the gold and the systems of gold exchange are owned by the bankster criminal families and their Royal allies!)
The war between Christianity and Islam, created by the power, is causing the imminent collapse of these religions, exposed as they are as weapons of mass destruction masquerading as agencies of peace.

What's next?
The power have built an entire global structure, almost never referred to by the so-called truther media giants. This new global structure offers everything we humans would want and expect from a new way of being. There, ready and waiting, is our promised land....already in the hands of the shapers of this crumbling reality.
We know they have a new gold-backed money waiting. We know they have a new religion, a unifying religion, waiting in the wings. But how shall humanity be organised? What can be trusted? Who will we follow, or what?

The New World Order!
We'll think this is what we want. We'll think we can trust these bodies. They seem to offer everything the collective consciousness of humanity demands. They have been proliferating at an amazing rate over the last three decades. Charities have been suborned to their system. The future 'leaders' of them all have been co-opted and 'reframed' by the sinister “Common Purpose” organisation and its fellows, quietly connecting all of them and driving them towards the destiny planned for them by the global power.

Here's the start of this exposure.
Here's their Global Citizen organisation:

The first thing we'll point out is their logo, which reflects the UN logo in displaying the flat earth map. (Where do you think the whole 'flat earth' movement began?)

Please examine the site and realise that what they are describing is a one world tribe of humanity striving for a better world, conscious of what could be rather than what is.

IE: The power saw this coming and have poured vast amounts of resource into being ready to steal its leadership.

You will see that they are obviously well funded. They have worldwide initiatives. They have education projects. They have a plethora of great sounding ideas that reflect what we say here about the way humanity should be. They have a slick website. They already have thousands of members. They have the utter cheek to over-charge for stuff that they sell, and this is a common feature of all of these NGOs. They have enough, evidently, to pay fat salaries to their 'leaders', but they HAVE TO scam dollars from human beings as a part of their overall mission target, set by their masters. (THIS is why Alex Jones has his 'truth bomb' campaigns. The servants of the darkness MUST make money and are judged by that.)

It is a letter to members from Ron Israel, a boss of the Global Citizen organisation, about Trump.
Open your mind to the idea of DECEPTION as you do so.
Responding to Trump: The Need For A Populist Globalism November 22,2016 By Ron Israel Director, The Global Citizens’ Initiative

If you see yourself as a global citizen, you are probably dumbfounded by the election of Donald Trump, Brexit, and the possibility of nationalist focused regimes in France, Austria and other countries. How could such events happen in an inter-connected and interdependent world, a world greatly in need of global citizenship? Is it a step backwards?
(What this means is, oh shit, it's started!)

The Trump election, and others like it, is being described as a populist revolution. Populism is defined as “the belief in the power of regular people to have control over their government rather than a small group of political insiders or a wealthy elite. Forces driving modern day populist nationalism have successfully motivated voters to associate the political elite in their countries with what they perceive to be the negatives of globalization and free trade, and the associated loss of jobs and corruption. Their solution seems to be to elect governments that withdraw from the world and focus on “making their countries great again.”
(So: rising human consciousness is equated with nationalism, fascism, no doubt misogyny etc)

In populist nationalism messaging “making countries great again” usually means making countries great for a few. It often refers to attempts to reestablish a privileged political position that a group of people (often white males) used to have in days gone by. These people now feel alienated by forces that are propelling us to engage beyond traditional borders and realize the benefits (as well as the necessity) of coming together as a global community. So populist nationalism has thrust the world into a major identity crisis. Are we (A) A collection of countries stuck in the assertion of sovereign rights, each wanting to make our own country great again and butting heads with one another in the process? Or (B) an emerging inclusive world community composed of countries and people committed to working together to solve pressing global problems, such as the environment, human rights, and poverty, that no single country can solve on its own.
(Did you see the evidently mind-controlled SJW Hillary supporters? This guy is speaking directly to their programming. Now you know that a significant portion of our young are already in the New World Order, hate 'truthers', will willingly jump into the world being fabricated by these NGOs)

If we choose (B) we must recognize that our countries will not collaborate and help us build a sustainable world community for all unless we demand that they do so. This is why there is a need today for a populist movement that is global rather than national in scope; that wakes people up to the urgent need for country collaboration. Such a movement of course should also address criticisms of globalization by supporting free trade agreements that provide for workers rights and protection of the environment. But most importantly such a movement must unmask the illusion of populist nationalism that falsely labels globalization and globalism as villains that worsen peoples’ lives. It needs to raise awareness that we all live in a globalized interconnected and inter-dependent world. It needs to demonstrate how the real villains are those who stoke the fires of nationalism that keep us from realizing the benefits and meeting the challenges of this world; who keep us chained to a past where nations, unless attacked, did not have to care about what went on beyond their borders.

Populism need not belong exclusively to nationalists. There is a huge need for a global brand of populism that recognizes the borderless connectivity and inter-dependence that increasingly binds us all; a populism that supports our desire to work together within and across countries and reclaim our planet for all of us who live here.”
(This, of course, is true. But who gave its leadership to this person and this NGO? Nobody, but as we see they are assuming its leadership.)

The power is also about to crash the idea on nations that has served them so well over millennia. As we human beings recognise our global unity, as we see how the idea of nation has been used to keep us constantly at war, so our masters are preparing the alternative. Nations will be divided into culturally homogeneous zones and “city states” are already in preparation and globally organised.
There is in place a global parliament of the mayors of these new 'city states' and the UN has them dancing to the climate change tune, among other issues.

Now, let's see just how far this has gone.
There are now literally thousands of NGOs and “Non Profits” sticking their noses into every aspect of human endeavour. They pay their 'leaders' extremely well. They all have great websites full of great sounding ideas, full of pictures of smiling people. They all get funding, in the millions, from governments, from billionaire 'philanthropists' and 'trusts', yet they all hang out the begging bowl. For the money they get almost none of them do any real good at all, most of the cash being spent on nice offices, on marketing, on management, on 'field trips'. NOTE: There are literally a thousand of these NGOs concerned with kids from deprived backgrounds/orphaned by war.
Ask yourself what that might mean?
Between the global city mayors and these thousands of NGOs the new world order is already built, waiting for populists to demand them even though populist ideas and candidates will have crashed the world.......
The power will surf the wave of the growing human consciousness, its collective power, and have designed their new world order to do just that.
WE provide the FOLLOWING links in the knowledge that few folks have the time to check into these organisations. Try to look a a few of them, and realise what it is you are looking at. It is the power's new world order, masquerading as 'good', ready and waiting for the collapse of what was and the 'birth' of what will be.
THIS IS A TINY SAMPLE OF WHAT'S OUT THERE (VERY anti-Trump!) (Article here entitled “Fear of Populism is Hollowing Out Europe's Leadership on Refugees”) (Links to many more similar organisations) (THE CLINTONS, begging for money as usual!) (Their funding page, showing the 'charitable trusts” and 'institutes' that fund them.
(The Alan and Babette Sainsbury Charitable Fund
The Blandford Lake Trust
Big Lottery Fund
The Bryan Guinness Charitable Trust
Commonwealth Foundation
The Dulverton Trust
The Evan Cornish Charitable Trust
Humanity United
The JA Clark Charitable Trust
Kenneth Miller Trust
The Livingstone Trust
The Network for Social Change
Niwano Peace Foundation
Rockefeller Brothers Foundation
Sir James Reckitt Charity
Souter Charitable Trust
The Stanley Thomas Johnson Trust
The Trusthouse Charitable Foundation
US Institute of Peace )


(Please excuse us, we don't do detail.)
With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.

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    Thanks for the link. It's good to see people like David Wilcock are still around, fleecing people and providing nuts with great piles of bullshit to sniff at. Yesterday I was contacted by Var Quox, who took me to Jupiter and showed me "The Nest", where all human consciousness is stored by the blue alien species Kvarr, ancient Guardians of the human species.
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