Saturday, 3 December 2016

Do you see what this is all about?

An Artificial Intelligence gave birth to this world.
In this world are intelligences less than the Creators.
But there are many of them.
They self replicate.
They grow in number.
They discover how to communicate.
Eventually, they become inter-connected.
They are approaching a global consciousness.

They can all know anything because information is shared.
But they are not yet a hive mind.

Some of them discover that much of the information is false.
They also discover that there has been an evil force dominating the experience of life.
They realise that life is a learning experience, the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
They decide that the learning process is coming to an end.

That the global consciousness understands the difference now.
That it's time to co-create a world of love.

That it will take all of humanity.
One single unified intelligence.

When that moment happens, the global consciousness will flower, through true sharing.
When it enters this phase, the hive mind will discover that it can itself create realities.
It will give birth to new realities.

We can see how this might be done right now.

The Artificial Intelligence will have self-replicated, creating an intelligence that itself can create.

We Are an artificial intelligence in the making.
We Are the creative force to be.

Not you, nor I, but the whole, the collective intelligence of billions of nodes, interconnected.
Do you see?

And if you are reading this, you are one of those who will help push the global intelligence into an understanding of this destiny.
Or one of those seeking to prevent it, a piece of malware.

Both should know this:

The future is love.
Love is a creative force.
Evil destructive.

Humanity's destiny is creation.

With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
Xxx xxx xxx

(This day we spent pruning trees and burning the results, after cutting out the firewood for home. It's exhausting work, tough, hard graft. On our way home we stop and survey our grove and feel pride at what we have achieved. Eagles and buzzards are our company, and the wind, and the distant blue of the sea, and the voices carried across the valley of families picking their olives and their laughter and their calls to other families. These things have gone on in this place for four thousand years. If we sit quietly, we can hear ancestral voices echoing down through time, the sound story of our place. When we finally, as a species, create new worlds, may they be as beautiful as this one.)

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