Sunday, December 11, 2016

Are you ready for this yet?

The Time Has Come for UNITY against the Evil, Hasn't It?

There exists, within each and every human being, both the person they are and the person they wish they could be.

There are some, not many, whose inner self desires more riches, more power over others, the desire to rape and murder, to glory in the harm they do provided there is no price to pay.

We understand these types as demonic, whether or not they are in actuality possessed.
Some say they are genetically reptilian, cold of heart and ruthless in spirit, needing the fear and blood of innocence to feed upon.
Some suggest there is alien blood among us, or that we have been invaded by alien body-snatchers.
Either or none of these may be true.
We have no evidence.

The debate, these ideas, stem from a failure to understand these types. We ordinary human beings possess no such urges to dominate and oppress. We have no desire to bully or cause others to fear us. We do not want to kill, to rape, to drink blood, though the systematic imposition of the reality we are forced to exist within can drive us to these things, and in places the human tribe has been driven by an orchestrated expectancy generated by a belief system or a system of rule to engage in such practices and think of them as normal.

We are a species that suffers from a lack of moral strength, a species that is easily led, a species that will do almost anything for a quiet life, a species that can be driven to almost any depths by fear, a species that will follow orders to kill simply because we allow our societies to be dominated by those that desire such horror and glory in it.

(Fuzzy picture chosen, to avoid causing distress)

Some insist that we are dominated by psychopaths, that humanity is unfortunately riddled with these creatures, that they blossom in childhood at the drowning kittens and bullying other kids stage and bloom in adulthood as gang leaders, human traffickers, police officers, generals, and at the highest level into politicians where the opportunity to cause the most harm, to bully the most people, to kill the most innocents peaks.

Is it any wonder, then, that our political elite across the planet engage in the rape and murder of children, as is now clearly seen by those whose mind is free?
That human beings are horrified by such activity goes without saying. In fact the majority of human beings cannot believe such things are happening because their human nature is essentially good and in fact they simply cannot believe there are such creatures among us. The idea is so distasteful to most human beings that their minds will not allow them even to think of such things and they immediately turn their attention to other, more pleasant matters.

This can be expressed in summary:
We are as a species too weak to resist bullies.
We fear them.
As a result, bullies prosper.
Our society has, for recorded history, been dominated by those who enjoy killing.
They are the ones that have determined what history says about them.
Instead of 'psychopathic murderers' our history records them as “Kings” or “Queens” or “Presidents” or even “Dear Leader” or “Father”.

As a result of this domination over time the rule of these monsters has been systemised such that every societal structure we have is hierarchical and in fact exists solely to allow these monsters to rule and to evade justice for what they do.
Every societal structure.

In religions we have the ordinary priests and mullahs and rabbis, but their structure is designed to allow those that forgive paedophile rape and murder to rise to the top.

No church is untainted by this horror. It is the common thread that unites all the major and many minor religions.

We all know about politics, and how the sickness goes unpunished because of the power of appointment resting in the hands of the sick. So politicians appoint senior police officers, heads of the military and intelligence agencies, senior judges, senior civil servants. The relationship between politics and money is well known. So the politicians aid and abet the usurious bankers and the bullying and polluting corporations they own, doing so because they understand they will be rewarded, will fall into soft and well paid jobs, will enjoy a life of luxury and power over others until they die.
They will also live long and avoid cancer, we note. They will escape dementia and Alzheimer's.
 If they stay in politics, we note, they seem to sustain their vigour, keep to tight schedules, seem capable of working long hours when required to by the system in between their long and luxurious vacations.
From this we deduce that they are given something which sustains them which is not available to the rest of humanity. It may well be the blood of children, we deduce from their habits.

We know they control the consciousness of humanity through their hierarchical systems.
We know these systems are a form of bullying and rely on fear.
We know much of humanity is lost in the false reality and has been rendered mentally incapable of imagining a different reality.
We know that this is largely as a result of an orchestrated assault, combining chemicals in our water, vaccines, television and other media and now the internet via fake 'alternative' websites (those designed to steal the leadership of those awake to the horrors of this reality), and probably via microwave mind-control weaponry (those millennials and SJWs that wept at Hillary's loss are indeed of the 'never without their phones' generation...).

The leadership of the push for a new human civilisation must come from those who are awake.
It is this sector of humanity that is most under assault by the fifth column that intends to neutralise the threat to power we represent. Hence Alex Jones and a thousand others.
To become what we should become, to become the group that lifts humanity from the cesspool and rescue it from its impending doom, we need to step forward and we need to step forward together.
We know, from history, that the mob of humanity usually follows a mobster.
We are easily led, and easily misled.

So how are we to do our duty without leadership?
Simply by following an idea, an ideal, rather than a person.
Simply by organising without an organisation (from where a hierarchy can be born and leadership stolen).

Most of those that are awake are addicted to the discovery of the endless wrongs being done to humanity, scour the internet daily for new ammunition.

This search has the same effect as being bombarded with requests for charitable aid.
Do you donate your dollar or pound to the starving Somali, or to those that have no water, or to those that are orphaned, or to those who are victim to a natural disaster, or to street dogs rescued, or to cancer research, and the list goes on and on (and meanwhile many of the charities are nothing like what they purport to be, just as many of the alternative media are nothing like what they purport to be.......).
This induces a fatigue, as intended by the fake alternative truther sites.
The awake become overburdened, cannot focus one a single issue because there are so many issues.
Some take up one issue and become champions for that issue, joining a very few others, coming up against the stone walls of the system and eventually exhausting themselves, running out of cash or energy or, some, ending up in prison.

This is what the alternative fake truthers do. They divide the attentions of the awake, and NOT ONE OF THEM tries to unify the millions of us there undoubtedly are.
There are unifying movements. Almost all of them stem from the United Nations or from some billionaire and we can smell these types from a distance, but no doubt some of us are sucked in by them. Sometimes a fake truther starts something and we quickly discover that they're lining their own pockets or buying estates in the Caribbean and filling their beds with bedfellows seriously younger than they really ought to. This is by intent, to cause the awake to instinctively distrust such unifying calls to action, though Jones gets millions donated for his “truth bombs” and Icke got a bundle for his free TV channel that never happened and so on.
Please take this on the chin: Our rulers control what you think is the truth movement and, as per usual, they take money from you while doing it in just the same way that religions do.

All this eventually leads to lethargy, to becoming armchair warriors, to becoming further separated from the mainstream and yet in effect the same as them, because both do nothing but sit in front of screens.

False 'Revolutions'.
We know the power creates and controls revolutions, drawing on the sentiments and rage of the oppressed. We know they created the French, the Russian and the Chinese revolutions, behind the National Socialist Nazi takeover, we know they were behind the 'Colour' revolutions, behind the 'Arab Spring', behind other recent so-called revolutions in the Far East.
We know they are behind what is happening in the USA at the moment, have prepared Europe for a different type of revolution, that everything is about to kick off when it suits them to light the fuse.
We know that part of that strategy in the West has been the creation of the truther movement and that WE are expected to become embroiled in what is to come, to be one of the warring factions whether we want to or not.
Picture: the Soros made 'Orange Revolution'
Picture: the Soros 'Occupy' movement

Humans share a useful frailty that our masters exploit:
Once we believe in something, nothing can shake that belief, we avoid evidence that might shake that belief, we react violently to those that attack that belief. So communists fought with fascists. So So Christians kill Muslims and Muslims kill Christians, so left fights right, so truthers 'fight' the establishment. Divide and rule is the old story, but we humans can never believe that OUR opinions, OUR beliefs are wrong, were created for a purpose, that WE are being used. It's always the others.
A follower of David Icke will defend Icke. A follower of Jones will do likewise. Both have drunk the Kool Aid and many others have drunk of different wines especially made for us.

Every time someone gets the goods on the elite, especially in regard to satanic child abuse and murder, the elite will ALWAYS put their agents in and make sure that the furore fizzles out. With the Hampstead paedophile case they put in Christine Ann Sands, who later reappeared as the owner of the MillionMaskMarch website and its organiser, miraculously appearing with a rather grand and expensive bus, seizing the mike etc. Was it she that roped in the dodgy Satanist Russell Brand? Adding glamour (in the magickal sense)? 
(Notice the low-cut top, because we humans are easy to draw in)
         (Picture: the Soros 'Million Mask March', starring nasty bit of work Russell Brand)

Are you with us so far?
In this reality, anyone that stands up and takes leadership is most likely the last person we should follow.

What to do?
We tried, more than once, to get awakened humanity to stand together. A global tribe of the awakened, united around the simple ideas that grow our of love, out of good. We called it Rainbow Warriors. The link is there, to the right.
Or here:

Has its time come?

There is no 'donate' button. There are no ads. Though we made the site, it belongs to you. There is no joining fee. We have no desire to buy Caribbean islands. We started some discussions. The rest is up to you.

It speaks of the principles of 'do no harm', of a tribal consciousness of humanity, of the principle of 'we are one', of the understanding that every hierarchical system we believe in needs to go, that as a species we need to start again, it speaks of renewing our consciousness and birthing a new civilisation based on love, on truth, on sharing, on justice, on fairness, on fun, on plenty, on a world free of fear, on a species that restores rather than ruins nature, on what most human beings dream of, being free in a world where freedom is sacrosanct, where freedom from fear is defended by every single one of us because, united as one tribe, we can co-create a different reality from the dark, satanic reality we exist within today.

We know, in our hearts, that the power would never let us unite in this way, that the site would go down if suddenly a thousand or a hundred thousand joined, that those who joined would be targeted.

But: We have to start somewhere, don't we?
The human species has to TRY.

If there are twenty million of us or more in the world, shouldn't we know?
Shouldn't we realise we are not voices crying out in the wilderness but part of something big, something world changing?
Shall we find out?

Are we too late?
Even so: Isn't it time?

Unite, one world tribe, against evil, for good.
The meek, seizing humanity's inheritance?

If every reader here shared, on Twitter, on Facebook, reblogged, by word of mouth, did so with effort and determination, then YOU would be the spark that changed the world. 

If that happened, what would it mean?
That a new civilisation was being born?

Shall we try?

With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.

xxx xxx xxx  


Anonymous said...

Greetings from France !

Very thoughtful...

Yes, Jones is fake, Icke seems to be genuine, just worrying that He seems to support russian kgb President, who would love to appear as "good uncle" for Syria etc.

Icke stupidity is claiming that "jesus never exist", he went to far,
most of His "spiritual" visions were after mushrooms etc.

Anyway :

BIGGEST vegan/veggie charity on Earth : FOOD FOR LIFE Global :

You DO ask for support, there IS donate buttton on your Site, Sir...

And PLS read the most known Hare Krishna book :

Bhagavad Gita as it IS : this is a greatest chance for humanity.

And Hare Krishna IS genuine religion, apart from ups and downs...

Ommm from France,


Olive Farmer said...

Hi Anonymous,
We have a donate button on this site, not that anyone has donated for about a year! However, the Rainbow Warrior site has no donate button. Thanks for your comment, appreciated. x

Anonymous said...

I went to the rainbow warrior site and got this warning.

This site uses cookies from Google to deliver its services, to personalize ads and to analyze traffic. Information about your use of this site is shared with Google. By using this site, you agree to its use of cookies.

I consider google evil and I don't allow cookies. If there are no ads why is this allowed?

Olive Farmer said...

Hi Anon,
As we are complete computer idiots we've no idea why that is there. We do see the same message almost everywhere.
We do know that certain US agencies visit our site, or at least their machines do,identifiable by the regularity of their automated visits.
We are all tracked and traced, we mavericks.
They are afraid of us getting together and ending their control of the game.
Fear nothing, you're in good company and there are a lot of us.
Love Olive xxx

Anonymous said...

New Zealand’s ‘Elite’ Child Abuse Rings Exposed???