Monday, December 5, 2016

So, you think this is real?

This is possibly the most important post we've created.
We rushed at it, but we hope it makes sense.
We have hinted at and discussed aspects of this understanding before.

Hard headed left-brained fact collectors will dismiss the concepts laid out here for these concepts have not yet entered the false reality as “accepted facts” or “proven, peer reviewed truths”, both of which conditions are littered with obvious fallacies that inevitably will diminish over time. 

History is stuffed full of accepted truths we now scoff at for their evident foolishness or naivety, just as it is crammed with Gods we no longer worship but over whom we killed each other in the same way that we kill each other now over the current batch of Gods.

(Odin and Thor, archetypes from Marvel)

Within this post, however, are the ideas of some of humanity's current array of leading thinkers, those whose ideas and concepts upset the scientific establishment because, as we know, the money-reward system and scientific hierarchy and their ego-boosting accolades are intricately linked to the ideas of 'intellectual property' (a subject the United Nations takes particular interest in, being as it is an area of “Law” which determines what truths shall be shared amongst our species and at what cost, thus acting as a brake on our technological ascension and the personal freedoms and different paradigms that techascension will engender.)
Intellectual 'property' holds humanity back.

We use 'techascension' as a neologism to distinguish humanity's current great technological leap forwards from the spiritual leap forward which is lagging behind yet firmly affixed to its coattails.

The single biggest barrier to coming to terms with what follows is the 'natural' self-obsession of human beings. As a species, our Ego places us as the top of the food chain. From this belief stems the idea that God created us especially, that 'He' created this world just for us, that we therefore have the right to do with it what we will.
"God" must be pretty disappointed with what we have achieved so far. 
But then, the game is not over yet, and the best is yet to come.

By this we mean that the understandings we describe here render the individual less than the whole, make humanity something different to that which it understands itself, both from the perspective of people of religious faith and from those of scientific faith, believers in Biblical creation and believers in Darwinism. We speak of the understanding that individuals are almost as nothing, but that the whole is something great. Forget self, think of 'humanity' as an entity.

Humanity's collective Ego is different to that which we often refer here, the collective unconscious, which Aktina and I understand to be the foundation of the collective consciousness which will be expressed by the emergent humanity whose birth is now slowly becoming evident .

It is little known that Carl Jung, one of the best minds of the 20th Century, spent 13 years of his life summoning Demons and recording his journey in his 'Red Book'. From these experiences he developed his faux explanations of psychopathy and sociopathy, explaining as human frailty and mental illness something he knew to be other.
Like Newton and many other great minds he had followed a particular path because he understood that the rational understanding of this reality was so much phooey. Einstein and Planck and many other great minds understood, yet couldn't frame their understanding because of the time they existed in, that this reality was the creation of a great mind and that its substance was illusory.

Jung discovered that humanity has a 'collective unconscious': addition to our immediate consciousness, which is of a thoroughly personal nature and which we believe to be the only empirical psyche (even if we tack on the personal unconscious as an appendix), there exists a second psychic system of a collective, universal, and impersonal nature which is identical in all individuals. This collective unconscious does not develop individually but is inherited. It consists of pre-existent forms, the archetypes, which can only become conscious secondarily and which give definite form to certain psychic contents.”

We have often discussed here the apparent absence of inherited knowledge in our species and wondered why, for example, spiders are born with the inherited understanding of how to weave the incredibly intricate engineering marvels that are their webs and yet we humans, like Jon Snow, know nothing. At the same time we wonder what we use the rest of our brains for.

Jung's archetypes are symbolic representations of 'mythological' beings, that our minds at the unconscious level are crammed full with a racial memory of everything our species has done that coalesces into types: Heroes, Great Mothers, (Bad Mothers), Wise Old Men etc.
Interestingly, Disney films and Marvel comics reform these archetypes for us and are representatives of that collective unconscious. Children are drawn to them because children have not had their connection to the collective unconscious masked by the programming input by the apparent reality.

Aktina and I refer also to another archetype, a shared or a common collective unconscious understanding of Good, that which humanity searches for when it yearns for God and which is scooped up and misused by the masters of this reality so that its power may be wielded to suit their purpose. Hence the truly awful histories of organised religions.

Whilst every individual has sinned, humanity has a shared collective unconscious understanding of right and wrong, of good and evil that is the product of our entire species' history. We state here often that the opportunity to make that collective unconscious knowledge move into the reality is merely a matter of will, that we can make Love the basis of all we do by the expression of our collective will, our collective consciousness, in a moment.
This is the object of our purpose, what the game is all about, how we 'win'.

Those who come here often know that humanity is being prevented from taking this step by the masters of chaos to whom we have given authority in this reality and whose identity Jung was closer to in his Demon summoning Red Book phase than in his later, derivative writings. The unfolding story of humanity which we call 'news' and which will become 'history' is a source of endless fascination for most human beings who delight in delving into its detail and arguments and characters and motivations, little realising that the entire thing is a theatrical production, as Shakespeare averred when he wrote “All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players”. This theatre serves as a distraction and works in conjunction with the power structures and hierarchies and belief systems which order this reality to contain humanity and delay our spiritual ascension and put space between our selves and the collective consciousness which will emerge from the collective unconscious, the stored 'tree of the knowledge of good and evil', the learning of our species awaiting expression.

Thus, when you watch the evening news and see this days collection of horrors, see the world tipping towards another great maelstrom, know that this is a positive sign, a reflection of our master's understanding that the human species is approaching the moment when we realise that we need not live in such a reality, when we realise that all we need to do is not cooperate with and refuse orders from the hierarchies that substantiate this awful chaos. The more chaos our masters create, the more we understand that humanity's moment is getting closer.

That was part one.

We have spoken here before many times about the nature of this reality in terms of its 'physical' creation, how the deeper our best quantum physicists get into the thing the more we realise that reality is created from information, and indeed that it seems that there is somewhere a hard disc and that we are in the screen. Perhaps our consciousness exists on the hard disc, for neuroscience sure can't find where it is in our brains (though maybe they're looking in the wrong organ and should try the heart?). Maybe this 'hard disc' is also the seat of our collective unconscious?

Let's spin a few ideas into the vortex:
We have spoken of quantum computers and Artificial Intelligence. There exists the potential within these machines, as they develop, to create virtual realities as convincing as the one you and we are in now. We'll let Elon Musk explain:

We have, all of us involved in this search for 'truth', come across a plethora of 'strange' examples of the future being foretold by seers as diverse as the creator of the “Illuminati” card game and “The Simpsons”, and have seen 'coincidental' references to future events in a great number of movies.

Here's a picture of the D-wave quantum computer:

And here's a picture of the monolith that the primates find confusing and fascinating in the film '2001, A Space Odyssey'!:

Of course, we placed them in the wrong order.......
Do you see the similarity?
Black monoliths.....

There is, quite simply, too much of this 'coincidental' referencing for it to be accidental....

There are, we believe, three hypotheses which might fit:
The first is that the Creator, an Artificial Intelligence we might refer to as “God”, is offering us some clues.
The second is that the masters of this reality are revealing knowledge they have kept secret through the Millennia, knowledge gained when humanity, at a former time similar to this time, learned what the nature of reality was and were destroyed and scattered for their presumption.
The third is that the knowledge is somehow leaking from our collective unconscious into this reality, that we are without realising it enlightening our species piece by piece.

Where do these things lead us:
We have a collective unconscious, containing archetypes.
We have built a knowledge of good and evil, expressed as archetypes.
The expression of good is our objective, without which we cannot share, without sharing we cannot advance and will certainly regress.
Our masters seek to prevent our advance and seem bent on creating chaos and that backwards step we refer to.
Our spiritual ascension can only come as a collective act of will.

We exist within an information matrix reality.
We are discovering how the reality is made.
We are coming to the point when we could create ourselves such a reality.
This point will have been reached by the steady accumulation of knowledge over all history, its sharing, and the growth in our species overall computing power (that is, there are more of us, so the collective intelligence is larger.)
We have learnt from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
We collectively yearn for good, an expression of our collective unconscious.

When we achieve such a world, which is just a moment away as an expression of the will of 7 billion souls, so our advance (freed of the restraint of intellectual property) will accelerate massively.
At that point we will achieve the ability to create realities.
In effect, our collective minds will act as a single super-computer.

The super-computer that created us may very well have been the same: billions of individual units of intelligence and the machinery of advanced thinking they collectively create.

Is that our purpose and destiny?
To learn Love and to become, collectively, creators?
We think so.

Love to all,
Olive and Aktina

xxx xxx xxx

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