Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Pizzagate & Hampstead: MSM Managing the Sheeple's Perception

WE all of us now understand that the world's powerful are satanic paedophiles, that they rape, butcher, drink the blood of and eat the hearts of our children. They laugh about it, chiefly because the average human spirit simply cannot believe such horror and so, when they learn of it, they react with disbelief.

This disbelief is then affirmed by the MSM about which, more than any other subject, they close ranks, all of them issuing the same rebuttals, the same accusations of nonsense, the same tales of "Fake News". We see this now, don't we?
Therefore we know one of the biggest secrets.
This reaction, more than anything, demonstrates how close we are as a species to finding out the truth about this reality and how the inhuman bastards that create this heinous hell on earth fear this discovery more than anything else, for it spells the end of their rule and indeed of them.

These two videos show the 'discrediting' technique used either side of the Atlantic, show how the interviewers try to gain pity for the accused, show how they frame every second of the interview to cast doubt on the accusations and the accusers.

Deeper, it also shows how the Dearman character and the Jimmy Comet character, both seemingly inconsequential people, a rarely employed actor and the owner of a pizza cafe, are treated with deference by the MSM. Do they do this for the paedo down the street, of which there are many?

Both of these people are SPECIAL.
Special because they are high up in a hierarchy we don't even know exists?
Like Jimmy Savile?

Demons have their social structure, don't they, hidden to we human beings?
Just saying.

This video is entitled "Father falsely accused of being a Satanic Cult paedophile ring leader."
Please let us know what your instincts tell you.......
Now, go compare that travesty with the equally one sided and lacking-in-journalistic-endeavour 'interview' with Jimmy Comet, he of Pizzagate fame.

Note again the DEFERENCE with which the interviewers treat these characters.

The fact that the general public aren't marching down the streets with pitchforks and torches speaks volumes, dear friend, about either the utter stupidity of the masses or the overwhelming success of the mind control programmes in place.
Or a mixture of both.

Which means, doesn't it, that humanity's future falls to us?
That's the duty you have in the game of life.
Now, if only you could get together somehow with all the rest of the mavericks....
If only.....
Because together, we might be a force in the world.
For good.

With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
xxx xxx xxx
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  1. Presidents, Popes, Queen, Elite Illuminati Pedophilia and Child Sacrifice!

  2. We always post comments, even the lazy ones that just post a link under 'Anonymous' and are often the 'owner' of the site linked to covering their identity, like the sneaks they are.
    Usually these people are doing what they do for MONEY, their sites littered with ads and self promotion and links to other sites they own, similarly monetised or selling false dreams.
    Often, they are of the false opposition, the 'owned leadership'.
    At the same time such people block us from commenting and leaving links, for exampke Tapnewswire, Icke, Alex Jones and many other similar fake truth sites, mixing the needle of a lie in the haystacks of truth they publish ONLY BECAUSE WE HUMANS have already outed the story.
    We see their game.
    Do you?
    Beware deceivers, greedy frauds and fake truthers, for they are the well funded legions of dishonour, stealing humanity's destiny as ever.

  3. I found your site by clicking a link. That's the nature of the internet.