Sunday, January 1, 2017

It needn't be this way.

We are born.
We die.
In between we have this experience called existence.
For almost all of this time of existing we are forced into conforming.

Our consciousness is made to adapt, to fit in, ultimately to accept that which we disagree with.
For most of we human beings, for almost all of our experience here, we are subject to the will and whim of others that hold power over us.

We some of us cling to the illusion that we are free, even though that illusion is solely sustained by the occasional opportunity to choose.

Almost all of us feel, deep down, that the reality we exist in for the short moments called life is deeply wrong.
This wrong is expressed as sickness, of the body or of the mind.
We witness this everywhere.
This wrong is, in fact, both spoiling and shortening the experience of life.

Almost all of us suffer inequality, some more than most, and that inequality drives injustice, and that injustice sustains cruelty, and that cruelty creates fear, and that fear generates hierarchy, and that hierarchy gives us inequality, and that hierarchy shapes reality to protect itself.

The hierarchy does not see life as short. The hierarchy is itself a living creature. Our human bodies are made of countless individual cells which act as one being. The hierarchies are so constructed. The hierarchy sees its existence spanning centuries. The hierarchy itself is a living thing, represented in time by a succession of individual holders of the  power.

Thus it is from the centuries-old hierarchies that inequality derives.
The hierarchies have, over the centuries, obtained ownership of our species.
We each of us pay a tithe to the hierarchies.

They operate in every area that is fundamental to human existence.
They create and issue money which we may only spend in the stores they own. They own our water, our food, our fuel, our entertainment, our education, our debt, our countries. Now. with the climate change myth, they have managed to take ownership of and charge for the air we breathe.
The hierarchies own our human spirituality via their hierarchical religions.

Thus they stand between us and our connection with the Creator.
Whilst they destroy what is good in the world.
Yet they only exist because their component parts accept their roles within the whole, even though the hierarchy at its pinnacle is essentially inhuman.

So it is that we seven and a half billion souls enter life and leave it subject to a systemised slavery which each and every one of us understands, at the core of our being, is utterly wrong, yet comply with. And it sickens us, and it kills us, and it need not be.

It pays no heed to our happiness.
It does not understand love.
It does not give food to a starving child.
It wishes our old and frail dead.
It does not give succour where there is need.
It systemises life such that we are driven to mirror its behaviour.

We dare not leave the well trodden path they have laid for us.

Picture the marching soldiers, one falling by the wayside injured, others stopping to help but whipped back into the column by the corporals at the orders of the generals.
They have made the march more important than the man.
This is our reality, the utter reversal of our innate humanity.

The whole column should stop, as in days gone by the tribe paused.
Do you remember those days, at your core, from your previous turns in the game, when we all paused to help the wounded?

And, of course, there should be no column of soldiers.
Soldiers are human beings trained to kill, sold on a preposterous lie which masks the true purpose of their killing: The sustaining and reinforcing of hierarchy,of nation or religion or money.

We humans kill each other at the behest of these monstrous hierarchies.
We kill when tricked into war.
We kill by neglect.
We kill our unborn and call it choice, because our society has been shaped such that new life is an embarassment, a cause for shame, a financial or career irritation, an intrusion into a lifepath.
The body parts of the unborn are sold, for profit or for other nefarious purposes.
That is a truth, if you didn't know it, horrible though it is to stare upon our collective guilt.

When other's lives are so cheapened, we should not be surprised when our own life is taken from us, when we ourselves are treated as an irritation, an incumberance, a useless eater.
What goes around, comes around.
The march will not stop for you.

What should we do?
Simply understand that the hierarchies exist because they have, for centuries, entrained human will through fear.
To change our world requires only an act of will.

If seven and a half billion of us refuse to fight wars, there will be no war.
If we refuse en masse to pay false debt, then that debt cannot be collected.
If we decide as one to ignore our governments, then their power is gone.
If we decide as a species to eliminate the vile creatures that traffick in children or killing drugs, then they will be eliminated.

We speak not of 'mob rule', of 'democracy' or of any system that creates space for evil to dominate, that collects our individual power together and creates new hierarchy, new force, new fear.

There is no answer in anything we have done in the last millennia.
No answer in communism, fascism, left or right. There is no answer in the monarchy of blood or of money. There is no answer in corporate slavery. There is no answer in different versions of the money system. There is no answer in religion.

There is only an answer within our collective souls, our collective human will.
We know, instinctively, what is right, what is good, what is fair, what is just.
We know, instinctively, what needs to be done, how we should behave.
We understand, but have had driven from our minds as we are whipped into the endless march, that the power in the world belongs to the collective conscious will of our whole tribe.

We are a moment away from ending war.
We are a moment away from ending hardship.
We are a moment away from destroying those thousands of weapons of mass destruction.
We are a moment away from ending debt.
We are a moment away from ending fear.

It is as simple as holding hands.
It is as simple as realising where the power lies in the world.
We seven and a half billion souls.

What to do?
First, spread this understanding.
Second, avoid distraction and division.
Third, choose the moment.
Fourth, ignore all ancient hierarchy.
Fifth, become free.
Then shape our world human, from our hearts.
The meek will inherit the earth.
And now is the time for that, for the old world is dying.

We are born.
We die.
In between we have this experience called existence.
We must make that experience the best it can be for the largest number of us.

It simply requires an act of collective consciousness, an act of human will.
And, underneath everything,
the innate human understanding of LOVE.

We think this is our purpose, our destination after this long journey, the start of a new human species' story. We believe we are close now, that this is just a moment away for us.

With Love,
Olive and Aktina
xxx xxx xxx
Please share, stand with us, help us spread this message. Thank you.


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Anonymous said...

What a marvelous post. I see your exact same vision and steps! We are good to go. Perfect way to start 2017!