Monday, January 16, 2017


So we state what we believe and think that belief is a product of our own consideration, our own deduction of the truth from the millions of pieces of information that are our individual programming inputs.
As a species, we are programmed to fight for the beliefs we settle upon.
Those beliefs become issues of separation, pushing us away from the unity of resolve and common understanding which is, normally, the shared attribute of a species.
We rarely, if ever, consider the source or origin of those data transferences we call life-experience.
We are moulded, yet do not see the hands that mould or, if we do, cannot from their apparently diverse origins perceive their interconnectivity.
Our minds, simple as they are, fail to comprehend the overwhelming subtlety and complexity that is the controlling matrix which shapes this reality.
As individuals, we are incapable.
As seven billion individual units we are incapable.
As seven billion disparate entities drawn in different directions and separated by the matrix we are incapable.
But as an entity, once connected, once the realisation that our consciousness is being manipulated, once the understanding that this is all FAKE, as that single entity called humanity, as that hive mind sharing what it knows comes into being......
Everything changes.
This is all you need to know about the world today, and indeed the world as it ever was throughout our known and recorded 'history'.
Whatever you believe was put there to separate you from others that share your DNA, that share your origins, those you despise that are in reality a part of the single human consciousness and are your kin.

The gateway is opening.
Through that gateway you will find human beings that don't seek what separates you from them, but look instead for what you agree upon, for the common ground, for that which unites you, for that which brings you together.
We seven billion share many common understandings.
They come from the heart, each one of them, from love, from care and the hope that others care for us, from the desire to have enough to live well to the knowledge that living well has nothing to do with stuff but everything to do with companionship, with friendship and with fun and, underpinning everything, the deep human connection with that thing we call love.

Can we find this place together, after all these years?
Why, it is only a step away!
A conscious step.
An act of will.

There is not long now.
There are some barriers and hurdles to cross.
Take your personal steps into the future, friend, because others will follow.
The tide is turning, a new sun rising on a new future that is just a conscious moment away.

Blessings to our readers.
With love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
Xxx xxx xxx

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Anonymous said...

Thank you both. So pleased the rain has arrived. Thinking of you, of us, it is so close. To know you exist is so soothing. Xxx