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Destiny Theft.
How Americans can unite on January 20th and face the REAL enemy.
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We write here often of the destiny of humanity, the learning process that is existence, the ultimate aim of the species, the birth of a new civilisation and, thereafter, our species' role as Creators, our species' emergence as a hive mind, a single entity, underpinned by the understanding gleaned from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the tree in amongst the branches of which we currently precariously perch.

Individually lost, collectively finding direction and purpose, just a step away from the discovery of the moment of realisation that We Are, and that the world need not be this way, and that our collective will-to-good and humanheartedness will prevail. At that approaching moment we will transform this world, transform this experience of life, evolve into the true humanity as quickly as a moth sheds its cocoon and become that which we were intended to become.

Understand this: When we collect together and operate as a single unit, a tribe, we used to and generally still do realise that things are best when we strive for collective good. So we make laws for justice. So we collectively deal with 'wrong' behaviour. We have always strived for, and been denied, that which we know is right: A civilisation under the rule of law, that law relying upon true justice, the judgement of actions in consideration of HARM.
Did she harm anyone smoking that joint?
No harm, no crime.

WE deeply understand this principle, and have lost our way such that 'law' has become 'regulation' and no longer judges harm, rather protects and encourages those who harm us the most.
Thus is our current reality an inversion of what should be.
Ergo our solution lies in carefully tipping the pyramid of power, abandoning and ignoring all current control hierarchies and constructing, from the foundations upwards, structures of civilisation which rely upon truth, upon shared understanding, upon educating our world's new owners (all of us) to an understanding of our collective power, our collective duty, our collective vision and those things, ingrained at present, which we must learn to abhor and be vigilant against.

Let's deal for a moment with the thieves of destiny, those who as we write are positioned to seize the promise of our species, to take the initiative away from those who seek truth, they who may or may not have already taken your soul into their custodianship and rule and are prepared to unleash you at their bidding into the usual nightmare.

When the rulers of this reality realised that their hold over humanity was weakening they determined to crash the current reality, as we humans are slowly realising WE should do, and replace it with a new world order. In doing so they set out to so manipulate human consciousness that it would appear that the new world order which emerged would be at OUR instigation, that we humans would feel that what emerged from the ashes of chaos was of our invention and within our purview.

These tactics, framed as “problem, reaction, solution” or thesis, antithesis, synthesis, have served our masters well and are serving them still in this, the single most complex iteration of the game.

Quite simply, as many people feel right now, they have plunged the world into utter confusion, dividing our single human tribe into thousands of opposing mental states, complex issues dividing man from woman, child from parent, race from race (that great imposter given the lie by our understanding of genetics, demonstrating We Are One species), religion from religion (each religion simply an organised expression of our mutual desire to know the creator and do what is right, organised then perverted by the masters into what we witness), neighbour from neighbour.

They have us spinning uncontrollably in the streams and eddies of currents they have created. None of us now is certain of the truth. Each of us is a whirlpool of conflicting beliefs. Simply put they have separated each and every one of us from every other and in this maelstrom we all of us stand alone. Right now we are not One, we are seven billion individuals, full of mistrust and loathing of each other.

This tactic, satanic in its devious cleverness, is there to plunge us into an almighty conflict, a conflict designed to steal our unified destiny, to steal the future from humanity, to prevent our ascension.

It is working.
Only a great sense of purpose and a shared understanding of love, only the knowledge that we are being toyed with, only the self restraint that whispers in our ears “Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this human is NOT my enemy. Maybe someone has been playing with my beliefs and emotions to set me against other human beings?”, only those things can prevent their awful strategy from being successful.

It is difficult for humans to accept that they have been fooled.
Our masters rely absolutely upon this, grinning all the while.
They feed us a belief and scoff at our stupidity.
They know, once implanted, NOTHING will shake that belief.
We will KILL to defend it.
How they must laugh at the ease with which they can control us, manipulate our consciousness to keep us distracted and divided.

So the Christian, full of faith, cannot question that faith nor the tales that substantiate it.
Ditto the Muslim.
Ditto those who share faith in the Great Prophet Zarquon, who sneezed the universe into existence and tells of the great handkerchief, at the end of times, wiping up the mess.
Look at the Mormons, the Scientologists, the Witnesses, the Moonies, and understand how easy it is to sell bullshit to we dumb humans.

So the White supremacist cannot accept that within his body are 'African” genes, nor the black tribes accept that 'white' genes flow through their bodies. We are all of us mongrels, all of us primates, different coloured branches of the same tree.
Regard the Alsation, the Pit Bull, the Chihuahua, the Labrador.
They KNOW they are all dogs.
Are we so stupid that we cannot see we are all human?

On the 20th January the power in the world will stage a great event. They have manipulated the beliefs of millions and now set them against each other on the great stage.

Other times, in other places, they have positioned shooters to kill both police and demonstrators.
They light the touchpaper and then retire.
Leaving evidence behind that pins the blame on one or another group.
They'll not leave 'truthers' out of this equation, for more than anything they wish to get rid of the maverick gene from the stock.

If you're reading this, plan how you will deal with the ugly souls that will appear at your door.
Treat with them with love.
It is humanity's most powerful weapon.
Fear nothing.

Trump, so vaunted by the fake alternative media, Hillary, so cheered for by the mainstream, BOTH were placemen, both there to weaken humanity's faith in democracy............

“Is this the best we can do?”

Both there to divide.
On the one hand, the zombie Millennials, mind controlled up to the hilt.
On the other hand faux tough guys riding bikes.

Human beings separated, the gulf widening, hurt feelings, “something must be done” ringing in their subconscious ears, generational gaps, gender gaps, knowledge gaps, race and religious differences, hurt feelings, determination, the will to self-sacrifice for a false 'cause'.

Yet in every soul the will to love, in every soul the understanding that there is something BETTER waiting for our species. There ARE differences.....

Shake hands, set those differences aside, and TURN TO FACE THE COMMON ENEMY.

On January 20th, let there be an EVOLUTION.
Let peace break out.
However different we feel, WE ARE a single, enslaved humanity.

With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.

Xxx xxx xxx
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  1. Both brilliant and beautiful piece of writing Olive and Aktina.

    with love


    PS belated Happy New Year, lets see what this one brings eh

  2. Thank you Sophie.
    Chronia Polla
    (Many years!)
    Aktina and Olive
    xxx xxx xxx