Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Pity them, for they know not what they do...

They sell to us, every generation, a selection of new dreams, hope wrapped in gift paper, something requiring your faith, sucking in your energy, setting you up for a fall that might take you a lifetime to understand.
Our human lives are short, barely time to get the picture before we die, regretful, or die, peaceful.
This imposter we vaguely misunderstand called death marks a passing through, denotes a phase. We go back, then, and are measured and, in consequence, are given another turn reflecting that which we must learn.
If we are lucky, if we haven't sinned too much, we are given the joy of eternal love, of lives shared again and again in that essence of being we call togetherness, that unity of souls that is the gift of love and its progenitor, birthing love into this reality.
And if we have sinned, and are measured sinners, we learn from the next iteration what it is to be sinned against, suffering that which we dealt.
So the philanderers will find themselves cuckolded, the thieves stolen from, the molesters molested, the bully cowered.
This is, all in all, the process of learning.
The giving and the receiving.
The black and the white.

It may seem eternal, this game, but it has a beginning, a middle, and an end.
It may seem that those phases are determined by others.
They are not.
They are determined by the collective consciousness, by the will expressed by the entity that is humanity, once humanity realises what it is.
We are being tested.
Not as individuals but as a hive mind, a single entity.
And within and comprising that single entity, stepping into the light, the overwhelming will to good.
It's name is love.
It is the creative force.
It is the destination.

The wind of change is blowing, but our masters are subtly present there, sowing their new beliefs, twisting and reshaping reality once more.
We must step away from their paradigm engineering.
The creative force is us.
We Are.

With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
xxx xxx xxx

After a year of drought we are enjoying rain. Nature itself, and disaster, form a part of the whole, are elements of the experience. Fear nothing, except the price you will pay for your intentional mistakes as the wheel turns. Those that we see now as evil will be the victims of evil in the next iteration, for they have the most to learn. Pity them, for they know not what they do.   


Rainbowsophie said...

Thank you Olive, that is just what I needed right now, glad I checked into the site. With love as always .... Namaste

Olive Farmer said...

Hug for you Sophie,
xxx xxx xxx

Anonymous said...

The Chosen People?

Olive Farmer said...

Interesting post, Anonymous.
This is how we see the 'Jews':
1. There is no such thing as racial purity. Every human being is a mongrel, a DNA mixture, all of us are related at the genetic level, just as all dogs are dogs, whether they be Labrador or Alsatian, Great Dane or Jack Russell. To believe in racial separateness is ridiculous taught behaviour. We Are one tribe, one species, divided because such division proves useful to our controllers.
2. There are many peoples that have been taught they are the 'chosen' people. The Americans believe God gave them their country. This, of course, is utter bollocks, as is every nation's pride when such pride assumes others are less than they. Count the dead bodies of the victims of such 'racial' beliefs.
3. If God chose one racial group (bearing in mind there is no such thing) then God must be an idiot, for there is good everywhere as there is bad everywhere and 'race' is no determinant, though culture sometimes makes a people 'bad' for a time. For example, the British murder empire (still extant), or the French under Napoleon, the Germans under Hitler.
It is of course our masters that make us forget what we should be, what we can be, what we will be as 'time' unfolds and the game progresses.
Love to you,
xxx xxx xxx