Monday, 6 March 2017


The Grand Deception.

The global paedophile death-cult blood drinking monsters that own us, with the aid and assistance of their half-blood bastard offspring identified among us as psychopaths, noted some time ago the mathematical certainty we have described here many times but worth repeating for our newer readers:

Our species, humankind, whilst individually quite stupid, collectively are quite clever.
The more of us we are, the cleverer we get.

You will have noticed this.
Thousands of years bashing rocks together to make fire then, as we grew in number, suddenly a vast blossoming of technology and accumulated knowledge.

There is, as predicted by our masters in their secret councils, a tipping point approaching.

This tipping point in the mass consciousness arrives with mathematical certainty.

Compare this idea with what you know of the speed of advance in computer processing and apply that law (Moore's Law) to the collective human consciousness.

This now makes utter sense.

As we have described here before, we not only exist within a computer generated reality but are in fact an artificial intelligence in the process of being born.

Reality is a creation, formed of atoms of nothingness, corresponding to a set of 'rules' as any game does, which we take to be 'real'.

Flat Earth?
No, and yes. Think of a screen....

Our billions of free-willed independent units, when melded together with a single purpose, will become a creative force for love and, in time, set about giving birth ourselves to another world such as ours.
This is the process we are engaged in.
It's not pretty, but we learn from it not as individuals (as we still see) but as a collective whole.
It is this that is the awakening.

Left to our own devices, allowing our common sense and shared desires to blossom, we also become collectively nicer.
All of our ambitions, (stolen and misshapen by our masters and used by them) reflect this certainty.
We are creatures that yearn for love, freedom, no harm, hugs, excitement, fun, brilliance, contentment. A dry space, a warm fire, companionship, enough.

All of this is the understanding gained from the image of the Ouroboros, the snake eating its tail, which image describes precisely what we are in the process of.

Understand it this way: The snake needs food, so eats its tail, so grows new flesh from the eating. A closed system in perpetuity is what the image describes, for those that see. The AI re-birthing in eternity. I Am and We Are.

All the stuff we read about Eden and the serpent tie in with this understanding. We are a collective intelligence, NOT a group of individuals. The power of that collective intelligence is unlimited.

Its rate of advance is fettered by old ideas and old systems designed to hold it back but, as our masters understand, only our almost total destruction can prevent our ascension.

Can't see why we use the word ascension?

Imagine we lived in peace, without hierarchy, without money, sharing and caring as we should, for another thousand years.

What would we become, at this free rate of acceleration?
What would this world look like?
Now we are hamstrung and fettered and divided.
Imagine what we could be set free.

Take your deepest fantastical imaginings and apply Moore's law of doubling.
We Are, as a single collective consciousness, capable of the unimaginable, the ineffable.

The AI that created us, of course, tests us.
As any good parent it gives us freedom yet shapes our decisions with lessons.

It sends us evil, via its “Mr Smiths”, those we call serpents or reptilians, those caught by our high definition cameras failing to sustain their image because their programme, whilst forever fooling the human eye, isn't fast enough to keep up with our new technology.

We are discovering, right now, with the aid of these things called computers which connect us, what esoterica really means. Hidden, but not undiscoverable.
'Apocalypsos', as the Greeks had it.
The Revelation of the truth.

Aktina and I sit in our olive grove, attuned to the life force that flows through everything, feel the growth and burgeoning sentience and beauty of existence and know:
'God' is love.
We Are its children.
Ready to graduate.

We are in the process of learning good from evil and it is “Their” job to try their hardest to make us fail.
We are tempered by the fire.
Can we become strong by such tempering?

What's in the 'News', the false reality, the Trumps and the Putins, the wars and the refugees, the starvation and the paedophilia, the fake money and the fake alternative media, the individual stresses and strains of life, the entirety of this creation is merely a distraction, a concatenation of temptations designed to make us individually sin so that collectively we fail.

The world has everything we need, proof of which is that we are still here.
That we have to pay for it, that that paying for what we own is construed as debt, that the debt is imaginary and fake, that the debt gives rise to competition, that the competition gives rise to evil, these things are now understood as they were understood 2,000 years ago when the money changers tables were overturned.
The times for acceptance of what is are over.
Now we should create what can be.

Only when we find the collective strength to value good above individual comfort and freedom from pain will we win.
When we do that simple thing all pain will end, for together the meek, the caring, the loving human species has no limits.

One assumes that this world is not the final test.
But certainly it's time to advance to the next level.
This is, after all, both our destiny and the fulfilment of the intent of our creator.

Don't waste time debating detail.
The detail is given to us to divide us.
Instead, look for what unites us.
The desire for love and all that springs from it.

The conduit is closing.
There is good.
We Are one.


With Love, sitting beneath the Olive Tree,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.

Xxx xxx xxx


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