Sunday, March 19, 2017

Chemtrails, the false alternative media “geo-engineering” myth, and mind control.

I need not say much as an introduction regarding the false alternative media and the agenda of the elites that fund them. If you still believe in one or another of these false idols, so be it. You might claim they 'waked you up' but, in reality, you went looking for the answers to the questions that made you uneasy about the world and about humanity and stumbled upon their sites.

You woke YOURSELF up, but they were placed there waiting to divide, distract, render you weak by their constant bombardment of issues so that you become enervated and, among the haystack of truth that other humans disseminated but these bastards took ownership of, there hidden is the needle of the lie.

They don't talk of Fukushima as they should, though day by day it is murdering the Pacific Ocean and so depriving humanity of its largest natural protein source, day by day it is leaking cancer into the world and killing us. They do not seek to count our number nor unite us so that we can see our millions and recognise our strength. They do not speak of the internet other than a tool of awakening and a place where truth might be found, when in fact it is the opposite, is a tool of mind control aimed at our species. 

They do not speak of chemtrails other than to 'debunk' them or, chiefly, to decry them as geo-engineering weapons.

They are anything but geo-engineering tools.
They are consciousness engineering tools.

Here's the science. Put on your scientist hats, or even if you don't get science at all, follow this process of logic.

The human brain is, as we know, an electro-biological computer which enables the human body (the vehicle for human consciousness) to operate and, via its senses, understand and interact with this reality. This reality is not truly 'real', but is of course composed of information, runs certain programmes which correspond with the 'laws of physics' or 'the rules of the game'.

When your consciousness enters the game it does so without knowledge of who and what and indeed where it is. You are born, and become believers in the reality, and download the programmes which are running from other human beings. As such, you become believers in a fabrication. Other human beings, thousands of years ago, discovered this fact. Read Plato's 'Cave”. The controllers of this reality do not wish us to re-discover what is really happening, nor what this place really is. NASA and the other serpent's-tongue-symbol space agencies are targeted with the job of hiding the truth from us all. The world is not a globe on the western spiral arm of a galactic nonentity. Nor is it flat. It is a four dimensional screen, a four-d computer generated reality. See earlier posts on this subject.

Within this game-reality sits your confused mind, hoping for peace and love, utterly bewildered by the evil, the sheer horror that exists. Your mind wishes to set things right, but organised hierarchy and power structures of all kinds prevent you from understanding your power to do so. This is simply because you do not understand just how many human beings share your innermost desires for peace and harmony. Even your enemies have these core understandings, though just as you cannot believe it of them neither can they believe it of you. This is the product of the divisive and competitive environment shaped by the masters of this reality.

Now that humanity (late as ever, this should have happened a few years back) is truly waking up en-masse the powers must introduce new weaponry in the war on consciousness. At all costs they must prevent humanity from understanding the incredible power of the collective consciousness. Seven billion minds working in cooperation can achieve, quite literally. ANYTHING.
Make your self aware of the 'double slit experiment' and understand that this place, this reality, is CREATED by our consciousness. This is not woo-woo.
For over 100 years physicists have understood the relationship between consciousness and matter.
At the same time, quantum physics has taught us that atoms do not exist, that spooky interactions at a distance are faster than the supposed maximum speed of light and demonstrate the interconnectedness of essence that all this solidity is an illusion (as Einstein told us).


We don't usually do DETAIL, but here we'll make an exception.
Stick with us if you want to know what's really going on.......

We know that Barium among other things are present in chemtrails.
We know that these metals pass the blood-brain barrier and enter the brain.
Example: There is already a strong concentration of Magnetite in human brains, something that is entirely NEW to the human body, comprised of nanoparticles.

We know that tetragonal (their shape) barium titanate nanoparticles can enter the brain and, once there, can affect neurons and voltage gated cells.
Such effects can be induced by ultrasound, and almost certainly microwave.

We know (this study is important to YOU if you use Wi-Fi or cellular telephones) that Wi-fi microwave energy interacts detrimentally with voltage gated cells:
A Must Read:

Nanoparticles can enable the control of neuronal circuits, (the wiring of the brain).

Barium nanoparticles are seen as promising areas of research as nano-transducers for brain cells.

NOW read this. (What you read between the lines is most important. It speaks of psychiatric conditions being the result of disruptions in the electrical network in the brain, and how new nano-materials are a breakthrough in this area.)

"In the mammalian nervous system, billions of neurons connected by quadrillions of synapses exchange electrical, chemical and mechanical signals. Disruptions to this network manifest as neurological or psychiatric conditions. Despite decades of neuroscience research, our ability to treat or even to understand these conditions is limited by the capability of tools to probe the signalling complexity of the nervous system. Although orders of magnitude smaller and computationally faster than neurons, conventional substrate-bound electronics do not recapitulate the chemical and mechanical properties of neural tissue. This mismatch results in a foreign-body response and the encapsulation of devices by glial scars, suggesting that the design of an interface between the nervous system and a synthetic sensor requires additional materials innovation. Advances in genetic tools for manipulating neural activity have fuelled the demand for devices that are capable of simultaneously recording and controlling individual neurons at unprecedented scales. Recently, flexible organic electronics and bio- and nanomaterials have been developed for multifunctional and minimally invasive probes for long-term interaction with the nervous system. In this Review, we discuss the design lessons from the quarter-century-old field of neural engineering, highlight recent materials-driven progress in neural probes and look at emergent directions inspired by the principles of neural transduction."

Piezoelectric materials such as barium nanoparticles, once accumulated in the brain, can affect the neural gateways.
These could be stimulated and caused to act upon the brain via microwave signals.
The product of such stimulation could be, for example, a psychiatric breakdown.
Further, such stimulation could allow our mind, our consciousness as it interacts with this reality, to be controlled.

Scientists find this “exciting”:

The barium titanate nanoparticles can also, via electrical impulse, be induced to pass through a pore in individual cells and enter them.
In this way, every cell in the human body could be made subject to whatever those who control the microwave towers and have sprayed us with this stuff want.

All of these published papers are, no doubt, some way behind what those who did MKUltra are now capable of.....
GOOD scientists are using nano-particles to treat sickness and psychiatric disorder by these materials and methods.

What might BAD scientists be capable of?

Materials scientists are researching the combinations of barium titanate and iron nanoparticles for improving the receptive qualities of microwave signalling:

Elevated levels of barium are considered agents in the spread of “Mad Cow” disease, which in humans evidences as Creutzfeldt Jakob disease.
Did they experiment on us before?


The elevations of Ag, Ba and Sr were thought to originate from both natural geochemical and artificial pollutant sources--stemming from the common practise of aerial spraying with 'cloud seeding' Ag or Ba crystal nuclei for rain making in these drought prone areas of North America, the atmospheric spraying with Ba based aerosols for enhancing/refracting radar and radio signal communications as well as the spreading of waste Ba drilling mud from the local oil/gas well industry across pastureland. These metals have subsequently bioconcentrated up the foodchain and into the mammals who are dependent upon the local Cu deficient ecosystems.”

NOTE how the scientists are unconcerned about their blaming the presence of these killing agents on aerial chemical spraying. 

You know, the sort of spraying that people accuse you of being a Conspiracy Nutjob for pointing out to them.

What is Creutzfeldt Jakobs exactly?

Not too dissimilar from Dementia, or Alzheimer's, is it?

From all of this we might surmise certain things about the worldwide network of microwave towers and the constant spraying of us with these piezo electric nano particles. We might also guess that someone, somewhere, has the power to create a strong delusion or mass deception worldwide. Does that remind you of something?


You decide.
With Love,

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Anonymous said...

Will you let me know which of the Alt Media are fakes please?

Olive Farmer said...

Quite simply these fall into two categories. The first are the alternative media that all interact with each other, cross refer to each other, interview each other, constantly complain, raise so many new topics that their followers feel helpless (this was discovered with charity ads years ago)and never, ever, make a place for people to stand and be counted. Do you know how many we are? If you knew there were twenty million, would that give you strength? Would that make you want to take the next step? This is why they don't count our number or call for a count.
All of these types also make every effort to raise huge sums of money and sell, sell, sell. They also push gold and bitcoin and fake cures.
They arrange disputes between each other, just to divide our loyalties.
The second group are pretty much the same except they are absolutely only in it for fame or gain and are very possibly sociopathic.
Lenin said you must control your own opposition. The Protocols of the elders of Zion (fake or not) said the same thing. It's a technique as old as history, and STILL WORKS!
Once people give their allegiance cognitive dissonance and the unwillingness to acknowledge they've been fooled keeps people under the spell of these characters. Note that many are low-level charismatics that engender personality cults. It's a kind of Magick and holds people spellbound, just as the Glamour of rock stars and movie stars does.
To answer you simply: most of the major alternative media are in fact fake, were placed there to wait for the awakening and misdirect it, and lead people nowhere or into dark rabbit holes.

Jamie said...

Excellent Overview and analysis. Please see my 3hr. video (broken into chapters) on this most important subject few wish to address and even fewer are aware....I'm also coming out with a GE book in a few weeks covering this as well.
Thanx again,
J. Lee

Anthony Barrett said...


Anonymous said...

Olive farmer,

every time I eat an olive I think of you.

Course my dear wife has a particular olive she is fond of for health and she has me eating them to.

So I went to the frige and dug out that bottle. They are called Kalamata olives and of course I bought them at Aldi the new American food pantry.

What is an olive and how are they grown?

I heard that they grow on trees could you please please post pictures of them in your fields for me?

How are they harvested and how are they shipped?

Course many say I am crazy cause I just can not find a place to fit in to this world.

So, crazy as I am I just might create my own world.

In that Bible I always heard the story of a mustard seed.

He said that it could move worlds. Course who was he?

Anyway I just love your blog..