Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Belief and faith, tools of consciousness control

The battle for the control of mass human consciousness is fought with a number of weapons.

Understand that they, all of them, serve one purpose: 
To create an unshakeable belief. 

Such beliefs shroud the human soul and, in every case, separate us from the core of our being, our essence: Love.

Here we intend to show how humanity is susceptible to belief and how, once acquired, these beliefs govern and shape each human beings relationships (for good or evil) with other members of our species or tribe. We demonstrate how our beliefs are the result of the machinations of the masters of this reality, that each belief can find its origins in the hierarchy of power, that beliefs are simply consciousness control mechanisms, and that we are ever foolish.

Above all it is belief that creates misery in this world, belief that creates division, belief that makes wars. It is not simply the difference of opinions, which human beings sort out by rational debate or a fist fight. Beliefs are a kind of magic, conjured by our masters, with which they can manipulate us into killers. We believe in one god or another, one race or another, one nation or another and we believe in money, one denomination or another. We believe that we are all in competition when in fact we live in a world made possible only by cooperation and by sharing (that basic human instinct destroyed by 'trade' and 'money' and 'profit', all of which we 'believe' are good!)
(Aktina Pempti)

We live in a time (the apocalypse?) wherein these beliefs, whilst still clung to by many, equally are questioned by many and proven false. The ascendancy of this disbelief has called forward a new epoch, a time in which our masters have been forced to seek new methods of control and devise new beliefs with which to control us. The new deceptions are perfectly crafted, the new instruments of deception scientific and archly psychological.

There is in the world now the rise of 'populism', the name given to the yearning for the right thing to be done, that name created by the consciousness controllers such that the 'populist' leaders or political movements (created by our masters) can lead humanity into crisis and chaos and blood- letting, such that (just as Communism and Fascism and others were discredited) the very idea of populism will be condemned forever to the dustbin of human consciousness as something which leads to chaos, war and genocide.

The current beliefs which control the collective consciousness are now easy to see.
This is a sign of the times.

There are those which seek to capture the inner yearnings of humanity for a connection with the divine, for a connection with the universal good we know in our hearts exists.
These weapons we call organised religion. They have been and are a curse upon us.

These strong delusions have their dark antithesis, a weapon created to suck in those human souls that have been dealt harshly with and so grow to hate the idea of a good creator, because that good creator has apparently deserted them.
These damaged souls seek the light of darkness and, in the company of savages and the psychopathic, seek power from where they might do harm.
These are the satanic paedophiles that infest our hierarchies and the power expects us to scoff at the idea of, despite the enormity of the evidence.......

So, both the religions of good and of evil are consciousness control weapons, designed by the consciousness controllers to misshape humanity. They serve to divide and to distract us from our purpose and our destiny, (that which we can only achieve through the collective conscious will to good which we call Humanheartedness: LINK)

There are vast arsenals of consciousness controls aimed at 'rational' human beings, the ones trained by our obscene educational system to be almost entirely left-brained, the ones that cannot trust instinct but must put their faith in the dogma of science or in the authority of the newscaster or in the 'perfection' of democracy.
They are disturbed by the idea of a conspiracy, because that very idea means that they, who got good grades and are therefore in some way superior, have been fooled all along.

Which sadly but inevitably they have.

The consciousness control system rewards these dullards with the gift of corporate wage slavery and so, in exchange for all their learning, they are bribed with a marginally more comfortable cell and live in constant fear that they will be ejected from it, or strive daily to climb the greasy pole towards the top, thinking they will be safer there or, if psychopathic, there have the power to do harm.

As they begin their careers and their striving at age 21 they little know just how quickly the years pass nor how purposeless is their occupation. After all, they are each and every one of them involved for life either in making 'profit' for some billionaire or, if Government employees, in sustaining the walls of the prison in which we all live.

In the end they might retire earlier in relative comfort but, like the rest of us, they have been slowly poisoned......

My mother and father died recently 3 days apart, both in their mid-eighties.

But in the last five years, within our small circle, friends have died aged 42, 62, 64, 62, 63, 55, 34, 45, 48.
None by accident.
Except for two of them, cancer was the killer.

Every government in the world has joined together to keep silent about Fukushima. Unlike Chernobyl, entombed (but still deadly), our world governments have allowed Fukushima to pour its filth into the world for six years with no sign of diminishing, with the worst perhaps still to come as the molten cores burrow into our earth.
This is their way of disposing of older 'useless eaters'.
It is working.
Quietly, invisibly and, apparently, 'nobody's fault'.

And all the time our rational left-brained. educated morons beaver away in their corporate burrows believing that such horrors can't exist, that if they did our governments would protect them, would do what's necessary and, surely, our media would have alerted us.

What's important to these poor fish are the issues they are fed to make them feel righteous: The LGBTQ agenda. The woman's right to choose to murder their unborn child, whose body parts are sold on for who knows what nefarious purposes. The possibility of other habitable 'planets' supposedly a trillion miles away.
Cats doing something cute.
Some 'pop-star' showing off her 'beach-body'.

For fuck's sake.

Such is the strength of their belief that there is no conspiracy to use them, abuse them and then kill them early that they increasingly drift ever further from the instinctive understandings that make us human.

They have no understanding of true spirituality, have no connection with nature, don't understand the blood, sweat and tears of the process of creation.

They have formed themselves into a separate caste, the office-working 'elite' debt slaves. Their food comes in a package. Their furniture from a shop. Their entertainment from a box. They form 'relationships' with other empty vessels, half of which fail, leaving half the world's children with one parent only, and that remaining parent so stressed that the children suffer.
They drug themselves for fun or to survive the life they have become believers in.
They cannot let go of it, cannot see that their life is meaningless, that these things need not be, that we human beings can create a different world, a world full of joy.

The greatest consciousness control system is money, especially but not only money created as debt.

This mind-fuck has almost all of humanity in its church, worshipping daily at the altar, clinging to the belief that they might some day be 'rich', might be able to get themselves a slightly bigger cell or a newer, better toy.

This pathetic distraction steers them firmly away from the truth:
That fulfilment is found in simplicity, that joy comes from love, that fun is found in companionship and shared times, that taking things easy is a worthwhile use of your time, that work should be something that makes you proud because you are doing something of benefit to others.

Being a marketing executive, for example, is an utterly meaningless and useless thing to do.
Being a tax collector the same. A salesperson. A cashier. A banker. There are hundreds of millions of completely wasted lives, devoted only to the operation of the debt or profit or money-counting system, whilst there is much in our world to do: Build homes for those that have none. Grow food that's good for people to eat and carry that food to those that need to eat. Cook food for others. Clean our oceans, scrub our air, cleanse our soil. Comfort and aid those that need it. Grow a generation of children that knows what it is to be a child, to be innocent, to play, that is taught to think in addition to learning 'facts', create a home as a place of comfort and sanctuary and love where duty and obligation and honour are learned through sharing.

The list goes on and on, yet there are seven billion of us to make light work of it and, in each person's heart, a calling.
This is a human understanding, a tribal thing, something we were born to and have forgotten, something taken away from us by our stupidity, the ease with which we can be made to believe a lie.

Senior among these weapons of mass deception and consciousness control is and has always been the 'personality', those Adepts that are able to suck in a human being's loyalty and devotion, they that understand the force of will and the allure of glamour and can put on a son-et-lumiere that captivates the souls of the masses and makes of them believers.

In recent history we might summon the memory of Napoleon, of Hitler, of Mao, of Churchill to a lesser extent, of Fidel Castro. Many movie stars and pop idols.
The Queen of England.

Remember the torch-lit parades of the Nazis, their songs, their chanted mantras, their flags and banners, their uniforms, their hypnotic leader and the great allure of sharing a belief with others, constantly re-confirming the 'truth' and righteousness of what they are involved in.

We see the same in religions, at super-bowls, at the Oscars. We cease to question when we become a mob of believers, and almost all of us are in one cult or another, each cult separating us from those who follow other leaders, other pop-stars, other faiths.

That these Adept leaders create a sort of mass hypnosis, a mass hysteria, is undeniable. Hillary Clinton has her acolytes. Yes, even the most unpleasant and unpalatable adepts can suck in the consciousness of believers.

Donald Trump believer?......Be warned.

In the end all of these adepts share one notable feature:
They can each cause their followers to kill others, or kill themselves.
Two mobs of believers facing each other across that psychological divide, one spark to light the fire, and mass blood sacrifice ensues.

This is the power game in the world and how the powerful judge each other's standing in the league table. It is not about money, nor palaces, nor territory. It is about how many souls you have captured and how many human beings your followers have killed.

Witness now how Trump has given the CIA the right to target whom they choose with their drones. Forget trial by jury, don't think for a moment of the innocent children that die 'collaterally', just KILL.
Ground troops is Syria? Why not!

There is no clearer leader in this race than the so-called Royal family of Great Britain, which can trace its ability to capture souls and cause them to commit genocide back thousands of years. Not long ago they owned 40% of the world, stolen by mass murder, and called it their Empire, though of course this was not the first empire of this bloodline.

They've been at it forever.

Above them, and more evil still, is the Crown.

The Crown's capitals are known to us, the three city states marked by their obelisks: Rome, London and Washington DC.

Now we, some of us, see.
Now, we need to stand together.
Please note how those leaders of the 'truth' movement support Trump, support 'Gold', support 'Bitcoin', fill your minds with new things to be angry about every day, add to the fear, encourage preparedness for violence, encourage preparedness for personal survival, encourage you to believe in the 'Bible'.
As if.

We human beings are tested, those tests being moral and ethical, the belief systems designed to cause each of us to break the law.
Do no harm.
Be good.
Live with love as the foundation of everything.
Simple rules,
Lifelong obligations,

With love,
Fear nothing,
The conduit closes,

Olive Farmer.

Xxx xxx xxx


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