Friday, March 10, 2017

For the truth seekers following the quest, some thoughts.....

(The basic programmes and cellular automata of Creation?)

 As we slowly advance our understanding of reality, through quantum physics, DNA research and other sciences, through the deep yearning for truth, through the driving force behind the constant questioning of everything that marks out the growing number of awakening human beings, so we begin to lift the veil which has shrouded human collective consciousness for so many generations and begin to see the edges of a new reality.

From those partial glimpses the dot-connectors among us begin to draw conclusions and those conclusions will form the foundations of a new world civilisation, in reality our first true civilisation, and from that first civilisation will blossom a transformative relationship with matter, with being and, ultimately, with the force of creation itself (which is the loving application of information?).

If we are successful we will have fulfilled both our purpose and our destiny.

The dimensions of this curent reality are, we are taught to believe, objective. There are supposedly quantifiable measurs of length and width and depth and we can 'measure' time's ticking. We 'know' our history and supposedly witness its creation (or rather fabrication) day by day and learn of our past, both past and present full of horrors and nightmares that should, but do not, instruct us and so lead us to paths which, once taken, wake us from those bad dreams and draw back the curtains to reveal a new dawn for our species.

This is the journey, its destination the grail.

A fifth dimension, Consciousness?
There is another dimension, comprised of the conscious experience of existence, which determines the rest. We put a measure to all things and pronounce them metre or foot, second or century. This conscious understanding of things is entirely subjective, a subjectivity agreed between us all, and forms the framework in which everything else exists. This consciousness is generally shared and almost wholly believed in by the participants in this reality, just as most of humanity believes that a table is solid, that the body they inhabit is real, that the world is a pale blue dot floating in an ever expanding universe, that all of everything happened and happens by chance, that therefore there was and is no creator or if there is then the creator is a supernatural being, usually male and bearded, who gives us rules about what we should or should not wear or eat and tells some of us that we are his favourites and can do as we will with the rest.
As if.
( I Am a Vengeful God! Are you looking at me, pal?)

Those seekers of truth that pore over NASA's dark history and scientific deviousness, those questers that seek an understanding of the earth's flatness are in the vanguard of a new understanding of reality that will shake the present collective consciousness off its pedestal.

Take a moment to imagine yourself a God busy with the act of creation. Being God you would understand that all creation needs to do is provide a thoroughly convincing reality as perceived by the creatures you cause to inhabit that reality via the senses you grant them. All of these things you would realise, being God, could most simply and convincingly be created with information. Much could be achieved with basic programming, cellular automata that after a billion iterations suddenly produce novelty, basic physical 'rules' that apply to all things, subtly intricate geometric patterns, signs and sigils and symbols that operate on the consciousness of the experiencers and so on.
The whole set in a 'screen'.

It is the existence of this 'screen' that NASA's faux-science and the globe earth conspiracy theory's occult originators are attempting to hide from humanity's collective consciousness. Once the flat earthers and the NASA debunkers get their act together the existence of a setting, a screen, in which the creator's programmes are running, will become apparent. 
This will be one of the breakthroughs that shake the foundations of this dog-eared and past it's use-by date iteration of the collective consciousness. (It says here). Perhaps this 'year', maybe the next, but certainly soon our understanding of what we are and what therefore must be our purpose is a revelation waiting in the wings of humanity's near future.
The 'screen' in which reality exists?

That reality is subjective, exists within a 'screen', is comprised of information, runs through programmes and in which our consciousness as individuals and as a collective whole (the single creative force that is humanity's output) pass through life, this understanding leads us to question further the ideas that sit behind the creator's endeavour.

If it were simply to create a place of beauty in which we might live out our lives in ease and love then we must aver that the creator has succeeded in some areas and failed utterly in others. We could guess that perhaps this particular 'reality' went wrong somewhere and, rather than just switch it off, the creator left it running to see what might happen. You might think this cruel and heartless and perhaps that's it: We were created in God's image and the cruelty we do to one another is a reflection of the creator's own psychopathy.

We should remember that time is subjective, that a thousand years of our perceived existence may be the product of five 'real' minutes processing time. Maybe when the creator looks again, say in a minute or two in 'its' time, it will realise the place has gone awry and turn it off or reset the game by sending a flood. 
Or maybe a vindictive colleague has infected the place with malware, placed his or her or its own consciousness in the game and made itself King and jollied itself for millennia for personal satisfaction. You could characterise such a thing as 'Satan', the malware as a worm....

The alternative could be that the creator wanted its creation to learn and that the only thing worth learning is the difference between good and evil.
There's a few bits of evidence for that lying around.

We have, to yet, as a species, not reached the level of cooperation and collective understanding which would allow us to wrest ourself (as a single collective entity) from the disease of the past and as a result produce something worthy of our collective capabilities.

We observe that we are capable of great things when we share information and divide effort, or create the space and freedom for single minds and hands to shape their visions of beauty. 

The great thrust of our yearning for the new civilisation rests upon the shared desire for the things we know are right and which we have tried (but failed) to enshrine in our governmental efforts to date. We desire justice and the rule of law underpinning our freedoms and safeguarding our lives. We desire enough or plenty for all underpinned the by effort and duty and obligation of us all. We desire beauty, that made by our hands and minds to flourish, that made by the creator to be protected and venerated. We desire peace and freedom from fear, founded upon our shared responsibility to protect that peace and freedom from fear through collective effort. We desire fun, excitement, happiness, pleasure, these things measured such that in obtaining them we do no harm, that one person's greed doesn't murder the another's child through starvation. So we desire equality at the very least in the basics of life, that all should have enough to eat, that all should be protected from the elements and so on.

Each time this set of collective desires has tried to give birth to a world in which they are given expression has, to date, failed. Looking down from a mountain upon our world some might view this failure as the result of unavoidable chaos engendered by free will. This naivety stems from the observer's inability to detect patterns and forms within the apparent maelstrom of life. 

As the truth seekers progress in their efforts so such patterns begin to emerge and, once identified, can be seen everywhere. Once that perception is gained so the realisation that the world as we know it is conjured from the engineering of the collective consciousness is born. Once that understanding is gained so the evidence of such consciousness engineering is discoverable. Once that has been discovered so those behind such engineering can be determined. From this knowledge the dot-connector learns that despite humanity's deep urge for a world built upon a foundation of Love whose expression in this reality is Good, the world is in fact ordered and shaped by a Will that benefits from a foundation of Hatred whose expression is Evil.

Set in the context of purpose so we must assume that the creator's purpose is to test our collective consciousness and see whether and if we can overcome the obstacle that infects that collective consciousness and co-create a world of love.

That's the Game.

One meme which has been passed through time and in every culture is that of an “Armageddon”, a final battle between good and evil for control of the reality and the emergence thereafter, perhaps (in some versions) with a false dawn interregnum, of a world of peace and beauty and love. Many past generations have believed that they lived in such times and this is certainly true of this current consciousness, perhaps because we are certainly undergoing an apocalypse driven by the questioners amongst us and the growing gnawing at our souls that there is much wrong with this world and the emerging certainty that together seven and a half billion of us could fix it.

There is of course a vast deception which is subverting and misdirecting that emergence.

Everything that is happening right now in this weird world has its causality in that great deception.

The deception is aimed at our consciousness, will try and show us that we are winning this battle.....!

Brexit and Trump are products of this deception, which is designed to cast truth seekers and questers and 'populists' into the dustbin of history along with communism and fascism, both imposters designed to frame such ideas with the crimes of genocide such that none shall ever question the authorised 'truth' of the zio-Nazi-paedo-satanist 'Democracy' ever again.
(Picture: The deceivers, dividing the questers from truth, dividing humanity, preventing We Are/I Am? If you look hard and focus you can see the faces of the fake leaders of the truth movement!  )

When this is all over, when we do gain our promised land, when money and hierarchy and religion and royalty and politics, when the imposters that shape that vast pyramid of wrong have once and for all been eradicated and we human beings build our first civilisation, then our rate of advance, unhampered by the 'protective' nature of money that hoards knowledge and 'protects' intellectual 'property', will accelerate dramatically. 

There will quickly come, thereafter, the moment when we realise how it is that the creator made this place, what its true nature is, and that we human beings together will have reached the point when we too can create such a marvel.

The creator will have given birth.

We Are Love.

Love to you all,
Olive &
Aktina Pempti 
from Crete

xxx xxx xxx  


Anonymous said...

How do you think this will play out?
Also, more thoughts on "flat earth"


Anonymous said...

these comments are exactly what they are. Comments, The comments todaY ARE FORGOTTEN TOMORROW. In fact, many comments are forgotten immediately. Millions upon millions of books have been written. Where are they? On shelves in rooms in houses, in libraries. Millions of books have been destroyed. Millions more have been left ,unread, The point I am trying to emphasise is that NO.ONE lives long enough to change anything.

Olive Farmer said...

Interesting comment, thanks.
I agree absolutely. No single human being can encompass all of our knowledge, everything we have produced, published, recorded.
Together, though, we are that information (but missing some important pieces that are kept from us). By 'we are' that information I mean that the information we have produced is the product of our collective consciousness and so an outside observer would know us by our output. It would be disappointed in us, I guess, but see some cause for hope that we might get to the right place.
In time, and once we liberate knowledge, we'll get everything onto this connective web and a machine, maybe a quantum computer, will encompass the whole thing.
Maybe some agency or government has already begun that process.
The product would be the following:
1. The computer will be able to see where the gaps in our knowledge are.
2. It will work out how and why we are being fooled.
3. It will tell us how our reality was made and, probably, open a dialogue with the creator.
This is inevitable, unless the power prevents its occurence.
Love to you,
Olive. xxx