Friday, March 24, 2017

While you were looking the other way......

Friends, 'they' are keeping us distracted, keeping the rising tide of fear at full throttle, pushing ever harder for more and more chaos.........

And all the time, every second of every day, Fukushima is pumping slow death into our oceans and our air.

Evil seeks to prevent us from collectively creating a worldwide unity for good.
This explains every evil that we, as a species, have ever undergone.

If you are short of understanding of the Fukushima horror, this is vital information.

First this, from here:

I have just returned from visiting my friend, who is a senior cetacean biologist at one of the large west coast universities. While there, he described an amazing situation to me that has alarmed me greatly. He said that research at his university has conclusively identified the complete or almost complete collapse of several dozen food chains within the Pacific Ocean, all within the last 36 months or so. Further, in “unauthorized” exchanges with the relevant departments in other coast universities, he learned that the numbers involved may well be more like hundreds of chain collapses in the same time-frame as opposed to dozens. Finally, in talking with authoritative figures in Vancouver, they apparently believe that the figure is likely closer to 1000. My friend also explained that equally alarming is the fact that all these research departments are finding within the genres of sea life they have physically examined within the same time-frame “huge numbers of general body mutations, as well as skin disorders” which all cannot yet be accounted for in terms of causation.
As bad as all of this sounds, here is the real rub. Regarding these findings about food chain collapses, mutations, and injuries, my friend’s university has instituted a policy that forbids them from publishing their findings, from discussing their findings (on this subject) publicly or in private with other researchers outside their own campus, or finally from taking “unauthorized” radiation readings as part of their research. The penalties for violating these new rules are severe: loss of tenure, civil lawsuits for violation of contract, and potentially employment termination. He showed me a memo on the subject from her own university, so there is no doubt about that in my mind. For the part about colleagues at other universities encountering the same things, I have nothing but my his word but that is good enough for me.”

Here are a selection of reports posted from other media on regarding unusual and horrific Pacific Ocean species die-offs. Read them and weep.

Some other sources, part of the mainstream consciousness manipulators, who blame the hoax of anthropomorphic global 'climate change', earlier known as 'Global Warming':

So it goes on, reported but largely ignored.


This is already hitting humanity and will hit us ever harder in the years to come.

What is ANY government doing to end this nightmare, (including the Trump government)?

Nothing, that's what.
And the worst is yet to come.

Fukushima is rarely if ever blamed by the world wide Green Party environmentalist liars.
No surprise there, is there?

This is a fascinating and well researched piece about the occult paedophilic and left-wing terroristic origins of the worldwide fraudulent 'Green' movement. The main protagonists discussed are now highly placed within the fascistic European Union project. Again, no surprise there. 


Anonymous said...

You would think that "they" would be worried about their "own"

Anonymous said...


MMM---Maybe a false flag?

Olive Farmer said...

Rockerfeller just died aged 101, the Queen and Prince Phillip are in their nineties, as is Kissinger, etc etc. I did a post a while back naming and giving the ages of many of the global elite, all of whom were still jetting around the world to chair big meetings, staying up until four a.m. to do so. HRH still rides a horse. Berlusconi, it's said, goes all night with three or four women. There's much more....
Here's the key to why they aren't bothered: Not one of the very top level 'people' ever dies of cancer.
You'd think it was in their genes......
Or more likely their diet...
Or, for sure, they have a cure.
Love to you,

Unknown said...

Good article. Part of the reason for how the elites gained wealth and power millennia ago is they are the descendants of Neanderthal which as a race are more violent and less social than the majority of the worlds population who are of Cro-Magnon descent. Some individuals in the Middle East still have ~40% Neanderthal genes, while the average for the rest of the world is ~5%. Of course Jews come from the ME and this is why all the elite are are from this race. Many hide their origins by changing their names and genealogy, but their in-human behaviour remains the same as it did in the stone-age. They maintain their bloodlines by ensuring breeding is arranged from strong Jewish families, particularly through the matriarch line.