Saturday, 25 March 2017

Is NOW the time?

Everywhere, the state operates as the control system on behalf of the elite that shapes reality.
It is aided and abetted by the debt-money system which controls the corporate hierarchies.
They are assisted by the hierarchies of organised religion.
Between them these instruments of control form the walls and bars of the prison for humanity's consciousness.

Because, of course, the world is shaped by controlling the consciousness of humanity, by creating and forming what we believe.
And, as we see, it is shaped ugly, because the shaping force is evil.

When we talk of someone's 'humanity' we speak of their goodness, the love which flows from them.
When we speak of evil acts we use the term 'inhumanity'.

Ergo the battle is between humanity and inhumanity, between good and evil.
Everything else is detail.

Among we human beings it is those who are failing to understand that their beliefs are implanted that become the 'trustees', prisoners who get a better cell or nicer food or simply a slightly less troubled life for helping the wardens control the jail.

Those who are less intelligent are ignorant of their complicity.
Forgive them, for they know not what they do, someone once said.
Others are less innocent.....

In the Second World War the concentration camps were operated by the feared SS, but it is little known (and almost never mentioned by the oddly Jew-biased historians) that often the camps were almost empty of SS and were instead operated by the vicious 'kapos' who, to avoid the worst or secure the best, became trustees, giving out the beatings, herding the prisoners to the forced labour works or worse.

(We say 'oddly' because biased is the last thing a true historian worthy of the name should be.)

Some people (especially those biased historians working on their next publishing deal) class these kapos as victims too, but the truth is they were the lowest of the low, human beings whose honour, dignity and pride was willingly sacrificed on the altar of self-preservation or, more often, were greed driven psychopaths who relished sadism.

And so it is that our planet is dominated by the very few and their lackeys.
By implanted belief systems and by greed driven and pleasure seeking psychopaths.
By consciousness engineering and by kapos.

This is the continuing story of our enslavement and nothing seems to be changing, despite the place we have arrived at, despite the closeness of our transformation, despite humanity reaching that great turning point in its history that is truly only a step away, if we can only take that step together.

This is the history we must stop in its tracks.

In the past only violent revolutions have shifted the hierarchies, replacing them with even more vile power structures that gloried in blood sacrifice.
Then we discover that these revolutions and their chief agents operated on behalf of the same power elite and served their satanic purpose. Once again, consciousness engineering and kapos.

Communism and fascism both vigorously cleansed the maverick gene from society, attempting to produce a herd which only consisted of fearful, dumb, obedient souls.
They ultimately failed because their intelligence services couldn't find every objector.
But hundreds of millions were murdered.

This time they have the internet, so their round-up will be much more thorough.
Quite simply, they know where we live and what we think.
They know our friends and associates.
They know how we have prepared.
This is how, as we often have stated, the internet is a weapon pointed at humanity.

Whilst we mavericks believe we are 'at peace' our masters have treated us as if we are an enemy army, gathering every single piece of data about us so that, when they strike, they will instantly negate us.

They seek to prevent humanity taking that final step into the future.
This objective explains everything that is happening in this chaotic world right now.
They must at all costs prevent us from unifying in our shared humanity, so are setting us against each other, everywhere and in every way.
Ordo ab chao.

At the moment, as we witness, they are successful in this, but their grip on our human consciousness is loosening. They grow weak and, like any cornered creature, fight most viciously when the fight is for survival.
Cornered rats.

If they need to, and if we let them, they will destroy everything rather than let go.
A worldwide Samson option.
(Though please don't take from that that we blame the 'Jews' for anything. See our earlier posts on genetics and the reality that we are one species separated by engineered beliefs, a single tribe imprisoned together and set at each others throats like dogs in a pit for the entertainment of those that feed off us.)

The false alternative media was created to serve the purpose we now witness, mental honey-traps for the awakening souls, pitfalls for those seeking confirmation of their instinctive sense that there is something utterly awry with the world.
Humans feeling the call of their fellow human hearts towards humanheartedness.
(See our earlier post on 'humanheartedness' to know what this means.)

The elite have often toyed with our yearning for freedom, for justice, for a sense of rightness about the world which we find hard to put a name to but which 'humanheartedness' encapsulates.

When we seek such things en masse, so they provide a leader, a unifying idea, and give us a flag to follow, a symbol to believe in, a dogma to repeat, a mantra to chant, a whole new belief system to swallow up our energies and suck in our commitment such that we will die for this new idea or, worse, kill for it, believing we do the right thing.

There is never such a thing as righteous killing.

Religions have sucked up those seeking a connection with the creator and with the love which is the force behind creation. For more than two thousand years humans have been born into or herded into beliefs that somehow tell them an evident falsehood: That God favours them especially and despises others that worship God differently. 
So for thousands of years have we been made to burn and kill human beings who happen to worship God in other ways or by other names. So we have delighted in making life miserable for those who are 'different'.
Such is the greatest weakness of our species, which is the simplicity with which we can be made to believe that the thing we call 'I' or 'we' is somehow better than another member of our tribe.

Consciousness engineering is the key to this arsenal of induced hatred.

We are so divided even today, such is the strength of this Magick, such is the power of belief once it takes hold of our consciousness.

Fascism was a belief system, as was Communism, as today is the nascent 'Populism'.
(Where did that name come from, you might wonder? Who seeks to create a new 'ism' so that it can be painted black?)

What communism did was blacken, forever, the ideas of sharing and working collectively.
What Fascism did was blacken, forever, the ideas of single communities of peoples who worked collectively for the benefit of their own community, either a 'racial' group, a language, a nation. Regardless of the name, fascism was simply socialism between people who had a lot in common.
Then it was shaped evil.

Now these 'isms' are forever associated with genocide, with death camps, with misery, with war, with secret policing and vanishing into the night, with inescapable terror.
Populism is heading the same way.
Trump is the torch bearer.
The false alternative media has led many to his camp.
Those people have become 'believers'.

We know where that leads.

(For those who have given their belief to Trump, ask yourselves:
Has he closed the Federal Reserve and issued debt-free money?
Has he arrested the Clinton mobsters, the Bushes and the rest?
Has he taken the CIA and the FBI and the police by the scruff of the neck and shaken them into a rage and directed them at the satanic child murdering elite?
Has he taken the US armed forces out of those places where the USA is spreading chaos and death and misery, places where the US has no right to be?
Has he done anything to lessen gap between the ultra-rich and the rest of humanity?
Et cetera, ad nauseam...”and so on, until you're sick”)

We wrote here once about the US military budget and how many thousands of hospitals that money could build, staff and supply for decades. We asked how the world would feel about the US, how many would hate the US enough to try and harm her, had the US built hospitals everywhere it now bombs, had the US used its plenty to spread happiness and good will around the world?

Many Americans believe they are somehow the best people in the world, that their country is somehow the finest.
Had they used their power to spread good into the world they truly would be.
Regrettably they have done exactly the opposite, have acted for generations as the instruments of chaos, war and evil like some great satanic metastasising cancer.
Yet still the belief persists.

Such is the power of belief, almost unshakeable once we allow our consciousness to be smothered by one or another of those fake 'leaders' supplied to us by our masters.

For our species to free itself from the pattern we are stuck in, this endless cycle of injustice, war, death, misery, brutality, we must learn as a species to STOP BELIEVING.

When we are born we know nothing but how to suckle.
Unlike thousands of other species which share our earth we have no access to the data stored in our DNA.
Take a moment to find a video of a spider spinning its web and understand that such a marvel of engineering was untaught, the knowledge inherited.
This tells us something about the nature of this experience we are undergoing, that humanity is deliberately placed here empty so that we absorb whatever programmes are passed to us or inculcated within us.

It is whether or not we accept these beliefs once they are proved to be fundamentally inhuman that is the measure of our learning from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the test of our suitability and readiness for the next evolutionary step.

The Buddhists would have you believe this was a personal journey.
It isn't.
Humanity is a collective entity, comprised of billions of individuated units each with free will but endowed with the potentiality to co-create, to collectively shape reality and shape it good.
This is not YOUR journey to enlightenment, it is OUR journey.
Humanity's journey.

It is when we are children and unknowing that much of this false programming is downloaded, and so we grow 'believing' that we are German or British, Hindu or Christian, rich or poor, black or white, high class or low class and so on. We grow to believe that there are others that we must obey. We grow to believe that life is about gathering money together and success is measured by the size of the pile. We learn there are some we should love, but others we should despise.
Our life is simply expressed as a consciousness engineering exercise.
Describes the programmes we are fed.

But we have free will.
We can, collectively, choose.

In the past we have waited for a leader, a messiah, a unifying 'ism'.
We need none of those things to take the next step.

Just to shake off our implanted beliefs.
Just to follow our humanheartedness.
And do so together.

As a species we stand at the threshold of a marvellous future.
We must take the all-important step.

Reach out to each and every one of us and ask:
Would you like a world of peace, of justice, of kindness, of sharing, of fun, of freedom from debt, of freedom from fear, a world where you are valued, where your contribution however humble is valued, where the non-stop destruction of our environment is stopped?
Would you like a truly humanhearted world?

This, after all, is what most of us think our God desires of us.
"Love" sums it up perfectly.

There are seven and more billion of us in our tribe and if we most of us say “YES” then, in that moment, we will have taken the next step as a species.

Interestingly, we most of us have in our hands the instruments to perform such a miraculous connection.
Knowing that, should we try?
Well, of course we should.
What else is there?

Seven billion can ignore the power structures and hierarchies as if they had never been.
Seven billion can reach out our hands and clasp firmly the hands of strangers knowing they share, deep down, these common human desires.

We Are at this remarkable stage as a species.
We Are fed up with history and the historical baggage that goes with it.
We Are disgusted by what happens 'in our name'.
The future is ours, and it is Humanhearted.

Is it time?
We think so.

People say we are dreamers, but we're not the only ones.
We Are legion.

Please share.
It has to start sometime.
Things aren't getting better, are they?
So share.

With love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.

xxx xxx xxx

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  1. I do not think "they" will be able to stop our growth. They like us to believe they are that powerful. THEY ARE NOT!!!!

    We all have to believe that LOVE is soooooo much stronger.
    LOVE is stronger than illness and everything we see!!!