Monday, April 3, 2017

Pieces fitting together in the mind jigsaw...

These are some of the shapes of ideas that pervade our understandings right now. They won't go viral, we know, because humanity is successfully distracted.
But one day these notions will become commonplace.
When that happens, the world will change.

Difficult to express in a few words, we imperfectly describe here the nature of this reality, the forces operating within it and their purpose, the ultimate goal of humanity and the true nature of our species, our future and our destiny.
We write without detail or reference, in one sitting without editing.

Within this story are concepts now being revealed, the nearness of major strides forward for our species, the threats which act to deter and distract and dismay us, the steps we need to take and must take in order to reach the next level of the game of life.
“We” meaning our species.

Behind each sentence sits a vast library of knowledge, there for all to research and discover and from where the reader and thinker may draw their own conclusions.
This knowledge forms the roots of humanity's 'Olive Tree' of understanding, from whence will grow the new tree of life.
With careful tending it will bear fruit.

The nature of reality:

In a computer screen the picture formed is composed of pixels. The smaller the pixels get, the more vivid and real the image. Both sound and light can be created within our games and we get closer to providing an enclosing totality in three dimensions.

But the computer game cannot generate smell or touch. What's required is an alternative to light waves and sound waves, pixels of something that the experiencer will judge as 'real', comprised of energetic particles we might call 'atoms' which act to a set of rules we might call chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy but which we know in reality are merely projections of information.

These 'atoms' need not be 'real', but rather need to interact with each other according to the rules of the game whilst the experiencing entities within the game carry programmes which ensure the interactions play out in the way they were designed to do.
It you trip, you fall.
If you are struck, it hurts.
If you cut me, do I not bleed?

We know we have never touched anything, rather by design experienced the force of repulsion between atomic particles.
Ergo, the designer of this game of life cracked the science we can now see needs cracking in order to create utterly convincing alternative realities.

The experiences of living are recorded and displayed within the 'screen', the reality creation module mounted in the head which displays the experience to the experiencing consciousness we call “I”.

Hundreds of trillions of atoms formed into cells which act as processors interpreting the electrical signals we call senses. Think nano cloud computing. Call it a brain.

We don't know where that experiencing consciousness 'is' within the 'body' and might conclude it exists elsewhere, finding the Pineal gland is perhaps the biological device of connection.
Interestingly, this Pineal gland is much revered by the carriers of knowledge in the world, who know what we do not yet.

We fail to understand that the consciousness we think of as “I” forms one seven billionth of a collective consciousness that is “We”.
Reaching this understanding is key to humanity's progress to the next level.
Preventing that process is the Power.

A creator would need to inject into the programming codes which produce novelty, based for example on simple cellular automata, which we know to act so unusually.
That is, we can already see how it might be done.
From this we obtain art and music, variety of species, the appearance of ability and disability, fate itself masquerading as luck.

We observe how interference with the atomic substance of this reality produces abnormality, almost as if someone somewhere were attempting to interfere with the progress and running of the programme, a deliberately malicious meddling.

We observe how the power in the world fires atoms at each other in great circles, as if they wish to discover the power of creation through destruction, or create a bargaining chip at the table of the creator, a threat, a coin of exchange.

We observe the oddity of the description we are given of this globe earth floating aimlessly and unimportantly through the cosmos and recognise the dark beginnings and the fake output of the originators of these wild speculations and propose flat earth alternatives.
Why bother?
Because it is vital that we understand the nature of the game and thereby our place within it and our purpose.
However, it is not flat but is a 'screen'.
The power controls humanity's scientific direction through money and hierarchy, such misdirection slows our progress. Important avenues of research remain closed, whilst others are the exclusive property of the power and used for 'evil' rather than 'good'. At the end of those avenues of research lie the realisations which will accelerate our ascension.
We are in a game, and can if we work together create another game.

What ascension?
We Are in excess of seven billion individuated processing units, each of vast power.
We are staggering towards interconnecting those individuated units.
This interconnection would, if shaped by good rather than evil, lead to a single entity we call the hive mind.

To reach this point we must as a species discover that we are being held back and see how this false reality is contrived to prevent our emergence. This barrier forms what we think of as our reality and is a many headed hydra, consisting of belief systems and ideas which are by their very nature inhuman: hierarchy, debt, violence, war, orchestrated religion, corruption, fear, class or caste, competition rather than sharing, monetary value attached to knowledge and ideas and so on.

Those things which the truth seekers witness in their manifold forms as the unjust exercise of power in the production of division, in the creation of chaos, in the ruination of the beautiful and the creation of the foul.

We need not fight this power, but merely decide en masse to ignore that which it has built.
This will be the key Moment in humanity's history.

Quite simply, almost all of us must reject everything the power has built which shapes our consciousness and so creates the false reality.

Those things are embodied in a system of Magick, which by our definition is that which causes a human being to believe in an idea which is not at its core good, true, born of love.

The Magick is made of symbols. Of words. Of laws. Of propaganda.
It is ancient and, by now, all pervasive.
None of us is free of this programming, these viruses, this consciousness control.
We find it almost impossible to do anything but defend the beliefs we have come to hold.
Even to the point of killing humans who have had other beliefs downloaded into their processing units.
This is our false reality.
Even, and especially, the truth seekers are targeted by the consciousness Magickians.
This because we are the seed of the tree that will grow.
They must, at all costs, stunt that growth.
To create the new reality, the one we almost all of us dream of, we must each of us accept that we are infected with malware, then each of us seek the knowledge of our own inner truth, the core programmes we were born with.

These stem from the need to give and receive love, as any small child will tell you.
Everything which stems from love, the principle not the emotion, is by its very nature good.
The misery of the human species is formed of our inability to operate within the false reality according to the principles we each of us at core understand to be right, to be good, to come from love.
We feel there's something utterly wrong with the world, cannot see why there is so much evil, yet fail to see the cause because it is all encompassing or, if we are one of the few that do see it, feel we are powerless to change it because it is everywhere, it is everything, it has always been.

Alone, divided, we can never change it.
As we see today and will see tomorrow it is unassailable and its product is utter misery.
Unless we find our hive mind.

Unless we all connect and find, in that connection, that we all of us share the deeper understanding that forms the core of humanity.
WE ARE creatures that desire love, friendship, kindness, care and know that if we give those things so we shall receive those things. This was once our tribal instinct and can be again.

The internet, the devices which connect us, together these things are forming our species into that which it was intended to become, a hive mind with a shared understanding.
Once achieved that single entity hive mind would, in a Moment, walk away from the false reality and its control structures.

No, we will not pay debt created out of thin air.
Yes, we will fulfil our obligations to others.
No, we will not waste our days competing for profits that go to others.
Yes, we will seek and find valuable, worthwhile labour that helps our entire species in however small a way.
No, we will not obey those statutes nor the structures and hierarchies they produce benefit for.
Yes, we will obey natural, common law, that which we all understand as the right way of being.
No, we will not scrap and claw for more than our fair share.
Yes, we will cooperate.
No, we will not form structures and bureaucracies that drive power derived from the top down to the lowest level.
Yes, we will organise ourselves for the common good.

The power needs US to enforce its sickness on each other.
Without our cooperation and obedience to its structures the power has nothing.
IT is that simple, and will be that easily defeated, in a single moment of shared understanding.

This internet is the beginning of our Hive mind, yet it is used by the power to divide us from each other and from truth. At the moment we are distracted and misled by it and the agents of the power which dominate it.
It shows us, though, how this false reality is and has always been the creation of a force which seeks to control the consciousness of humanity.

As our species seeks to break free of this consciousness control the masters of this reality become increasingly desperate in their attacks on our minds. We see their endless push for global conflict, the deep divisions they are sowing amongst us and which so many of us still are falling for.

But this growing discontent with the inhuman false reality can not be stopped.
It is unassailable.
Mind by mind we are awakening.
We do not yet know our number, we who have broken free of the mind-shackles, but we are the seed now planted and sprouting, the Olive Tree which grows towards the light and whose roots are as old as time and whose strength is written into the core programming of this creation.

Once our species becomes a hive mind, a single entity within which a deep understanding of good, of love, of sharing pervades, a hive mind which understands its power and its right to inherit this space, then our mastery of reality will come from that power.
In essence we will become a creative force for good, seven and more billion minds working in harmony to shape this world good and then, as our science progresses and our hidden knowledge is revealed, become world creators ourselves and find in that creation eternal life for our consciousness.

If you look hard enough you may even see that we have travelled this road before....

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With Love,
From Crete,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
xxx xxx xxx

In our tiny local museum we recently visited were earthenware cups and plates excavated from the Minoan settlement we can see right now just a couple of hundred metres away nestling by the sea surrounded by the gardens still tended now. On the table in front of us now are shards of pots we collected from the beach (which we will return to where we found them after staring at them for a day or so.) The items were made and used 2,700 years BC.
Almost 5000 years of human history has passed and still we make war, not peace. For many the experience of life has been harsh, unkind, miserable in those five thousand years.
Around us are olive trees, one or two of which are reckoned to exceed 2,000 years of age and, who knows, have roots which are older.
Humanity and the olive tree have gone hand in hand for millennia, hence that which the tree symbolises for us.
Can we become that which we are capable of, grow and flourish as a species?
Can we bear fruit?
This is what humanity must discover, and nothing else matters.

You must reach your destiny, the trees seem to whisper.  

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Anonymous said...

"Quite simply, almost all of us must reject everything the power has built which shapes our consciousness and so creates the false reality."

This we must do. Every time we catch ourselves being drawn into their reality, we must pull back and simply remember who we are and where we are going. Yes! The numbers are growing.

Love to you and "The Ray"