Friday, 21 April 2017

May the Force be With You.

As individuals we are faced with a dilemma: Time. 
This dilemma is constrained by additional factors: The individual power of reasoning, the ability to focus concentration, the sheer weight of accumulated learning, the access or lack of access to key material, the framing of such material in jargon impenetrable to the unschooled, the money cost of access and of time in which to access.

In other words, we live too short a life to become masters of information, and even if we lived a thousand years we could never master it all.
Not as individuals.

But as a species, recall that everything we know came from us, everything we know is understood by us, even that which is hidden is known to some of us, somewhere, however wrapped up in the system they may be, still human they are part of the living organism that knows everything it ever knew.

It takes seven billion of us, we individuated units of the whole, to mentally encompass all that we understand, but as a unit we are undoubtedly incredibly knowledgeable.

None are worthless in this whole. The junk addict knows the darker secrets of human behaviours when addicted. The psychopathic murderer understands the power of the demon over the psyche, real or the product of figment. The skilled worker knows that if you do a certain tiny thing a certain way a tiny amount of energy is saved or a thing of beauty created whereas a tiny slip would destine the object to the obscurity of waste.

As individuals, constrained by time and capability and availability we are almost meaningless, but as a tiny cog in an incredible complexity we are each of us of world-stopping value or world-creating magnificence....once we understand and see the whole thing.
The single entity called Humanity is truly amazing.

Your place of residence is your consciousness.
Into that consciousness have stepped the manipulators. 

They are so practised at their skill, so scientific in the application of their art that you barely know they are there, in your head, messing with your susceptibility to belief. 

They prevent you from understanding your importance to the whole, prevent you from understanding the magnificence of the whole, pervert our capabilities and misdirect our intent as a species comprised of seven billion incredible pieces, the great machinery of creativity and imagination that is destined for some other place than that which we currently occupy.

We are something other than the sum of our parts, just as you are something more than a collection of empty atoms stimulated by electrical impulses.
We are a single global intelligence called Human, called WE, called I.

We Are.
I Am.

Consider: If a vast intelligence wished to give birth, it would create another mind.
That mind would be comprised of billions of individuated minds, each encompassing and mastering a vast body of knowledge from how exactly to throw a dart to hit the bulls-eye to how to comfort a teething baby to how to fall when drunk to how to cheat and get away with it to how to shoot to kill...... and trillions upon trillions upon trillions of other things.
That's US, that is.
Between us, we know almost everything (SO FAR....)

From all that knowledge would come the understanding of good and evil.
From that the understanding of right from wrong.
From that the knowledge of love.
And we have reached that point.

And once the child of the creator reaches that understanding then the creator will smile and know that its creation is good.
As any parent smiles upon a child grown straight and true in this troubled world, as we all of us smile upon the innocent goodness of those children who are as yet unsullied by the false reality.

Our connectivity now shows us we are nearing the moment of becoming a collective consciousness.
We must find a way of realising that which we share, that which we understand.
We have the tools.

In that process we will discover the things we know to be true: That we wish for peace, for kindness, for the absence of fear or want, for fun, for freedom. We wish to do no harm, we wish to do good. 

These are the things which lie at the deeper level in the collective consciousness of humanity. Once we know we share these understandings then we, we seven billion, shall become masters of this reality and all of the bad stuff will go away simply because we desire it to go away.

That is the power of the collective consciousness of seven billion souls.

Imagine, and it is not difficult now to imagine such things, the following:
A simple device that collected and collated the moral understandings of our species in such a way that the conditioning of religious dogma or the mind-shaping of media was stripped away leaving only the inner person and what they believed to be right, what wrong. We have the collective intelligence to make such a thing and to make it foolproof. What it would produce would be the conscious conscience of humanity, its understanding as a single species. Once discovered, that collective conscience could be compared to reality and the faults with this reality readily identified and simply walked away from.

We say simply because to walk alone is hard, but to undertake a journey like this in the company of billions of other human beings becomes an instant and illuminating pleasure, free of fear, full of certain hope.

Second: A device that placed all of our learning in one place, freely accessible to all. Not a controlled learning, not a place for reality shapers to twist truth according to their dogma or desires or for profit, but a human resource full of truth made by seven billion hands working in cooperation.
Such a thing will be easy, once we have taken the first step together.

At the foundation of these things we would find their distillation.
We Are Love.
We Are Truth.
We Are One.

Once we take these steps, then the whole of creation would become open to us.
This is our destiny.

There are those in this reality that seek to prevent us.
Should we let them?
We are doing so today.
Shall we do so tomorrow?

Find YOUR part in the process, take your place however humble,

and share this hope.

With Love,
xxx xxx xxx

Where we are there are a hundred olive trees for every human being. They surround us and envelop us and form a part of us as we become a part of them in the symbiosis of being in this entity called reality. The trees are ancient, old roots passing genes to cuttings which form their own roots, a continuity of thousands of years in this one place, the consciousness of olive trees holding hands with humanity, perhaps as they ever have. 
Sometimes it is not the farmer speaking but the Olive Tree, the grove, the connection with the whole, the time-spanning completeness of all living things. 
Or at least that's how it feels......
Whoever you are, wherever, whenever, we send our love to you at this moment and our hugs.
Hold on, hold out, be strong, look for that which unites you, put aside that which divides.

We ARE one.


  1. Nice Blog..check out Devin Madgy,s & Quasiluminous channel..they found the Grail...& so much more! Coincidently I've just come back from an opening launch for my mates Olive tree & Mediterranean plants import business here in West Cornwall UK...Namaste X

  2. Thanks Arthur and thanks for the link.Watching a video right now.
    Wonder if we can help your friend with the business in any way?
    Love to you,
    Olive xxx xxx xxx

  3. They are getting these plants from Spain & Romania..their website is called NoblePalms. a look& get in touch with Sarah if you have any's funny I'm starting an art gallery with a Greek guy who was going to get in to Olive farming in Cyprus but instead came back2 the UK...hope you found Devin& Quasi ,s of interest.. personally I feel they are part of an emerging movement phenomenon which is certainly going above & beyond most of what is circulating on the " Ethernet "...time to dive deeper into this Age of Aquarius Aquarium thing! Eyes on the Prize! All the best from West Cornwall..Namaste X

  4. Condom Failure in South Carolina?

  5. No need to print this Olive - but just wondering how you and Aktina are ? I see that you haven't written anything recently, and just wanted to say that I miss your wonderful writings and hope everything is Ok in your world, with love, Sophie