Thursday, April 13, 2017

Truth for truthers, the biggest conspiracy of all.

What most human beings lack is the ability to discern patterns within complex data streams unless, through training and long experience, they develop the ability to spot anomalies and shifts from the norm.
That is, we are poor at dot connecting, even poorer when the area under analysis is one where we lack experience.

The left-brain intensive false reality precludes the development of these critical skills such that, increasingly, those that are able to gain an understanding find that they are isolated and labelled with pejorative labels such as “nut-job”, simply because no one else can see.

As the alternative mind-set known as “awakening' has progressed so it is that a group of human beings has developed that is able, because they have gained sufficient experience of their chosen field, to discern anomalies in the pattern of human progress.

This is, in effect, what those who might broadly be termed “truth seekers” are: Students and observers and activists in the field of human progress towards our next phase.

This should make you feel good about yourself, because there can be no doubt that the truth-seekers of this world are driven by an understanding that this reality is wrong, is evil and, underlying that understanding, are further driven to set things right.

In this respect you are the last faint hope for humanity.
Be proud.

The areas of specialisation are numerous, ranging from those that study the machinations of the deep state and the usurious money-creation Magick, to those that delve into the dark abyss of Satanic child abuse and the vampiric consumption of human beings and their energy.
Or "nut-jobs", according to the MSM mind manipulators.

Outside of these fairly mainstream areas (to we few millions!)  are those paths of learning trodden by the braver minds, those unafraid to fly at altitude over the world and, looking down, develop the ability to perceive more unusual aspects to the reality we call home. Those that can see the force of evil and attach labels to it, ranging from shape-shifting reptiles to aliens, or from fallen angels and Lucifer to creatures from alternative dimensions.

Ultimately, their form is of no matter. It is their EVIL which is their essence.
Millions of us are engaged in the process of lifting the veil and seeking what lies behind. We do this on behalf of the rest of humanity, most of us for free or the odd small donation.

(To let you know, we have received donations over the last several years which approximate to one euro for each of the approximately 400 posts. Around 30,000 of our visitors over the years have spent several hours reading here. About 30 people, in total, have donated. Alex Jones, eat your heart out! Maybe we're just rubbish at what we do?)

Those who do work for profit are often not fellow travellers but are the fifth-columnists we would expect the power to plant amongst us and try and lead us.

These snakes in the grass were largely responsible for getting the truth seeking community to vote for Trump and so now, at last, we can see them for what they are. The very deceivers that every prophetic visionary in every religion from every culture warned us would come.

The power has a history of planting 'sleepers', agents who go unheeded among their targets for decades. They have a history of planting undercover operatives who will often go so far as to marry and produce children within the community they are wormed into, so lacking in moral fibre are they. The power has a long and foul history of planting revolutionary leaders and their supporting cadres who take the energy of discontent and channel it into the slaughterhouses of genocidal gulags. This has been, and is, so commonplace as to be a paradigm.

So, take heed and be aware or beware. The force of good that is spearheaded by the truth seekers and is, in essence, the vanguard of a new humanity and a new world civilisation is the chief target of the deceptive machinations of the power.

It is YOU they must stop at all costs.
You and the few million mates you don't even know you have because "They" do everything they can to prevent you holding hands across the nations, across the races, across the born-into religions, across the class and money-status divides, across all the artificial divisions they have crafted to keep us separate.

Everything in the world today, even the steady progress towards their threatened Armageddon, is ultimately aimed at preventing the mass awakening of which you are the spearhead.
At all costs they must distract, divide and mislead YOU.
At all costs, they must prevent US from gathering together and, by doing so, realising the collective power we have.

Their agents among us ensure that every single day they push a plethora of news items at you, a multitude of different theories, a host of catastrophes and horrors.

The result is that they produce confusion, fatigue and sap your will to resist.

They never call for unity or create a space on this internet for the awake to gather and to unify behind a common understanding. NEVER.

Though every day they sell you stuff, every day they appeal for more donations to add to their considerable piles, every day they set about pointing fingers of accusation at others of their kind that are also false leaders so as to divide, divide, divide.

They suck in the loyalty, gain the belief, chant the mantras and then use the cognitive dissonance they have nurtured to ensure that we truth seekers are set against each other.

Their helpers are numerous. Even the MSM points to them as a kind of cross-media advertising. Behind their 'shows' are experts at neuro-linguistic programming and hypnotic manipulation, experts in psychology.
Their agenda is framed and formulated at strategy meetings.
They are trained and given skills in the arts of deception, though most are natural-born liars to begin with.
They are assisted by the controllers of the internet who ensure that they constantly cross refer to each other such that they are hard to get away from.
They are legion, thousands strong, involved in every aspect of the truth movement from natural foods to religion without books, from UFOs to alternative history.
The algorithms of search engines push them forwards and push genuine truthers way down the list. Using data-mining they spot trends developing and place their agents ready to lead or misdirect surges forwards.

Using murder, they kill those that threaten this enormous leviathan of deception.

To most people such an enormous operation seems ridiculous, one conspiracy too far.
Yet this is the biggest conspiracy of them all, and the most obvious.

Just consider: The Catholic church is such an operation. The world banking con is such an operation. The world 'health' industry is such an operation. With ease they control the MSM, yet truthers cannot believe that their beloved internet and those they attribute with having 'woken them up' are such a contrivance!

Now, really Wake Up!

When YOU first sat down at your computer and began your search you yourself had, in that very moment, woken yourself up.

Your consciousness had prompted you, your soul was urging you, some event had stimulated you. Then you turned to the machine and found what your masters had placed there for you to find, for you to believe in, for you to be absorbed by.

These people have been creating cults to suck in the yearning soul of humanity FOR MILLENNIA.

Ask any 'Christian.'

That cult used a book, sparkly clothes, chanted mantras, made images and symbols that dig into the subconscious, created hierarchies, staged divisions between leaders creating separate denominations, added in the constant requests for financial support (which creates a CONTRACT between your need to belong and their supply of belief).

No Christian can believe they have been fooled.
Still don't believe it when they are urged to hate and kill Muslims, as, time and time again in history and still today they have been cajoled to do on behalf of their 'loving God”.

Are you awake enough to see that you too are deceived, that the plethora of leaders of the truth movement in all their variety are simply manifestations of the strategy put in place to capture your deep desire for good to prevail in the world?

This, then, is the how the enemy of humanity operate.

Utterly ruthless, painstaking, supremely well resourced, strategically detailed, clever, numerous in number are their legion of truth-deceivers, but even now nowhere near as large and organised as the Catholic church, for instance.

And please remember the Catholic church STILL has believers and donors despite being outed as a centuries old organisation of paedophile murderers!
In Ireland recently they found at Tuam 800 children's bodies in the cesspit of a catholic convent. They, the NUNS, threw the kids into the shit to die.
And still the church is strong there!
Still people take their kids to be confirmed in the faith.........
Do you see?

Once you believe, THEY OWN YOU.

Still people support, believe in and give their hard earned money to Alex Jones or Mark Dice or the myriad of other operatives in the new religion of TRUTH that pushed the Trump onto America.

Do you honestly believe they are anything other than part of the grand deception?

For millennia the power has honed the skills of capturing the consciousness of our species and turning us into BELIEVERS.
Once we believe we are theirs to direct as they will, theirs to feed upon, theirs to make their war machines out of and theirs to turn into killers.

We humans!

So, for example, we see Islamic terrorists killing children.
So we see American and British bombers killing children.
We see politicians killing children.

They are feeding, and our children are their preferred food.
Tender meat.
The tenderest made into Pizza sauce, courtesy of the 'woman's right to choose'.
Do you see?
The power of belief, of conviction, can make child murderers of millions of mothers and fathers.

They kill the innocent and so slaughter humanity's innocence but the worst of it is that they are able to persuade WE HUMANS to create these deaths.
In years gone by we would carry our children to be sacrificed at the altar and think we did good by doing so, praised God by doing so, pleased our Kings and Priests by doing so.
We are no different now!
So we see taxpayers funding these death machines and going about their daily business unconcerned.
Soon they will have us at each others throats worldwide once more in another of their world war blood sacrifices, culling the herd to prevent our becoming something better.

It is easy for them to capture our consciousness, do you see?
Once more we repeat: Once YOU believe, you are theirs.
The Queen calls you "Subjects", those subject to her will, those she owns.

It is only by finding unity of consciousness that we can, finally, break free of the stockyard.
Click to stand with us.

Beware deceivers.
The conduit closes.
There is Good out there
But there is good within
It is called humanheartedness
The almost total understanding we human beings share
The knowledge of good and evil
The yearning for good
The love that connects our seven billion souls
The love that will build our new future
The new humanity.

And you, dear truther, are the point of the spear of destiny.
Stand with us here.
It is simply one place we can collect.
Fear nothing.

With Love
Under the spreading branches of the Olive tree,
Aktina Pempti and
Olive Farmer
xxx xxx xxx
Note that the Olive Tree, as are YOU, is a Fractal construct.
It is from fractals that we will create OUR new world order.
Roots in the earth of love, leaves in the sunlight of truth, our species as a single entity.

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