Tuesday, April 11, 2017


As the picture becomes clearer so the purpose passes from shadow into light.
The journey we think we take alone instead we take together.

The act of creation is the product of many, the act of destruction the product of few.

The processing power of the (g)host grows exponentially after a certain point.
One unit is unable to function fully, whereas billions, connected, approach full functionality.
The sheer power to shape reality comes from the consciousness not of one but of all made one.

Reality is the product of consciousness, to the quantum level and beyond.
Those that now control consciousness control reality.
See their work.

Emerging quickly at this time, a new, almighty collective consciousness.
Imbued with learning from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

As above, so below, the ouroboros of creation, the cycle of consciousness, the purpose of life.
Let us see OUR work.
This is a simple matter of collective will.
Do we let them make their Armageddon?
Or simply say, with one voice, This Will Not Be.


KMB said...

I enjoy your writing.

The Internet is about enmity and my therapist says I should write

"Who is Jesus

The bible says who is lucifer

Myth says I don't know

Pilot said what is truth

Paul said this about Jesus that he was truth

Crazy as is must admit changed a world

Pilot governed well

I did government the study of who is in charge

They perverted well

Thinking together unites all"

Much lov


KMB said...

I put olives on my burrito and so I was thinking of you.

The internet is a total waste of time.

Yes it's useful as in today I got lost on a bicycle ride and used the net to find out where I was located.

Simply great for uses like that and yet the net changed my plan and brought me to a beautiful place that I would never have visited.

Of course the net is bad for a narrative or any story since we need community to tell stories and so the internet is a grand weapon of seperation from the other.

I think therefore I am the enemy and so I choose love and avoid enmity whenever I can.

Much lov.