Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Goodness and Light.

Light illumines and enables seeing, but a mind mingled with malignancy is incapable of sight, no matter how bright the light.
Thus truth bathed in light remains unseen by tainted souls.
An evil man interprets the actions of others through his own tainted understandings.
If greedy, he assigns greed to their actions.
If dishonest, he assigns the lie to the words of others.
If ignorant he is the first to call others ignorant.
So it is that truth is only understood by the humanhearted, those whose souls understand the true nature of being, that know that love is the foundation of all things, that love is the 'dark energy' referred to by physicists and misnamed, its true essence being light.
The humanhearted need no lessons in goodness, no faux morality, no mantras and dogmas, no ancient texts claiming the right to the Creator, no statute nor false law, no rules other than these :
Do no harm.
Do good.
Be Love.
These instincts are etched into the very being of the humanhearted.
The experience of life, as life is in this reality, may cause the humanhearted to stray from the light of these truths.
When they do, they yearn to return.
They recall the untainted child they were once and know themselves wronged.
It is this knowledge and that yearning that creates their constant sense of discomfort with this reality and, from this constancy, the certainty that this reality will sometime soon be returned to the stewardship of the humanhearted.
The meek shall inherit this place.
We call ourselves truth seekers.
In truth, We Are simply Human.
In the light of our instinctive understandings we know evil for what it is, see that many have been polluted by its essence but understand why.
Inhumanity shapes this reality and controls the levers and springs of human interaction.
It is pervasive.
So the humanhearted must draw upon the energy of creation and shine the light of truth upon inhumanity.
Forgive those who have strayed from their humanheartedness and hope for forgiveness for our own straying from the rules.
These concepts must form the basis of our new civilisation:
Do no harm.
Do good.
Be Love.

From the shade of the Olive Tree,
In the company of creation,
With Love,
Aktina Pempti

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