Sunday, January 15, 2017


You were born in ignorance, waiting to see what the world would offer you.
Whatever hand you were dealt, that which carried most weight was not the money, not the size of house, not the prospect of wealth but the warmth of welcome, the strength of love, the enduring loyalty, the encouragement, the understanding and the forgiveness when, not truly understanding, you erred.

This is what counts most to each of us, the love we receive, the warm glow we get from togetherness, hardships halved by sharing, quartered by laughter, decimated by a single hug.

Through life you struggle and, if you can, you pass the love on.
This is humanity, its essence, its core.
It is not just our best way, not simply the most beautiful thing we have, it is more than these things.
It is humanity's purpose.
It is our destiny.
It is what we were given with which to shape reality.

This understanding, lost to us, is being born again in our collective consciousness.
The future awaits its rebirth, the shackles and chains of the mind-slavery cast aside as nothing.
We are seven billion souls seeking truth, seeking love, yearning for what was meant to be and will be.
We are a moment of collective will away from reaching our goal.

Sometimes reality sets you a challenge, or tries to teach you values which it requires of you that you know are somehow wrong, but that you see everyone else accepting and getting on with and it is hard, so hard, not to go with the flow, so wearing to swim against the tide.

Some, in ignorance, do not see the harm they do, become a part of the problem for the rest of humanity, seething with arrogance and self, believing themselves winners.
Yet we all of us die.
We all of us live such a short life.
There are no winners, no losers, there is just time and the good we can do in the time we are granted and the lessons we learn and the wisdom we gain and pass on.

For some the journey plunges them into a darkness from which they cannot escape, or tempters take them to a black hole from which they feel they can never return, or for whom resentment builds into a vicious and unrelenting desire to do harm and to crow over those they hurt.
They are misshapen, become the inhuman amongst us.

They are our lost sheep, needing most to be brought back into the fold.
Lacking love, they need it most, for they are sick of heart or of mind, their souls blackened by the flame of experience and, though they strut and bully, it is they that need our hugs most, they that we should focus our care and love upon. They are sick, and know not what they do, and would be different had they lived in a different reality.
They need our forgiveness more than most, for their souls are weak and afraid and lack love.

Each life is a lottery and there are none among we humans that get it exactly right, few that even come close, fewer yet that, convinced that the world is 'just as it is', do not live a life accommodating evil, falling into line, accepting because not to accept is just too hard.

Someone said once “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

You live never knowing that the person next to you is caught in the same web, would never, but would love to, open their hearts to you and weep for what should be and isn't.

Something has implanted separation, has divided our single, beautifully diverse family.

We are creatures of hugs and love and the world we humans should make has been stolen from us, a world lost to thousands of years of wrong, a world misshapen and distorted, a world shaped inhuman by something other among us.

A world we must recapture and make our own.

This moment is emerging and the power seeks to steal our destiny, to prevent us from creating a human world, a world of fun and laughter and sharing and high times, a world of love.
This has been its dark purpose. To teach us right from wrong.
But we have learned enough, by now, and it is time for the horror to end.

Now is the time when we should most beware of deceivers.
The conduit nears.

Do not think what differentiates you from others.
Look for what connects you.

It is love, the giving of it and the accepting of it, the power of the principle of love as the foundation and building blocks of the new world we are on the cusp of creating.

Forget history.
There is none.
It is a mirage. Designed to separate us.

Discount what you currently believe and which is the product of this false reality.
Forget today, and instead imagine tomorrow.

Know that the person next to you is your kin, shares your deepest desires for love, for freedom, for love, understands the duty we have to one another, is not your enemy but your friend.

Everyone is family.

We Are One.

In love.

Olive and Aktina.

Xxx xxx xxx   

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