Thursday, 12 January 2017

Don't be fooled, America.

The next few days will demonstrate the power of the monsters that rule our world to bring a once great nation to its knees.
Everything that has happened in the last few decades has had the fall of the USA in sight, and with it the collapse of democracies and ordered societies everywhere.
If the power in the world gets its way we human beings are in for a tough time.

The next few days are crucial. A great deal depends upon how succesful those intent upon creating trouble will be at engineering the mobs they have entrained to create chaos.

NO DOUBT there will be trigger events planned. There always are. People will start shooting, revenge will be sought, the divisions between people will turn into irreparable gulfs.

Check out the recent history of the world and see these same tactics driving wedges between people and creating unending strife and internecine bloodshed.

Study the Power's first trial run in Yugoslovia, (and note that the UN troops were accused of child trafficking during that conflict, because the elite never miss a chance to scoop up some infants for their nefarious purposes. Eg since taking in Syrian child refugees the British Government seem to have 'lost' 350 of the youngest and, erm, don't know what's happened to them!)


Since the fraudulent murder of 9/11 the imperialistic savagery of the military industrial complex has filled many Americans with a deep sense of guilt, most especially the veterans.
Those who felt this guilt have recognised the alienation between themselves and those still lost in the mainstream fiction.
This was the first division of many that have been engineered over the last 15 years and those divisions have been nurtured by all the media, the fake mainstream and the equally fake alternative.
Half of eligible Americans failed to vote at the last election, demonstrating the disquiet with the democratic process and the disgust at the candidates on offer.

Of course the death of democracy has been the intent all along, and Americans are falling for it in the same way as those caught up by the Colour Revolutions and the Arab Spring, by Brexit. The intent has always been to crash the democracy that human beings were beginning to realise no longer served its purpose, create chaos thereafter, and finally offer a new alternative which the people will believe has come from their own efforts and yearnings but in fact has already been prepared by our masters and currently sits waiting in the wings.

Around the world there are thousands upon thousands of NGOs and 'non-profits', mostly funded by governments and the UN and by 'philanthropic' billionaires like Soros. They are interconnected and moving between them all has been an organisation called Common Purpose which has been 'identifying and reframing the leaders of the future'.
One such example is the Institute of Policy Studies, funded by the Warburgs and the Samuel Rubin Foundation, which includes the character Noam Chomsky amongst its members (!) and has spun off into the coming hate fest one Lacy MacAuley, now spokesperson for the anarchic DisruptJ20 that will bring blood to America's streets on January 20th. (More about Lacy below)

Now there are any number of different Americas, and widening gulfs between them.
There are the millennial Social Justice lgbtq2 Warriors, fervent in their support of the murderous Clinton, mentally entrained by an entire life lived under the careful mind control efforts of the elite.
They believe they are for freedom, but deny others the chance to speak their version of truth.

There are the Trump supporters, flag waving bullies, preppers, bikers, vets, racists and trailer trash who have been created as the opposition to crazy weeping Hillary supporters. Many of them have been whipped up by Alex Jones, that traitor to truth and to humanity, serving his final purpose before those falling out of his spell turn into an avalanche and he disappears to some sunny climate with his millions.

Hillary supporters are largely women.
Trump supporters largely male.
Hillary supporters include many immigrants and people of colour.
Trump supporters are for the most part white.
The divisions are many, and often within families, dividing loyalty.
Chaos and confusion is the intent. The forcing apart of people. Deep unhealable rifts.

The coming events of the inauguration day will pitch the opposing forces against each other. On Jan 21st the women will march. Later events are planned. America is in for a rough old time.

Black Lives Matter, that Soros funded rent-a-mob, will plant overexcited and potentially violent groups within the various marches. There are many more groups, on both sides of this deliberately created divide, determined to have a go if the trouble starts.
Which of course it will.

Lacy MacAuley:
The traitorous agent provocateur Lacy MacAuley is described thus by the Institute for Police Studies:

"Lacy MacAuley is a media activist with a passion for amplifying voices of those working for a better world. With a BA in International Relations specializing in World Development Studies, she is committed to promoting local, living economies that place people, planet, and principle before profit. Lacy’s creative passion was ignited while working as news editor for her college newspaper and stoked by helping found the DC Resistance Media Collective in 2005. Keeping the flame burning, Lacy was with the Institute for Policy Studies from 2011 till the end of 2013."

You see, Lacy truly is a wonderful woman, and not at all a shit-stirrer tasked by our rulers to create trouble and disharmony leading to all out Civil War!

But these are her words about DisruptJ20:
I can safely say that some groups are likely planning actions that might result in arrest scenarios,” she said. “Sorry, I cannot give specifics at this time, due mostly to the fact that plans are still in flux, but also due to the fact that not all information is public.”
This is her, building her credentials with pre-briefed cops in front of tame cameras.
Such social justice heros have their images carefully nurtured.

Meanwhile the long suffering police, some being well intentioned true peace officers and others being testosterone fuelled pumped up bullies, will be pitched into the middle of the coming tumult.

These are the tactics they will employ, from a description of their own manual:

"A Mobile Field Force"
Participants in the CDP training are taught intervention and response strategies for large events, specifically what the manual refers to as “illegal gatherings” in which “protesters disrupt the peace” or act with the “intent to make protester removal by law enforcement” (i.e. arrest) difficult or dangerous. The manual includes eight modules: Civil Actions, Mass Arrest, Team Tactics, Legal Considerations, Protester Tactics, Crowd Dynamics, Riot Control Equipment, and Riot Control Agents and Less Lethal Munitions. To pass the course, students are only required to receive a 70% or higher on a written exam.
As the title of the manual indicates, participants in this course are taught the team tactics necessary to become a Mobile Field Force (MFF), defined as a “well-trained, disciplined, organized demonstration of police force that emphasizes unity of command and can be rapidly deployed in civil disorder situations.” The concept of MFF is part of the “Miami Model” of protest policing, developed by Police Chief John Timoney for the 2003 Free Trade of the Americas meeting protests, and distinguished by large scale (often preemptive) arrests, heavily armed law enforcement, intense surveillance of protesters, and intimidating shows of force by police. The emphasis in these trainings is on group over individual actions and decisions to ensure participants will learn to act as a unit and carry out orders given from above without question.
Students in the course are taught three tiered levels of response: crowd management, crowd intervention, and crowd control. At the initial level of crowd management, members of law enforcement are actually encouraged to avoid the appearance of militarization and to coordinate with event organizers to establish the police as “facilitators rather than confronters.” This approach is designed to encourage event organizers to cooperate with police by monitoring their own protests. Despite this friendly facade, however, protesters should be aware that police are prepared to turn to the use of force— including the deployment of riot gear and “less-lethal munitions”—at any sign of provocation from demonstrators.
For crowd intervention, the course advises the tactic of isolating anyone in the demonstration who they think might act illegally, tracking them using cameras and “shadow teams”, and then preemptively arresting and removing them from the crowd as quickly as possible. This tactic—which former NLG Executive Director Heidi Boghosian has called “snatch squads”—is regularly applied to people at protests based on their clothing, general appearance, or perceived political ideology, and can easily lead to constitutional violations.[1]
At the level of crowd control, police tactics become even more obviously militaristic. The training outlines the verbal, hand and arm, and physical communication methods used by protest police. According to the manual, these commands “must be given in a direct and forceful military manner to show protesters that the MFF is a well-disciplined and well-trained unit.” This show of force and intimidation, participants are taught, will frighten the crowds and counteract the “militaristic tactics used by some protesters” (more on this below). Officers are trained to not engage in dialogue or be in any way affected by protesters, and are told explicitly to arrest everyone in a crowd once a decision has been made from above. At this point, outright force and police munitions will be deployed, including chemical weapons, rubber balls, bean bags, batons, and other weapons not mentioned in the manual (i.e. canine units and water cannons, as seen recently at Standing Rock).
The manual also covers legal considerations, and clearly states that “during a civil event, the rules for search and seizure do not change.” Police are not allowed to take cameras or cell phones without warrants, or to destroy property. The entire constitution is also included as part of the training manual, along with recent case law covering protests. However, as protest litigation over the past several decades has proven, these legal lessons are often forgotten or de-prioritized during actual police-protester interactions."

Here's some European police actions in Madrid, Spain, to show that the police everywhere are trained in the same tactics and, regrettably, relish the use of force once the testosterone and adrenaline get going:

 Perhaps it should be remembered, when the police take a beating or are seen giving out beatings, that these are the same officers that have failed to investigate or pursue high level paedophiles the world over, who despite the evidence have failed to investigate Podesta, the Clintons, Jimmy Comet and all the other freaks about whom there is sufficient information to begin a thorough and deep investigation. However, NOTHING has been done, just as the 5,000 perverts caught accessing pedo porn at the Pentagon were NOT INVESTIGATED.

These are the lessons people should take from this monstorus turn of events:
 1. This impending strife has been created by our masters.
 2. Your enemies are NOT other citizens whose views differ from yours.
 3. Your enemies are the blood-drinking child murdering satanic evil force that dominates human consciousness and seeks to destroy democracy.
 4. America and Americans are being duped in the same way as those duped by the Colour Revolutions and by the Arab Spring.
 5. If your heart is good, if your soul yearns for a world of peace and justice, DO NOT let these vile creatures set you at each others throats.
 6. Your consciousness is under assault, has been for decades, has been particularly attacked over recent months to create the situation that is supposed to unfold on January 20th and thereafter.

Don't be duped, America.
Ignore the sense of grievance you have against other citizens.
Reserve your righteous anger for the real criminals.

Our new human civilisation cannot be bult on the ashes of civil war. We see everywhere the consequence of such things, how grief and utter misery are the outcome, how the strife seems never to end.
Resist voices like Lacy MacAuley, close your ears to the exhortations of idiots like Alex Jones, take your conscious mind and your soul to a place of peace and understand the game that is being played with your mind and your inner self, a game repeated thousands of time through history, a game which our masters play to satiate their need for blood and misery and for the entertainment they get from watching us kill each other at their instigation.

Honour, dignity, self-restraint, wisdom, forgiveness, inner strength and knowledge of the truth be your armour. Your enemy is NOT the human before you that supports a different politician or believes in a different set of values, all of which framed by the masters of this reality.
Your enemy is the COMMON ENEMY of our species.

Stay at home, and plan  your revenge upon the child stealers.

Don't be fooled, America.
With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
xxx xxx xxx 

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