Monday, January 16, 2012

Single Issue rEvolution?

The more I think about it, it is the unthinkable that sits at the base, the core, the heart of the problem.

We must find a way to live, to exchange, to prosper without money, without a system of exchange, simply because we wish things to be this way, because so to do is an underlying principle of who we are, what we are, how we are.

This is the single most fundamental rEvolution that the world can make.

Alone it shifts all the paradigms, collapses all the power structures, changes everything we do, why we do those things, how we relate to one another, what we do with our time, our planet, our resources, how we exist, how we will exist.

The future lies in this one thing.

To be, without money or any system of exchange other than good will.

As a species we must concentrate our rEvolutionary efforts on this single issue.

Absolutely nothing else will usher in a new paradigm for humanity. If money exists, so does everything that collapses all the good intentions of the billions of us that are not greedy, seek peace and love, want the world to be free, want the world to be full of the celebration of difference, full of joyous expression, full of harmony, full of love.
A place of sharing.
A different future.

A future belonging to a species that has come of age.

Focus on this one issue, as the world enters its change. It will sit beneath the new world, gifting it strength and durability, changing everything.
It will give birth to a world of love, the child currently stifled at birth by the thing we think we cannot live without.

The Truth is, as a specie, we should understand that we cannot live, survive, exist with it.

Time to start again, rebuild the paradigms.
Lose money.
And from that, build a world of love.

Love Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx
(This dedicated to John F from Australia. We try to live without it, but the false reality makes us pay our rent, which is tough. Thankyou for your good will and for sharing.)

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