Thursday, January 26, 2012

Expect the unexpected

As the world story according to our masters unfolds its by now predictable plot and humanity is edged ever closer to the brink, bleating and mooing, their eyes full of flashing lights, their ears of the steady pulse of the music they are provided with, their minds filled with drivel and distraction, their souls battened down with fear and loathing, the chains of servitude wrapped around their sickened and chemicalised bodies, so expect the next stage of this drama people think is real.

It will come from the left field.
It will shock.
It will cause the herd to stampede.
In the wrong direction for our future.

In my longish years I have come to know the animal we have been moulded into.

I have witnessed the frenzied violence of the mob, the stomping of strangers heads in tribal turmoil. I have witnessed the liars, the self-preservationists, the greasy pole climbers, the back stabbers, the thieves, the fraudsters, the petty, the angry, the bully.

I have been some of these things myself, in my past, when I was lost in the herd.
Forgive me.

The racist, the pompously religious bigot, the beater, the adulterer, the sociopath, the psychopath, the evil. I've met them all, run from some and battled others. In my old corporate days I saw them climb towards power and was sickened by my interaction with them.
As a child, I was revolted by them but later practised some of their ways, largely but not always in self defence
I was lost to the false reality for a while, and knew not what I did.
I'm better now.
Not whole, but getting there.
There are still traces there, but I am making my peace with our earth and the family that is humanity.

I see with eyes quite wide open, and can see where the veil is drawn over truth, and am learning to be human.

To err is not human.
To be human is to cast off all of the teachings of the false reality. To rid your true self, your soul, of the impositions of thousands of years of the old world's lessons. To see each human being, however base and mutated and evil they have become, as a product of the control system, as a helpless servant of the evil, as someone tainted by the great swell of unavoidable history and to forgive them.

A new history can be made for our future.
What is wrong can be made right.
WE can all become human, grow a new generation in the light of our reformed souls.
WE can all of us do no harm.
To err is not human.

This new world needs new minds, minds free of the impositions of taught behaviour, minds that look at each question in the light of love and that build tomorrow with love as the foundation of everything.
In that light, humanity takes a blank sheet of paper and redesigns our reality, as shared inheritors of our world, as shared owners of our world, each the equal stakeholder in the future we must build, the future home for our family.

The truth is that to survive and prosper, to avoid the impending disaster, this is something we must achieve.
The alternative, as we can witness right now, is just too vile to conceive of.
It is time.
Time to Start Again.

There is, of course, still the great mystery to discover.
But that is not far away.

I guess it will seep from the edges of the approaching turmoil. Somewhere, somehow sometime soon a crack will open in the pyramid of deception and a small, initially unnoticed pulse of truth will ooze into this reality, be noticed, be pointed to, be understood.
The crack will widen, the flow become a flood and a new day will be born.
Look for it, and it will be found.

Know this: the more of us there are, the more of us have to be a part of the control system.

At some point, there is simply too much stuff, too many human beings out there to keep tabs on. That's why our masters have used our ingenuity to find ways to kill us in vast numbers, using money and the magick that is ideas like religion or nation or brotherhood, patriotism or loyalty, the magick that is position and power and wealth and glamour to prod clever minds into the sick business that is weapons development, the spying all seeing eye that is the internet.
That is why they build systems and frame “laws” which let them watch us with a billion eyes, listen to what we are saying......
They know what will come, and watch us with fear and trepidation, waiting for their end to become nigh.
At that point our masters plan their spiteful armageddon, for they have positioned their servants such that their fingers are on the buttons that will unleash their wickedness.
Like spoilt children that lose the game, they want their ball back.
And their ball is our blue world.

This time, let's not let them have it.
It belongs to us now.

Fear nothing.
Beware deceivers.
Know that there is good out there, and that our universe is founded on love.
We are coming of age.
Coming into our inheritance.
Be ready,
Love to you,
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx


Anonymous said...

Olive farmer-we love you!

Dan Gaston said...

yes, love you and appreciate you as a living example of how one should conduct one's life in this dimension.
your voice is a beautiful flower in a wilderness of weeds and my guess and hope is that such beauty will spread and be preserved somehow from the oncoming slaughter...
there are no masters and there are no servants, just a distorted idea about existence and the infinity of its expressions. the moment we realize we're one, the whole dream just crumbles into nothing. the game is over, let the game begin!