Sunday, January 29, 2012

The approaching dawn of the New World

Please don't imagine, not for a moment, that the laws under which you dwell as a rightful inheritor of this earth are there to protect your “rights”, are there to see that justice is served, are backed up by and enforced by the servants of the law whether they be the uniformed “peace officers” or the bewigged practitioners of law, the judges and lawyers.

This facet of the false reality, designed and refined over the millennia by our masters, forms one of the sides of the pyramid of power, probably equal in its consciousness controlling power to that other great facet, money. The two go hand in hand. To have money grants a human being more of the law than his poorer brother or sister. To have great wealth puts someone above the law. To have both wealth and an exalted position in the hierarchy grants one exemption from the law and, what is more control, over its content.

In the false reality we are sold the vision of democracy and therefore equality of voice in electing those that frame the laws on our behalf. In those places where “democracy” is not the system in place it becomes more obvious how the law works and whom it serves. Don't be deceived. The law and whom it serves never alters, and it is never your servant except in the most trivial of matters just as the news you read is never true except in the most trivial of matters. That, of course, is a part of the Magick of both of these organs of deception, that everything must be true because most of it is, and so most cannot see the lie that is buried in the haystack of truth.
And it's a big lie.

The falsity that is organised religion aids and abets this mirage of justice, adding “God's” voice and “authority” to the proceedings, “sanctifying” the “law” with his presence in the courts.
“I swear by almighty God, blah blah”.

And if your mind is free of the shackles you understand how the religions, including the luciferain new age religions, are a twisted and bastardised simulacrum of what is evident, that god is love, that love is in each of us, that we can live with god by living with love, that control over our destiny and the shaping of our future lies within this simple realisation. God is love, pure and simple. The idea of it, the consciousness of it touches us all and its light burns, however dimly, within each and every one of us. It is the rhythm of creation and the light of being.

And love has only one law: Do good is its thesis, do no harm its antithesis, Love its synthesis.
And this is the only law we should have.
This the only law you should follow.
This the only law by which anyone's actions should be judged.
Understanding of and knowing how to live by this law the only qualification for those who would sit in judgement of others.
Let him or more likely her who is without sin give love to those who have lost it, the greater the crime the more love is needed, and more, until the generations pass and humanity understands that it lives in love, that those misshapen by the false reality are an anachronism of history, a curious thing about the past, something to be looked back upon with incredulity as so much of what we have and do now will be viewed.
There will be no detail in this law. There will be neither statute nor legislation.
There will be no loopholes.
Only true justice.
And love.

Our new world is a step away in the consciousness of our species.
It has no money and instead has sharing both of what we have and of what needs to be done to make our lives wonderful, underpinned by love.
It has no law but love, no punishment but the cure that is love.
It has no religion but the belief in good, the belief in love and the understanding that the universe and all that is in it revolves eternally to the rhythm that is love, that without love it cannot be.
And it has truth, shared and accessible to all, the truth as we collectively know it about everything we know for truth is love and a lie is the enemy of our collective future.

And you may say that I'm a dreamer.
But I'm not the only one.
The future I see is a future we can reach with just a tiny shift in the consciousness of our species, a shift brought about by understanding the false reality.
And letting what is within all of us come forth.

This is “waking up”.
There are no ascended masters.
The moon isn't a spaceship.
We can see through the Magick.
We are only one step away from the light.
Ours, not lucifer's.

I don't think we have long to wait for its beginning, dear friends.
The enemy will unleash a storm, has already unleashed it, a storm we must weather and a storm we must come to understand we are manipulated to create, that without our help there would be no storm. We are being positioned to hate each other and desire to kill each other again across our world.
This time, for the first time, we can stop this thing.
We are too many now to be fooled by these old tricks, by this old magick.
In our number and our collective ingenuity there is a strength now that cannot be gainsaid, can't be resisted.
Our enemy fears this new consciousness and is right to.
For it spells the end of the old world, and the beginning of a new world.
Built with love.

And so love to you all,
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx


Jack Spacey said...

True words, and put so well..

ckpc said...

And love to you, Olive Farmer, for providing words of hope which encourage us to persist. Sending best wishes and more appreciation than you'll ever know.