Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Beware the Bearers of False gifts and Broken Promises"

There are two things vital to the success of humanity and our ultimately entering a new world of peace, harmony and love.The first, and paramount, is that we condition ourselves to fear nothing.Absolutely nothing.If we as a specie allow our individual fears to bring us one at a time to a quivering halt then we are lost.
Our courage must come from our numbers and the trust we can develop between our peoples.

We are one, so this will become easy once the scales have fallen from our eyes.

But we are only as strong as our weakest link. The first to run will break the line, place a weakness where there was strength.
This strength will come from an inner, higher resolve. A determination. The future is in our hands.
There is no-one else to break the millennial cycle of evil and injustice.
Just you and I.

The second thing we must remember is to believe nothing.
We should question everything.
We should understand what it is that shapes and sustains our outer, "body-mind", ( "I"; some call it Ego - but it goes deeper than that), and to validate that source against what we feel to be true.

What you read here, for example, in this blog. Does it pass that test?

Johnathon Porrit was an environmental activist in the UK who played a lead role in the early "green" movement in the United Kingdom. A sort of nice, lefty sort of student person. Always on the television doing stuff, green stunts.

Always on the television?

His Dad, Arthur Porrit, "Baron" Porrit, was an ex Rhodes scholar who became one of Her Majesty's (pah!) Governor Generals.I guess , dear reader, you know all about Cecil Rhodes and about Rhodes Scholars.

Porrit junior, now "Lord" Porrit no less, has just served 8 years as the first chairman of the UK government's "Sustainability Commission".He wrote this recently:

"It has been an extraordinary nine years. Back in June 2000, when Michael Meacher persuaded John Prescott to persuade Tony Blair that I would (despite all the obvious downsides!) be a suitable candidate for the SDC’s first Chair, we didn’t really have much to go on. There were various initiatives that had arisen out of the 1992 Earth Summit (a round table, a high-level advisory group reporting to the prime minister, a decent but largely ignored strategy and so on), but zero understanding across government that sustainable development was anything other than environmentalism by another name. Our budget was small (around £350K), our welcome was muted, expectations were low (‘just another government-sponsored talkshop’) – but our ambitions were large!
It’s all a bit different now. We have got a real job, reasonable resources, a good ‘inside track’ with much of Whitehall and with the governments of Scotland and Wales, a genuinely independent persona, the inevitable mish-mash of respect, irritation, disregard and enthusiasm for what we do, both within and beyond government, and a reasonable portfolio of serious interventions, publications, watchdog reports, policy breakthroughs and constructive engagement with departments that has helped make a real difference"

To me, of course, that sounds like the typical twaddle you hear from most lackeys and lickspittles spending the money the global elite can spare for us: Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Tony Blair gave him the job.

Their job, these apparatchiks , is to prevent us getting what we want by obfuscation.By deception and apparent bumbling, the servants of the elite keep us from achieving the agenda humanity has set by appearing to lead it.

The elite are a clever and subtle bunch, quite used to handling the reins, quite used to steering the beasts in whatever direction they choose.

The carrot and the stick, greed and fear, with a little distraction if the beasts get any funny ideas, ( er, like wanting to stop being beasts.)

They put their men into the opposition ranks, assist -as only they know how- to advance these fifth columnists, these Quislings, through those ranks into leadership. And of course they are generally trained in leadership skills at their revolting schools and at the knee of Grand Pa, as it were.
They are rewarded with a seat at the table.
There they dine on babies, drink blood and steal the cutlery.

The global scum elite have for centuries recruited into their dreadful pyramid of evil the brightest minds amongst us. This control over our brightest, this abuse of human ingenuity and the misapplication of our brilliance, affords the elite a head start in the planning game.The elite aren't brighter than us, but they've bought the brightest from amongst us and they are.

The elite know what to expect in the future, the impact any measure of control might have, because our brightest have worked it out for them, have lent their genius to evil.

Human beings with Phd's design spent uranium weapons, I have to add as an aside.
They invent new strains of flu, too.
The drifting upwards of ideas.
The drifting down of bloodstained and filthy lucre.
We pay.

The elite control government and opposition parties in most western style "democracies".They habitually control both sides of any contest they deem important.They like to hold in their oily grip both sides of any war.These people sponsored Hitler and then took their other puppet governments to war with him.They controlled both the USA and Soviet Russia during the Cold War.This is an old game for them.
This Grand Chessboard of human misery.

The brilliance of their future gazers enables them to predict trends in the attitudes of the sheep and so plan their own opposition, even incept and lead it.
There aren't many leaders of "green" movements that aren't now seated at table, snouts in the trough.

Knowledge of this spectacular foresight gives one a deeper perspective of their strategies.

We understand they created the Taliban and that the Bin Laden's were friends and business partners of the Bush family.
The sire of that murderous litter was Prescott Bush, the patriot who channelled money to the Nazis, boosted Hitler into power and continued to profit from both sides of the war with his dodgy banking arrangements and deals with Thyssen, the Nazi arms manufacturer.

What was it I said earlier about learning things at Grand Pa's knee?
Don't mention the Reichstag Fire!

We know , or think we know what happened on 9/11.
We're pretty sure we know who happened on that day too.
We're damn sure we know why it happened.

Dazzling us with their flash and fire they snuck up on us and gifted us fear, stealing our peaceThey stole our freedoms, gifted us new injustices wrapped up in the lie of anti-terror laws.
And we let them, just as we let them when they dazzled us with their "banking emergency", whilst gifting us with eternal usury.

Understanding their duplicity, great foresight and accurate planning would it be hard to conceive of their guiding hands on both sides of the furore 9/11 has left in it's wake? The "For the Fed" and "Against the Fed" arguments?
By doing so, could they not lead us from the truth?
Might the organisation fizzle out?

Our masters know that division amongst us is essential.
So they gifted us with the ideas of nation, of race, of religion.
We have killed each other in vast numbers throughout history for these lunatic concepts.
They are not a good idea, are they?

Thus I begin to worry when I see signs that these old ideas are being subtly promoted by what I would otherwise think of as "anti-elite scum" websites.
And those that decide their content and lead the debate.
Choose the issues.
Moderate the comments.

Sites which blame everything on Jews, for example, from homosexuality to drugs to war.
I've heard that before, somewhere.
Sheep don't learn.
Sheep are prevented from thinking.

Sites which are dominated by a christian or muslim agenda.
Sites which stir up anger and the desire for violence.
Sites which are focused on nation.
Sites which specialise in blind alleys and red herrings.

The leaders of the communist revolution in Russia were in the pay of the elite.Nearly a hundred years ago.
The old magician's tricks are always the best.

In America there is nothing the elite would like better than an armed insurrection by a bunch of people they can categorise as Jew haters. Especially after the elite's terrible forthcoming false flag attack in Israel.
The sheep will believe the lies in the media and will turn away from these lunatic "Jew haters."
The Revolution will fail.
It will end in a shoot out, as they always do.
But if by a remote chance it were successful, who do you think would be in charge of the person in charge?

The elitehave thought this all out.
Or at least, we've thought it all out for them.

One of the messages left by who knows what or whom in the fields of Wiltshire carried an intricate message in computer code in the form of a disc.

This code contained some words:

"Beware the bearers of false gifts and broken promises.
Much pain but there is still time.
Believe there is still good out there.
We oppose the deceivers.
The conduit is closing."

There's a Mayan Shaman somewhere on You Tube.
(Can someone find the link?)

Amongst the things he said were these words:

"Let the morning come.
Let the dawn come for the people to find peace and be happy.
Don't be afraid.
Spread this message throughout the whole world.
Don't be afraid of this change of time.
It's just a change like passing from night into day.
Don't believe what you hear from threatening people.
Thank you.
Don't be afraid."

Don't believe anything without validation, for things may not be what they seem.
Including these words.

Love Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx


john.e said...

Brilliant as usual

Peaceful said...

On August 21st, Olive Farmer said, in their blog titled, "For the new visitor, the whole world explained, sort of":
"....I don't read the bible or the koran. If I want lies I can read the daily papers or watch the TV."

This is contrary to 'love' that Olive frequently talks about, and proof of the huge void that exists in the truth-movement.
I cannot make you or others 'see' what I 'see'; and yet, I cannot remain silent, and I hope others will see that the Olive Farmer is just another soul on prison-planet Earth, like the rest of us. Their messages remain mixed; the dangerous kind.
If this olive farmer has/does not read the Bible or Koran, then how could they know or not know if they are Books of lies? They could not. If they took someone else's (insane) word for it in the matter, which is always stupid, then that would only lead them to thinking they "know", when all it takes is a simple read through a blog or two to see that the olive farmer knows much less than they could or should. Sure they understand a few things, they can be given credit for not being blind as many, but they have also swallowed lies in quantity while thinking otherwise, same as most everyone else.
At least, if the writer were careful, they would say "I do not go to church because the churches lie", and then I would agree with them totally, because I don't go to church either because they churches/temples/mosques DO lie, some knowingly, some not. But the writer is careless and attempts to be "witty" and "clever" rather than express a wise thought, partly because they lack attention to detail and obviously attention to many other things. The writer blames Books they have admittedly NOT READ, for what a bunch of other fools say about them, when those fools haven't read the Books either, and the writer does it all claiming to be "in the know" about what is going on. If they knew what was really going on, they would realize that there is a TON of propaganda programming out there to get people to think negatively about the Bible and Koran, without ever having read either one, and that this farmer has been programmed to have the WRONG belief that they do. Claiming to "see" the scams going on while falling for them is hypocritical to say the least.
Arrogance, foolishness, laziness, the writer actually giving false information themselves (lying by desire or recklessness)and a long list of other issues, all boil down to the fact that this olive farmer is not at all as smart as they'd like people to think they are, and on top of that, I would pin them as a coward who just wants to run away to a foreign country where they think they can safely cry on the internet behind some anonymous handle about how bad everything is which is only helping things get worse. How about standing up, in the flesh, and fighting for what is right? Easier to poke at a keyboard like millions of other armchair revolutionaries.
Typical earthlings. Stupidity multiplied. Mixing fact w/insanity, on satan's behalf, to keep the waters as muddy as possible.
Everything becomes clear with time, and those you'd expect to love the Truth the most, often despise it the hardest when offered it Pure, usually because of arrogance and them thinking that they are the ones who know the most.
Just hate watching the blind lead the blind in circles and eventually off cliffs.

Deuteronomy 32:28-29
For they [are] a nation void of counsel, neither [is there any] understanding in them. O that they were wise, [that] they understood this, [that] they would consider their "latter" end! (The Fire).

2 Esdras 9:15 I have said before, and now do speak, and will speak it also hereafter, that thee be many more of them which perish, than of them which shall be saved:
9:16 Like as a wave is greater than a drop.

Truth about the Bible/Koran:

Anyone who wants to see how I KNOW (not think) what is written above, please go to this website:

Anonymous said...

Help me awaken please?
I am asking for help from you and your loyal readers Olive Farmer.

Deep down within my soul I completely understand what you are saying and I have had a "knowing" if you could call that from a very early age of what is happening within the world and the wool being pulled over our eyes by the elite and their global enslavement.

I have searched my whole life for the truth within people and myself. I am now 37 years of age and I'm finding these times the most troublesome in my life. The reason is that I truly believe in what you are saying but I am having a very hard time in turning the other cheek to be hit or hurt again.

What I mean is when you know that a person is lying, manipulating, stealing, cheating, being power hungry, hording information, etc. (the list can go on and on) What do you do???

Do you confront them with the truth about them? Remember most people don't like the truth and will retaliate with even more nastiness to get back at you. Do you be like the Jews back in WW2 and accept your fate?

I'm sure every reader will understand that in todays society if you do not stand up for who you are as a person and speak out or stand up for yourself, you will be crushed and used as a door mat for people to walk over you. Those people will take complete advantage of you in every shape and form.

What do you do? How can I manage this? Do I become violent and strike the truth into them? As enough is enough? I'm sure you and your readers would have heard the saying 'fight fire with fire'?

I am at a lost? I do not know what to do or where to turn? I am a good person and I am true to myself and others but I am lost. Can you or your readers point me in the right way. Please help!

Kind regards & a loyal fan,

Mr Confused

Olive Farmer said...

Thanks for your input, I hope I cause you no offence.

I don't normally get involved with comments. This is your space, not mine.
Perhaps I should have said I don't any longer read the Bible or the Quran.
I used to teach Sunday School. My daughter is a theologian.

By lies I mean this:
The biblical texts are portrayed as the words of god. I would ask you to put faith to one side for a moment (which I know someone will tell you is a sin) .
They are not. They are the words of men, as decided upon by powerful Kings in the past who had their own agendas.
I'll give you some examples.

In the old testament , theologians will tell you that the pentateuch was not written by Moses but by four different authors, categorised as "J,E,P and D" after Jahweh, Elohim, Priests and Deuteronomy.
Perhaps this explains how Moses was able to write about his own death?
These four sources were reflections of oral histories written down finally in c.800 BC. These four versions were brought together around this time.

When Hezekiah became king of Judah he decided to bring together the many religious cults of the time under his controlling influence.
He ordered the rewriting of JEPD into the pentateuch and then ordered the writings of the Psalms in an effort to unify the teachings and promote monotheism.

This is why the psalms, on close study, iron out some of the inconsistencies in the pentateuch.

After Hezekiah , King Josiah (he of Megiddo fame) instructed additions to the bible, amongst which were the idea that people should give money in a tithe to the church, in exchange for which they would get something back in "heaven".
The first insurance policy?

At the same time, because the exile had begun, the idea of Messianism" was born, the church and political leaders of the time reasoning that the people needed hope.

This story of influence and development of the word of god under the hands of religious leaders (many with most unsavoury personal lives) and Kings (all with track records of genocidal murder) continues for centuries.

At the time of Constantine there were dozens and dozens of gospels and oral traditions about jesus.
Constantine decided that clarity should prevail, and the "codex vaticanus" was born.

The censorship of many of the gospels was conducted at this time, including that of Mary Magdalane (which is extant.)
She, in her gospel, relates that women are of equal authority to men according to jesus and should be allowed to act as priests and hold equal power in the church.
Edited out by Constantine.

My friend I could go on and on. The editing during the translations from Greek to Latin, from Latin to English, from older linguistic forms to modern forms.

I could refer you to Jeremiah 8:8

"How can you say, 'We are wise, and the law of the LORD is with us'? But, behold, the false pen of the scribes has made it into a lie"

I know how difficult it is to contemplate the idea that what you believe in may be not so and that the words upon which you base your life may have been ordained by men. The natural reaction of the "body mind" is to angrily reject such arguments and without considering their truths immediately and with vigour seek to defend your beliefs.

In this case usually by quoting the very bible that is in dispute.
I wish you fortune in your journey. You are evidently a spiritual person.
Love to you, Olive x

Von Curtis said...

It is reasonably easy not to fear for oneself but for our children we do fear .
It does upset me seeing what our society is doing to young people - no doubt the elite know this and they keep us controlled through our children.

Von Curtis said...

the terrible event of WW2


'The global scum elite have for centuries recruited into their dreadful pyramid of evil the brightest minds amongst us. This control over our brightest, this abuse of human ingenuity and the misapplication of our brilliance, affords the elite a head start in the planning game.The elite aren't brighter than us, but they've bought the brightest from amongst us and they are.

The elite know what to expect in the future, the impact any measure of control might have, because our brightest have worked it out for them, have lent their genius to evil.'

I believe that to be absolutely true and it is a very sad terrible fact.

KathyM said...

Wow Peaceful! You don't sound too peaceful today.

The message that I take from this blog is that mankind needs to shed all it's differences and finally just love each other and the planet they live on. What a wonderful world that would be and wouldn't that be Godly?

It's a simple idea but not an easy one because we've been brainwashed so many ways. Unconditional love is the only truth. Everything else is an illusion.

Daniel Edd Bland III said...

Wow! Possibly my favorite post so far. The comments are awesome also. We will all have differing opinions from time to time, but I believe we all have a conscious that enables us to know right from wrong. We have to keep spreading the truth and begin to offer the positive leadership the world is so desperately lacking today. You do have the gift of communication, that's for sure. Keep up the great work!

Daniel Edd Bland III
"Ain't Skeered"

Daniel Edd Bland III said...

Speaking of men writing and changing the Bible? Here was the teaser on foxnews.com tonight......

Bible Revision or Political Correction?

Here is the article.......


The Seeker said...

www . SavingHumans . com

Anonymous said...

No one has answered my questions yet.

Maybe no one has the answer?

Everyone is talking about the elite and their controlling ways and whether there is a god. We seek the truth and unconditional love for each of our human beings no matter what race or color they maybe.

I have watched this blog and many, many, many others like it. I have read the comments posted by Peaceful and many others who claim to know the truth.

What I am asking is simple.

If the government or whoever are deceiving us then what are you going to do about it?

Run away to the hills?
Or be like lambs to the slaughter and take your flu shot?

Loving another person is easy to do. Loving oneself is harder.

BUT, I will keep on asking this question.

How many times do you turn the cheek?
If someone is violent or spreading lies. etc. towards you or if the government comes knocking on your door to take you away etc. What would you do?

Allow them? or fight back?

If you fight back then would that completely destroy your believe system of loving each other no matter what? Unconditional love as KathyM said?

Or do you go off and submit to their will or the will of others.

Is it wrong to stand up for your believe? For yourself? Your family?

I could write and quote millions of things which people seem to be doing here and other forums to make me look very intelligent or very spiritual.

Its is very easy to quote beliefs of others, the bible, or what you think you may know about the truth. (the ego at work)

I look forward to what you would do. Yes you who are reading this!!
As I will be back to see if anyone can give answer on the above.

It's a very simple question..... Or is it?

Mr Confused??? Or am I in the same boat as you?

Peaceful said...


"Can you not begin to understand the error of your ways? Wimpish men have allowed and even helped this to happen to men. We have listened to women far too long and in complete contradiction to our Heavenly Father and His Word. He has told us repeatedly how we should behave and He has promised us that failure to comply is the path to destruction. Why then do you continue down this path? BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT A REAL MAN. STOP being led around by a leash. Start listening to God. Start doing His Will. The very best way that you can begin doing His Will is by reading a little book that explains, in great detail, why God made men and women the way He did. As a bonus, you will receive key insight into "the mystery of God" as promised in Revelation 10:7-10.
The name of that little book is:
"The Way home or face The Fire" by JAH

Please don't delay. God is not amused by your lack of obedience, and He will prove that to all of you soon enough. Your very manhood and eternal life are at stake (God says so). Will you choose to fight for God, for yourselves and for your families, or will you lay down like the pathetic excuses for men that you have allowed yourselves to become (by listening to women)?"
-Excerpt from:

KathyM said...

Mr. Confused,
I worked as a mortgage loan originator for 12 years. (Not those horrid sub prime loans) but mostly VA loans for our military families. I live a few miles across town from one of the largest Army bases in America. (Ft Campbell, KY) It's a very cut throat kind of business because the Realtors want you to approve loans for all their clients even if some clients don't qualify. Not all Realtors are that way but the majority are. I was chewed out and cursed several times along the way for turning someone down for a loan. Their Realtor would take them down the road to a sub prime lender and get the deal closed. So I understand how people are so desperate to make money and status that they will stab each other in the back. I took myself out of that business last year in October. I'm not nearly as stressed out anymore. I never tried to retaliate against those who were rude to me. I tried to set an example. Some of the Realtors came back to me later and apologized but most didn't. I consider that they are stuck in a hell of their own making. Maybe they will wake up at some point but I can't make them wake up.

So maybe there are some people you can choose to stay away from in your life?

My family is more difficult for me to deal with. They think I've gone insane to walk out of my job and stop paying my debts. I have three brothers, a sister, my mom and three adult children. For the most part they don't like to read! I've been bombarding them with information and my sister is finally reading some of it to share it with my mom. I've been trying to keep my younger brother interested in all the bills they are passing or trying to pass as they relate to the food and water supply because he is a farmer. So with family, if you're close to them you have to be patient and handle them with kid gloves.

Now if someone tried to physically force me into something or tried to attack me and my family I would fight back. I don't have a gun but I might have to go to jail for refusing to do something that the government mandates.

I'm sorry that this comment is so long but my answers take a little time. Von Curtis mentioned fearing for ones children and I agree whole heartedly.

If I try to head for the hills, I don't know what would happen to my 20 year old daughter. She was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis disease when she was 11 years old. At age 16 after all treatments and procedures failed, she had her colon removed. A few more surgeries and procedures later and we're down to her only having two same day surgeries per year. Knowing that she will continue to need medical treatment, I have not figured out how it will work for her if I try to move her further away from that treatment and into the hills. I can't picture myself going without her either.

So while I hold the notion that unconditional love is the truth, I am a work in progress. Fear in all it's forms such as greed, anger, hate, jealousy, mistrust, and all negative emotions...is the opposite of love. Wish me luck on my journey to overcome my fears as I wish all of you the same!

whoregisteredme said...

Hi anonimous, I fellt compelled to answer your question. Check out Robert Arthur Menard on youtube and/or join thinkfreeforums.org. Don't miss out on bursting bubbles of government deception and rob's verry cunning plan.

when you get the hang of his aproach, the powers that be might be flowing into you too.

Good luck, strength and let us be there for you.

type in "bud oracle" in "cannabis cultures" search engine to get a first hand idea of what all is possible.

whoregisteredme said...

good luck to ya Kathy.
I think you,re on the right track already.

Peacefull, you are so indoctrinated by the things you preach. (NO PUN INTENDED)

Please let go of your old knowledge, try and understand that god is in you, Iow you are god if you please, but you won,t be able to find it if you continue hanging on to the supersticious beliefs you find yourselves comphortleble with right now.

gods greatest challance for you to find is that you are actually god.
The moment for you to admit to this will be the greatest revelation ever.
Once you surrender to this idea, you,ll be brought back to earth in the position of a human beeing,

You will have to make decisions on your own and create opinions that are truly yours.
Life is sacred, and whatever these opinions might be, you won,t allow yourselves to hurt anyone intentionely anymore.

I,d like to rewrite the bible for you in two words only: BE NICE