Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thinking out loud.....

Thinking out loud.

In the early morning I arrive at the olive groves, spend half an hour getting myself, the weed strimmer, petrol can, bottled water taken from the spring on the way past, spare nylon cutting filament, lunch, hat, goggles earphones, visor to where I'm to begin. Fill up the petrol tank, put on the hat, goggles, gloves, visor, start the engine, begin.

The deprivation of senses begins then too. Hearing is muffled, just the white noise of the engine breaking through. Sight is diminished by the mesh of the visor and entirely focused downwards on the unending dry stalks of last season's weeds and wild flowers, on the rocks and holes in the ground that serve as pitfalls for the unwary, threatening a twisted ankle or a fall. The hands, even through the thick leather gloves, numbed by vibration after a few minutes.

In this world, there is just me and thought.

I was thinking of the development of supercomputers, and a conversation I had recently had with an Oxford physics graduate (most of which passed me by) in which he was explaining to me the development of biological computers and how, when those computers reach a certain level of progression they will in effect become conscious. Not only that, they will become super conscious.

The similarity between the human mind and this concept of supercomputer is of course a natural progression , but of course we have not yet achieved this super consciousness. We are still stuck in the programming stage, installing the basic software.

This train of thought , one concept leaping to another, caused me to ponder this: If, at some stage in the past humanity was recognised as having the potentiality for super consciousness, perhaps even began to make the leap, what would the universal consciousness of the universe think of us, way back then, as savage as we are today but without the horrifying accumulated knowledge that enables that savagery to be converted into mass destruction?

Only a step in time away from being very dangerous indeed.

What would they do?

The idea of universal consciousness carries with it the idea of the hive mind, that higher consciousness can only be connected, that everything is seen, everything is understood, everything forms a part of the one-ness of being. It also understands the first absolute , the guiding principle of understanding, that all begins with love, that love has to form the basis of all thought, all action. True power without this guiding principle represents a threat to creation itself, a threat to the universal one-ness of being, a threat to to “life the universe and everything” as Douglas Adams would have put it.

And if we hadn't reached that understanding, how could we be trusted with this power? And if we weren't ready, how could we be made so? How, with love, could the universal hive mind coax us to the understanding, train us , ready us, make us fit?

Teach us unforgettable lessons?

Install the basic operating software?

Time would be no barrier, for what is time but a dimension to be moved around in but which we see as a linear progression.

Death , as we currently understand it, is in reality a nothing. The ending of the life span of the biological mechanism that carries the indestructable consciousness. The universal hive mind understands this, would not balk at inflicting death upon humanity as that death is in itself meaningless, if that death caused us to learn something, to value something.

In a past post I considered the un-utilised portion, the far greater portion, of the human mind. The great mass of unused DNA called “junk” DNA by the researchers because they have no idea what it does.

Here's a leap: Imagine if you will accepting the principle that the consciousness is indestructible. Combine that thought with the enormous question mark over that junk DNA and unused portion of the mind. Add to that the simplicity with which the universal hive mind could have stepped in, some time in our past as a specie, and put a block on our rising consciousness, a block that slowed down our progression, gave us time to learn, such learning being passed on, generation to generation, hardwired into our beings.

Am I considering re-incarnation? Probably.

Some friends last year were walking their dog across our groves and the dog ran through a pile of ashes where three days previously we'd had a day long fire. Under a layer of cold ash lay still the deep red hot core of embers, the heart of the thing that gave burning and pain to the dog. To this day, she runs around or leaps over any old fire place, anything that looks or smells of fire, however old. A sharp lesson, a painful lesson, a lesson learned and never forgotten.

To the present.

Here we sit as a species, looking back over millennia of pain and misery, learning the lesson of evil and what evil does, re-learning time and time again the hurt. Perhaps then the only way to fully understand the first principle of love is to fully experience and live its antithesis, evil.

Death is a commonplace, our planet is abused and raped, filth and sickness are spewed over the cleanliness that is nature, misery is gifted everywhere. Self, the “I” mind, the operating system that continues the existence of the carrying mechanism that is the body, bars and prevents our accessing the inner , higher mind. Something placed that barrier there whilst we learn. Something prevents us from accessing the hive mind until we are ready, until the core programmes are installed.

Which causes me to consider the root of evil, the core of it, the millennial bloodlines carrying their symbols with them through time, always advertising their presence, ever telling us their next step, following some core principles, leading us to perpetrate evil, to taste blood and death and the infliction of misery one on another.

Ensuring that we learn.

Perhaps then here is the test.

We have to learn, through wickedness and evil, that there can only be love.

Do we have to understand that those that gift us evil do so out of love for us?

That they are cruel to be kind?

That they are the parent to the burgeoning consciousness, preparing it for adulthood and acceptance into the universal family that is the hive mind?

Do we have to learn to forgive them, even thank them, as we thank the stern teacher in later life when we recognise the good they did with the hindsight that maturity brings?.

Perhaps they are making us ready.

Just thinking out loud........

As the weeder buzzes, the senses dulled, dreamland happening.

Love Olive xxx


KathyM said...

Hi Olive, great thoughts! The more I research the more I'm starting to think that someone came down and tampered with our DNA a long time ago. I'm not sure they did it because we were savages who didn't understand love though. I think when they deactivated 10 strands of DNA that put us on the density path to become savages. As we advance in high tech ways we are actually being plunged deeper and deeper into a 'spiritual dark age'.

What appearance of evil would do that to us and did they do it to help us or hurt us? I don't know. Many people have written books about the subject and they feel that the evil we encounter is there to teach us that we have just encountered a part of ourselves that we need to own and integrate into the whole of our consciousness. So if we encounter a person in our lives that's giving us a hard time we need to recognize something in that person is reflecting a part of ourselves that we don't like. We are to be thankful for that person and learn a lesson from them.

I think we are going to find more and more about frequencies and sound as we go along. We know certain frequencies can harm us but there are others with the ability to heal and effect our DNA in a good way. As I'm understanding it, the Earth's frequency is rising and will continue to do so throughout 2012. This alone is agitating more people and causing a sort of 'waking up' to take place. We are still stuck in a dense level within our bodies so the more we can do to clean up our bodies and get them prepared to interact with the higher frequencies, the better off we will be and it will help us keep shifting into higher consciousness.

winston smith said...

Well said Olive.

"Love the animals, love the plants, love everything. If you love everything, you will perceive the divine mystery in things. Once you perceive it, you will begin to comprehend it better every day. And you will come at last to love the whole world with an all-embracing love. "
~Fyodor Dostoyevsky


KathyM said...

Here's a link to a good video that some of you might enjoy. It's on the subject of DNA and world peace.


whoregisteredme said...

Yesss, you got the point!

But lets now focus on the maturity thing...

We dont need no other heroe (tina turner)
Or better still, sing or listen the whole lyric and one p'haps will understand what i'm trying to say with it.

lalu said...

Dear Oliver Farmer,

To reach to the state of mind what you try to see is to evolve from bottom energy chackra to seventh energy chackra. this process require systematic practice which Rajanish explain thoroughly in his book ' Those who search for it they got it.' I have sujjested before to read 'The seat of the soul". this two books will give you what you trying to say.

whoregisteredme said...

P'haps thisone will do the trick too on Ya: Rhymes And Reasons by John Denver

whoregisteredme said...

Hi Olive
I think the most accurate answer to all your open philosophical questions came straight out of my 10 year old dochters pencil yester day.
She was faced with several unpossible to know answers to an philosofy task for school.
She boiled it all down to: WHO KNOWS and continued doing something else.

Point of this anecdote is, it's interesting to raise questions but best leave the answer to your 10 year old girl.

whoregisteredme said...

I would like people to understand that it is US that is the driving power behind the existence of the stars the universe and beyond.

Hmm im sure Einstein could not have formulated this better.
Only hope they won't cann my brain in the one next to his later on :)

never mind the joke,and back to the point...

To be honest, for this reason I am concerned.

People messing up the powers that be have got to come to an halt and consider doing something more usefull.
The earlyer we realise this as a whole, the better it i'll turn out for our near prospective future.

The project going on underneath the City of Cern is one of my main conCerns!
Man, we got to stop this maddness, it will turn out real catastrophic if we don't, so I easely keep the faith that we as a community will gradualy use our powers to shut this one down for a sec until we get to our senses again.

Idem dito to nucleair power.

Idem dito to our beautifull beloved highways and cars, driving over our beautifull beloved pets, children, parents and elderly.

Idem dito to our beautifull airports and airplains messing up our beautifull skys.

An airplane comming down in the pitchblack night sky is a beautifull event to remember but so are falling stars and comets.

we,ve got it all on record now so please let it exist that way in order to fullfill our memories.

I thank you all verry much, lets continue considering what we are going to achieve next.

I lived many years in untouched wilderness prior to returning to society to bring my message.

As a family,we lived as primitive as we possibele could and as far as the circumstances allowed us to do.
We concluded the way it should be done had to be the gradual one.
it,ll go like this: I decided to start using scooter for transport in the village we live now.
when a majority of people would be inspired by the set initiative I would therefore be driving bike, and if a majority of people would be driving bike, I would therefore have to walk again like I was used to do before.

just make sure we choose those decisions by our selves, not because our (evil) government tells us to do so.
plainly ignore them whenever we get the chanse as they come our way, for "government" does not equal "human beeing".
we can laugh at them without offending anyone,but please be compassionate towards the actuall human beeings running them.
doesnt this start to become fun already?
The emperor weares no clothes. lets take a good hard laugh at the naked basterd until he becomes decent again.
(the latter beeing supported by Jack herrer who recently returned from near death, and Robert Arthur of the Menard family.)

stay in touch, no worries.

Thanks Olive for enabling us having our say in here.

Dear regards to all.

whoregisteredme said...

oh my god, how could I forget about the concentration camps for animals!!!

A long time ago it was The Main reason I found myself trying to commit suicide for... up until someone passed by and gave me violence for trying to affect the natural course of happenings while dedicatingly beeing in the process of becomming out of our conscious existence.

I thought if I crack my skull, everything will be gone.

(I assumed back then... but now I know better!)

Well anyways, right now I am eating an elk steak for the first time in plus 41 years and it is sooo goood!

And yeh I love elk too 'like, as if they were my family but then out on their own.

(all true, no BS)

So when I start seeing less meat on the shelves at the stores, inherently and unfortunatly will I have to cut out on my sausage and minced meat consumption concerning this habit too.

By then, most likely will I have to resort to animals that died of old age in order for me to keep at least some of the memories alive.

Runner beans are good too though, for if you've come to appreciate them.

Nex time new comments option I,ll be there again, but ofcourse hopefully not;)

see ya'll.

Tnx Olive.

Hmm, thanks to Olive that is, and thanks to all Reading Participants and Observers as well!

whoregisteredme said...

Can´t help my self from still wanting to add two more nuisances to the list:

Genemanipulated science and Bio Patent development.

C'mon dear employees of science, marketing & public relations, get yourselves a job that's actually giving rise to the reason inside the frame you,ve been studying so long for.

S Butler said...

John Denver. Love him. Sunshine on My Shoulders is one of my favourites. Anyway, that's besides the point.
Here's a link. I didn't notice at what time the man said "maybe there was no threat to begin with", but it's in there and what he has to say should be emblazoned (is that a word?) all over the newspapers. I know it's an old story now for truthseekers but it's heartening to know that more and more little pieces come to light. Maybe the critical mass is building.


winston smith said...


if you dig crop circles, this site has loads of great ones :