Friday, September 4, 2009

We Are

The Olive tree must be one of nature's finest works.
Find a piece of rocky ground, drop the sapling into a stony hole, roughly kick in some dirt, walk away.
Don't water it. Don't feed it. Yet it will grow.
Through summers of day after day of temperatures in the 30's and 40's, with no rain from April to September, rarely a cloud, it will grow.
Walk back after 10 years or maybe less and there she'll be, gifting you her fruit and leaves, the very essence of life itself.
The olive tree is a survivor.
It does better if you care for it, of course.
Your soul is like that.

We Are.
(It's along one, I'm afraid)

I get the sense that I'm building up to something in these words.
Some instinct tells me to keep writing, some inner part of me nudges me in the direction it chooses.
That's how it feels.
The outer "body-mind" part of me shouts "You can't say that, they'll think you're mad!"

So in it goes.

It's the same when I meet people.
Recently, a good friend of three years standing offered to gift me violence when I started to unfold the truth about the world.
It was too much for him to get his head around.
If I was right, then he must have been wrong all these years....
No Way could he accept that he'd been wrong for all that time.
Ergo I was wrong.

The violence was his "body-mind" defensive systems, going into overdrive.
I gave him a hug.

I'll try again with him, and again, and again until he punches me, and then again.
It is my duty to him, to his inner being of light, to give him this virus I'm carrying.

It's a deadly virus.....

It kills hatred, violence, war, inequality, anger, famine, sickness, pollution, loneliness, a million other evils are permanently consigned to the history books by this virus.

In the future, children will be taught about these times. They'll think them strange. They'll wonder what it must have been like to live in the grip of a monstrous evil rather than the strong and caring arms of love.

Because that is how it should be.
That is how it will be, because humanity wants it so.
And we are, after all, in the majority here.
And what we truly want is what we will get.

Though not without this final struggle.

The Awakening that is happening is spreading light like a slow dawn. One person steps into the light, reaches out to another.
Each one a victory to us.
With technology, with the gifts of our invention, we can speed that up a little.
It is difficult only because we are fighting a five thousand year old lie. A lie so enormous that most folks can't even see it for what it is.
A lie that is strenuously defended.

As each one steps into the light a further piece is added to the jigsaw of understanding and truth, another scrap of mortar is removed from the pyramid of oppression.
If we keep taking the mortar out, at some point the entire edifice will come crashing down.
That's physical law for you, it's immutable.

That is the battle we are engaged in.
It's the biggest jail break of all time.
Like most ex-prisoners, there'll be some adjustment required to conditions outside, some won't be able to fit in.
They are the ones we'll help the most.

The enemy, the evil, is not taking this awakening lying down.
The masons are out with their mortar, shoring up the cracks in the edifice of control, filling in the gaps with new lies, extra fear, madly waving their hands in the air in an attempt to distract the sheep. Evil is fighting for its very survival.
So it will get nasty.
It has to.
That's all it knows.

To get nasty, to harm US it has only one weapon:

Can you see why this is important?
Take humanity away from the darkness and the evil will have nothing with which to implement their vile plans.
No-one will pull a trigger at their orders.
No-one will aim a rocket.
The lies will come to a grinding halt.

The physician will put away his prescription pad and set out once more on the path of curing people.
The soldier will offer his courage, strength, bravery and service , the army its organisation and logistic skill to humanity, to finally end the war on want. Going where it is hardest to bring relief and support from we humans to our brothers and sisters.
There will be no child with no food, no hand to hold.

The evil does not believe we are capable of running the place.

We Are.

There are 6.5 billion of us, and we are very clever. We can do whatever we like.
We're handing in our notice at the workshop of evil.
Starting a new career in the fields of light.

When you plant an olive tree it will do better if you create the right conditions.
Turn over the earth, add some nutrients, provide water when needed, shape the young growth into the tree it will be three or four hundred years from now.
This same nurturing will help to grow the tree of humanity. The shaping of our new tree now will determine its form in a hundred years, a thousand years, longer.

There are trees here 3,000 years old, shaped by mans hand when the Minoans lived here.
If you know your trees, you can see where the first gentle guiding cuts were made.

A good tree, properly cared for, will grow more quickly. But even left to its own devices it will grow. This is what the tree of knowledge of the truth will do. Grow fast if nurtured, but still grow without care.
It cannot be stopped now.
But it can be nurtured.
And in a thousand years humanity will see the cuts we made.
Snipping out an evil branch here, pruning a lie there, adding some love to the rocky and barren soil in which this sapling has planted its roots.
Feeding its heartwood.

We stand on the threshold of a new dawning for mankind.
We are 6.5 billion unique human beings yet though we differ in billions of ways we are one. We are all inescapably united, all of us share a future.

Once we come to the realisation that we are together in this thing, that the fate of one of us is the fate of us all, then we can get down to the real work.
United as one, the realisation will quickly come that we can achieve anything, do anything. We can build ourselves the most beautiful place in harmony and in rhythm with our earth.
All can be provided for and many , many more.

In the spirit of love everywhere that mankind lays its hands will be cleansed, not poisoned. Everything we touch will be restored, made beautiful, not ripped out and sullied. The legacy of evil has been evil and our earth has been raped and manhandled by the greed and carelessness of the few, the mind controlled apathy and sad indifference of the many.
That really is enough of all that isn't it?

We are going to try something here.
By we I mean us, humanity.
We are going to try to build a million human being march into the light, maybe a billion, maybe more, maybe all of us.
If one of the sheeple hears our message once in a month, countered by the hours of daily lies they are fed, that human being will continue to walk in the darkness.
The herd they are in is huge, ours is small.
They feel safer where they are, despite the evidence.

But there something we can learn from the evil:
It knows that an enormous lie, told often enough and loud enough and long enough will become accepted as the truth. The herd will accept it without debate.
The idea of killing other human beings so that a very few can add to their obscene piles of riches is one such lie, gift wrapped in politics, ideas of nation or religion, given "gods" approval (on both sides usually!).
Ludicrous, yet believed.

Every day we raise our weapons somewhere and end the lives of infants.
Good grief.
Do you see what this evil has brought us to?

The key words here are "often enough" and "loud enough".
The truth, told often enough and loud enough will similarly become accepted by the herd.
This is why evil controls the systems of communication.
Why its foul hands are all over this one, the internet.
But not everywhere.
And not here.

There is nothing that influences the herd more than critical mass.
Nothing that ends debate quicker than one idea, one immutable truth that we can all agree on.
The devil, to coin a phrase, is in the detail, which is why you'll find none here.
This is not about debate.
This is about spreading the virus of love.
This is about the future of humanity and the world we need to build.

So do not be afraid to show yourself.
Stand in line with your kin.
Be visible.
Your neighbour may be standing in the light too , and you don't know it.

Find each other, find the next and the next, speak your truth.
Stand together.
In a short time all the sheeple should hear is one person after another, day in and day out, in a million different ways , shouting:
And if we can do that, pretty soon they will.

Silent majority?
Not this time.

In my next post we'll start something.....
Let's see if we can speed this thing up a little....

Love to You,
Olive xxx xxx xxx

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whoregisteredme said...

I,m in full apreciation of what you are doing olive,though my advice to you is to keep this site running as independant as you possibly can.
Most of us are low on funding, thats the only way we can do this.
Please dont turn this site into the 2e alex jones show.
Although i am in full apreciation of him too and understand the ways how he got big and heard, you'll get there too i promise, even if you were only throwing flyers off a rocky spot high up in the mountains.
love ron.

Wei Wu Wei said...

It's a long road, my friend. But, as is said, even a journey of a thousand ri must start with a single step. Perhaps this medium will exponentially increase the pace.

Von Curtis said...

People are liking what you are saying Olive

'I like what I think that says. I also honestly believe that nature will bring some balance to our human societies we just need some real sunlight and not this artificial intellectual luciferian light to shine on us and the moldy old disease of the last 8000 years of insanity will recede greatly.

Maybe humanity will start to realize that in a world of free will you can never trust personalities or institutions but must trust your own intuition and ability to find truth for yourself. Alas getting the truth for yourself may be the highest responsibility for a creature with a mind such as we humans have.

Lots said in the few words of that poem, thanks for posting it.'

S butler said...

Thought that some of you may be interested in this. You'll need approx. 8 minutes and audio. x

S butler said...

Oops...the link...

S Butler said...

Watch this one first, though.

OLive Farmer xxx said...

Thanks for the link, S Butler.
I wonder if he's been reading here?
Many of the words and phrases are so very familiar!
Perhaps the words are being gifted to us.
If he was using some of these words, lovely.
I'm certain that reaching for your guns is not the way anywhere except hell, so approach the message with caution. Love being hijacked by someone preaching bloody revolution doesn't square with me.
The love revolution is about staying the finger on the trigger.
Not pulling the trigger ourselves.
If we meet violence with violence, only violence wins.
Love Olive.

S Butler said...

Yes...I think he, like us all, is on his own awakening path. Maybe he reads your blog. I also know that his recent posts on Icke have been peaceful too. I thought that this message showed a change in his usually peaceful approach and was food for cautious thought. wishing you a sunny Sunday.

re9luv9u9tion said...

beautiful, powerful & poetic words Olive!
thank you.
i share your views about the recent calls to arms by the geeza in the video & jane burgermeister.
we're better & smarter than that.
keeping writing ok.
your words make people like me realise we're not alone.
they remind us how powerful we are but only if we claim that power from those we have given it away to.
i agree though, it is time for new, peaceful, creative action & i have some ideas about how we can do this...
would love for people to watch this speech by Grant Morrison.
suspend your disbelief.
understand the true relationship between consciousness & what we know as reality.
the former creates the latter.
quantum physics confirms this.

Anonymous said...

Hello: cool blogger, do you really own an Olive Farm? cool !! Hey by the way according to James Petras book "The Power of Israel in the United States." it was Israel which benefited from 9-11 and the so called "War on Terror" by the zionist hawks of Bush's government. By the way did u all hear how a progressive democrat (Van Jones) was kicked out of the US government by the ultra-right wing Republicans? because Van Jones said that 9-11 was done by the zionist neocons of Bush's government


Frellig said...

Waiting in anticipation......

You and Alex Jones are both ready to make big announcements. Can't wait to see what you both have to share.

The Seeker said...

a slight correction to what "marxist-socialist" said "...did u all hear how a progressive democrat (Van Jones) was kicked out of the US government by the ultra-right wing Republicans? because Van Jones said that 9-11 was done by the zionist neocons of Bush's government..." he actually didn't get kicked-out he made a preemptive move and resigned in the wake of the controversy his signing of a petition to open investigations into allegations that the Bush government allowed 911 to happen by having knowledge of it before hand and not doing anything to stop it (hence, in an off hand way, facilitating it). But, he claims that he didn't read the petition thoroughly and didn't realize all of it's contents (not sure if that's true or not, only he knows for sure). Or... is he merely making those claims to protect Obama from being considered a poor choice of character? Interesting questions however one looks at it.

S Butler said...

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to your next post. I hope that you didn't lose your enthusiasm.

The Seeker said...

Olive... we hope you're okay. Give us a word when you have a chance to assure us you are okay. We hope you didn't decide to go silent like TaoWow did. Looking forward to hearing from you again soon here at your blog.

Von Curtis said...

in Her Majesty's Service ??

The way tonight on SBS news the Commonwealth Chief Medical Officer Jim Bishop and his cronies talked about having mass vaccinations for swine flu ready for Australians in the next couple of months and he also said there may be a more virilent form of the disease occuring -
Made me think what the hell is in this vaccine - the spanish flu ? cancer cells ? they badly want us to have it .


Makes me think the British Empire want to clear quite a few people out of Australia - they think it is their real estate and they will do anything and everthing to have it the way they want it - and it seems there are a lot of people in powerful places leading double lives in Her Majesty's Service.

These bastards want us miserable.

They want us subservient.

They want us enslaved.

They want us ignorant.

They want us in their debt.

They want us to work harder and harder whilst they get richer and richer.

Most of all, because they think there are too many of us, they want us DEAD

I think the elites line of thought is:

Get the seed vaults full = Done

Rape every dollar from every country = Nearly done

Sterilise the masses = In proceedings

Brainwash the herd = Going well, must get people to watch more mainstream TV etc

Start another world war = Working very hard on this one.

Slow kill the useless eaters = Hitting us from all angles. lethal slow kill vaccines anyone?

Re wild the planet = Final conquest !!

All for the love of there so called God Lucifer "not my words - there's"

Spot on - that is the only way what is going on makes sense - I look at these people on SBS and ABC with that in mind and it seems to me to be glaringly obvious but how do you convey that to other people. A lot of the media news is created in order to bring about their agenda.

I heard someone talking about the Hendra virus that has killed four people and some horses in Q'ld and the person said that the disease attacks the walls of blood cells - it made me think have they let a variation of the Ebola virus out in Q'ld because it attacks the blood cells - I don't know whether that is extreme or not . They are blaming it on the bats - thats weird too.

Keep as much out of the system as you can and try to get other people to do that.

We used to watch James Bond movies and think he was the good guy on Her Majesty's Service - there seems to be a lot of people in place across many sectors pushing the Empire's agenda .

The Empire wants Australia as a rich resource pit for the more than a billion people in China and India , turn them into an affluent consumer society and discard and kill us off before we get the idea that we want to be truly free.

Anonymous said...

8 years later and still no answers... there never will be...

The Seeker said...

There are some brave souls out there still trying to unearth the real truth behind 9/11/2001. I think we all know the significance and implications of a truth like this being revealed (confirmed and proven). The ramifications would be staggering for the power elite. That is why we will never know the truth, just as we will never know the truth about JFK's assassination after him having warned the public about the evil power brokers that were pulling the strings of all major governments (research this one, it's pretty amazing... Bobby Kennedy was another who was dedicated to the truth and subsequently assassinated). The more one looks into all of this the more difficult it is to turn away and disregard all the signs, all the evidence, all of what mainstream considers the "insane and delusional conspiracy nuts" cries for investigation and justice. I hope I am wrong... i hope some day we will find out the truth; but I'm sorry to say, 'I doubt it'. check this out...

and check this one out as well...