Sunday, September 13, 2009

Unity of Human Kind.


Dear Friend, old or new:

We Are a group of many millions seen in many thousands of places.
We have no organisation, no leadership, no funding, no political agenda, no head office.
We have no name.
We have no shared religion.
People of every walk of life and from every nation are within our number.
We urgently need you.

Here, finally, is a true purpose for your life.
It is vital that you become involved.
Each day millions of us congregate in thousands of places.
Doctors, scientists, academics, soldiers, policemen, refuse collectors, carpenters, volunteers, an endless variety, as various as is humanity.
We are diverse in a million ways, we differ over a million issues, and yet We Are One.

We share one objective so vital to your survival and to the future that you will bequeath to those that follow that we felt you should be invited to join us.

There is no registration.
There are no fees.
There is nothing to join.
No badge to wear.
No flag to wave.
Only you need know you are with us.

But it will help immeasurably if you have the courage to stand up and be counted.

Your opinions are exactly as important as anyone else's, your voice will be of equal standing amongst us.
As will your quiet deliberation.
We Are Humanity, We Are One.
And we urgently need you.

Dear Friend,
Countless of our number have devoted countless days of research on your behalf, on behalf of humanity.
Sinister and harmful enemies have been discovered.
All the evidences, and they are many, are available to you.
We will give, later, a few of the thousands of sites devoted to our survival.
Once you begin, you will find many more.

About 20 years ago I woke up.
Spying in the distance a tiny glimmer of light I went to investigate.
I found in that moment a tiny piece of the sparkling jigsaw.
My first nugget of Truth.

At first I scoffed, as you might, did not believe that such a thing could be, it contradicted all I'd learned.
But I checked and referenced and researched and found it to be True.

And as the years have past more and more pieces have been found, discovered more and more people are engaged in the hunt than I would ever have believed.
Finally, now , we collectively can see almost of the whole picture.
It is not pretty.

And we see ourselves, humanity, what we are and what we are truly capable of.
And also what we have been driven to and by whom.

This is the first time in history that a critical mass of humanity know the truth.
It is time, for we also know that those that act as our masters are long down the path towards fulfilling their evil plans of global population reduction by war, famine and pestilence.

This is no idle or foolish fantasy.
This is a truth known to probably a hundred million of humanity.
Of your kind.
We will provide you with irrefutable proofs.
The question is, what shall WE do about it?

They intend to enslave us.
They intend to kill us and are currently doing so in a thousand ways in a thousand places.

All of the evidence for this is provided, unequivocally.
Each discovery is examined by us all, debated by us all, the implications laid bare.

These discoveries are the most important issues ever addressed by humanity.
They are fundamental to every part of your life.
Your life truly depends upon them.

You will not hear of our movement through the main stream media.
You will find out why that is when you begin your journey.
This is why we are approaching you this way.

Your politicians and other leaders know this truth and hide it from us.
They are wrapped in this web of evil, serve the sickness that rules over us.

When your journey begins, you will find much that amazes you, much that you will find unbelievable. That goes against the grain. That you scoff at.
Your initial instinct will be to disbelieve, as it was for each of us.

This is something we all have been through.
It is the first test of many.
When you see the evidence and reach understanding, anger will follow.
We have passed, most of us, through anger, too.
And at the end, you will feel a determination and a sense of understanding that will change your life forever. Change it for the better.

We Are approaching critical mass right now......

By finding critical mass, we will find at last the strength and power we need.
And ONLY by finding critical mass.

When enough of us reach that understanding, soon, we will change the world.
For the better, and for good.

We will build the world Humanity is capable of.

This is not about religion, not about race, not about nation.
It's about humanity, and about your part in it, and about your duty to your wider family.
There are a million paths for you to follow.......a million hands to hold along the way.
Start here.

So on this day, 13th September 2009, we will begin a crusade.

I guess as Olive Farmer I should begin by extending an olive branch to you, dear reader, symbolising peace, goodwill, and the strength that we are about to find from Unity.

This is not a crusade of religion. It's not a crusade of race. It's not a crusade of conquest and war. It's a crusade of light, a crusade of truth, a crusade of love and harmony, a crusade determined to end the global control of a wicked elite for once and for all time.

This is what we must do.
If we are to get out of this thing alive.

Put aside every petty difference, put aside every distraction, put aside our fears, realise our vast strength, unite together as one humanity sharing one home and face this parasitic wrong that has blighted our existences for millennia.

NOW is that time.
Before it becomes too late.

No issues shall divide us.
We, humanity, united face this single enemy, this wicked elite and their servants, their calloused hands upon the reins of power in every nation.
Right Here in this place We Are One.

And together we cry:
Let's Start Again."

So together as humanity we begin this crusade of light, marching together towards critical mass, brought together here, united on this one issue.
I can start this thing here, but do not intend to lead.
This is what is meant by this vision of mass.

No leaders, shared vision, shared determination.

Rid ourselves of this evil elite.
Start Again.

Here are some suggestions as to how we do this:
If you come here regularly and wish to stand in front of your fellow humanity and declare your determination:
Become a "follower".
It's free.
That might give 10,000 or more! What a beginning.

Those that work for the dark side know every surfer, where every surfer goes, it makes no difference to them but to us it begins to show this essential unity of purpose.
Stand up and be counted.

When there are a thousand, we will be moving.
Ten thousand, we'll know we are on to something.
One hundred thousand and we have safety in numbers.
One million and we begin to have power.
So it goes.

But each long journey begins with that first step.
Take it, join in.

Treat this as your site. Use the messages. Share your thoughts and ideas.

If you believe we have a chance to pull this thing off, use time to attract new visitors here. Post links on every site you can. Send links to friends, and enemies. Particularly send links to officers of the law, physicians, nurses, civil servants, military personnel , even politicians and journalists.

By numbers and effort we can achieve this thing.

This post has been written to attract the involvement of those currently outside of the truth. To those people, welcome. Join in, it will be nice.

It has also been written to attract those within the knowledge of truth and to say this :
Divided, as ever, we will fall.
United, the world will finally be ours.
So let's get together and do this thing.
One place, one idea.

This crusade might fall flat on its face, and that would be an eternal shame because this might be the first and last chance we get to unite as a species and face the one common enemy we all have.

So I hand the crusade over to you.
Please, make it happen.
We first in the fray are like the fishing boat, heading into the dawn light, leaving behind us an iridescent wake of light, touching all things, passing that light on.

For the newcomer requiring proofs, begin your journeys in these places:
Believe nothing, amass proofs, be wary of distractions and also calls to violence.
Fear nothing. We will have strength in unity.
There is only one issue.

No doubt readers will add their own suggestions. The truth exists in thousands of places.
Find it, return here and join in.

Is this the one place humanity can stand together in unity with one single purpose?
Let's make it happen, starting right now.
Love to all,
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx


patrhorses said...

Hope all is well with you olivefarmer. I was worried that perhaps something had gone awry in the intervening time since your last post on 9/4. I was relieved to see your post this morning.

There are many, many on the side of evil - research "gang stalking". I can attest that it exists.

There is much light flooding in/on planet Earth. I pray for its increase. I invoke its increase.

I love your writings.

winston smith said...

"Love the animals, love the plants, love everything. If you love everything, you will perceive the divine mystery in things. Once you perceive it, you will begin to comprehend it better every day. And you will come at last to love the whole world with an all-embracing love. "
~Fyodor Dostoyevsky

winston smith said...


you may be interested in completing this survey on gangstalking and directed energy weapons torture :

KathyM said...

I'm glad you're back. Hope you had a nice break. I found another good site a couple of days ago. I began looking into their video archives which are free to watch. The site is:

There are dozens of guest interviews in their archives. I was lead there after watching a series of youtubes about messages from the pleiadians as channeled through Barbara Marciniak. Conscious media network has a 38 minute interview with Barbara. After that I listened to some David Icke and Jim Marrs and others.

What do you guys think the roll of extra terrestrials will be in these coming years?

S Butler said...

Olives! You're back!
If I could click to follow again, I would. You can be assured that I'm still reading.
A fellow "follower" mentioned in a comment on this site that she visits and interacts in Yahoo Answers. I have since visited this site and on occasions have cited this blog.
May our numbers increase.

The Seeker said...

Olive... you had us a bit worried, brother. Some of us thought "they" got to you. Then we thought perhaps it was harvest time. At any rate... glad you're back. I posted you on facebook and a few other places, but my guess is that my friends and family think I'm whacked for the views we all share here (my Dad and I had a tough debate/argument a few years ago over Bush and Iraq and this whole war on terrorism BS... poor old guy truly sounded brain washed. I had been living in China for some time and was almost shocked at how many in middle America all think like my Dad and how closely aligned they are to the 'right wing'). I finally gave up trying to reason with them.
But, every voice that calls into the winds of tyranny is a voice that plants a seed. Keep on Keepin' on, Olive (P.S., for what it's worth, yours is the only Blog I comment on... I've never been a "commenter" until your blog - great writing and ideas).

The Seeker said...

KathyM... thanks for sharing the link

KathyM said...

You're very welcome Seeker.

S. butler, I'm the one who posts on yahoo answers. It's okay to post Olive's link when answering a question but I found out the other day that when I asked a question and then used Olive's link, Yahoo thought I was trying to drive traffic to my own site and they sent me warning emails that I had violated the community rules! They also deleted my question which was:
"Do you think humanity can ever get to a point where there will be no need for war?" So I found out they are much more picky on questions side than they are on answers side.

I did have a little laugh over one answer I left to the question: "Why do people like Ben Bernanke and Barney Frank get to keep their jobs?" I had just received a link to a youtube video from a friend in Florida so I used it on Y/A. I won ten points for the best answer so this gives a clue as to what Americans are thinking about their supposed leaders. Forgive me for posting this because I know Olive's site is more serious than this, but sometimes I have to laugh in order not to cry!

Bless us all as we go through this!

KathyM said...

Here's another youtube that makes me cry every time I hear it.

I read a biography on Thomas Jefferson this summer. I found him very eccentric, introspective and studious. If I could spend a week with someone back in time I think it would be him in order to pick his brain. I wonder if America was ever the brave new country or if the evil had it's hooks in from the very beginning and everything I've ever been taught is just an ideal?

Jefferson's home "Montecello" is designated as an UN biosphere area.

Von Curtis said...

the BIG question

Yes that is the BIG BIG question - how do you get people to see how brainwashed they are and have been for all their lives.

Like Olive Farmer said people can get angry -

'It's the same when I meet people.
Recently, a good friend of three years standing offered to gift me violence when I started to unfold the truth about the world.
It was too much for him to get his head around.
If I was right, then he must have been wrong all these years....
No Way could he accept that he'd been wrong for all that time.
Ergo I was wrong.

The violence was his "body-mind" defensive systems, going into overdrive.
I gave him a hug.

I'll try again with him, and again, and again until he punches me, and then again.
It is my duty to him, to his inner being of light, to give him this virus I'm carrying.

It's a deadly virus.....

It kills hatred, violence, war, inequality, anger, famine, sickness, pollution, loneliness, a million other evils are permanently consigned to the history books by this virus.

In the future, children will be taught about these times. They'll think them strange. They'll wonder what it must have been like to live in the grip of a monstrous evil rather than the strong and caring arms of love.'

David G said...

Hey, Olive, I've been agitating for years as well as calling for unity between bloggers, those who see what is happening that is.

I'm happy to join with you should you so desire. Let me know!


Hi David G
Love your blog. Thanks for dropping in.
I'll be quiet here for a couple of weeks, cutting the weeds in preparation for the harvest.
Perhaps we can get some sort of blog synergy going on this , the BIG TRUTH?
Olive xxx

Daniel Edd Bland III said...

Hey Olive-

Good luck with the harvest! Are you familiar with Tavistock? I read an interesting article about Tavistock and the Beatles last night. Here are a couple of interesting links.

Continue searching.....I'm sure there is much more info out there.

Daniel Edd Bland III

Anonymous said...

Harvest time is beginning at the end of November, isn't it? So it's a bad excuse.
I feel sad about the lack of your posts. In Augtust you wrote 19, in September you've written 4.

Keep on doing this, we all need it!

The Hungarian Doc.

The Seeker said...

Check this out on You Tube: The Truth about Facebook!


Olive Farmer said...

Hi Hungarian Doc,
It's the best time to weed now.
Plus it's the best time for us to deal with some family things.
Much more is coming soon,but we need these two weeks.....
Love Olive xxx