Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Incredible crop circle mentioned below. Where DO they come from?


The Seeker said...

good question... there's a guy on youtube that calls himself "truthseekers666" that has a documentary called "circle makers" in which several people claim to be the ones that do these super complex circles in the dead of night in just a few hours. I guess anyone can claim anything. But, not sure where the 'proof' is. I keep an open mind, but it seems that these guys who claim to make these intricate designs over very large areas with such precision are either gifted artists/engineers, or they are very good liars. Where ever they come from and who ever is doing them, they are quite amazing.

The Seeker said...

Interestingly, your blog got me interested in crop circles so for a couple of months I was studying them on various websites, including youtube. The one you have posted here was supposedly done by some engineering students from a nearby university. I'm not sure if that's true, but, I read that in a couple of different places during my "investigations". In fact, I got so "into it" that i was spending an incredible amount of hours researching these things and finally cut myself off because I felt i was becoming obsessed and realized that there is no way of knowing for sure - a lot of different people/groups making different claims, including various people who claim to be the ones that are making the ones that are said to be "impossible" of human origin given their precision, complexity, and the time-frame they were completed in. Who knows. I'm keeping an open mind.

Thanks for getting me interested in them though. Although I spent way too much time researching them, it was very interesting.