Saturday, July 1, 2017

The new humanity is coming....

When the meek take back this world, when a force for good arises that is clear sighted and sees evil for what it is and is courageous enough to face down the remnants of the old reality, then our species will be just a step away from the new civilisation that is now, as we write, being conceived in the collective human sub-consciousness and, in you dear reader and many millions more, moving into the consciousness that will suddenly, in a Moment, reach a tipping point.

We will within days of that happening choose to have no money, no stock markets, no pension plans for the elite to skim, no millions of workers spending their days uselessly moving the stuff around or counting the fake stuff. There will instantly be no debt, no mortgages, no loans, no rents, no bills, no debt driven over-consumption, no relative poverty or money-driven social hierarchy.

We will choose such freedom, and be careful to manage the remnants of stupidity and the actions of the momentarily greedy or the temporarily insane who will not have realised that We Are all in this together. As we have demonstrated in our worst times, human beings are capable of restraint and of firmness of resolve and of a shared understanding of 'being in this thing together'. We will need such capabilities, and they will be found.

There will be need, and the resources and human effort required to meet that need, and so we will as a species at last focus on doing what is needed. Regrettably, our ultra-rich will no longer have lackeys to clean their toilets, cut their lawns, bully those they require to be bullied, make their food, clean their clothes, service their bizarre and inhuman requirements in other areas because, without money, who is there who will clean up their mess?

There will be nice stuff and we will design lottery type systems to distribute the nice stuff and marketplaces where it can be swapped or traded for other stuff. The rest of humanity will focus on what is needed. Houses for those that don't have one. Food for our tribe to eat. Making and fixing stuff. Having fun. Cleansing our world of the poisons the money-masters have seeded into our world and destroying the weapons they have threatened us all with for so long.
We don't need money for that, just organisation and will. Good will.

Who will lose? The power will lose its debt-control mechanism and its bribery machinery. The major criminals will lose, the people traffickers, the slavers, the drug dealers, the skimmers of the world's wealth through taxation and debt collection, those who have built portfolios of properties to rent out.
We need pity none of them their loss.
Everyone else will, after just a day or two, wake up to the realisation that they are free at last from the heaviest chains that have hampered humanity for thousands of years.

We will discover that, in a changed world, there are fewer 'terrorists' than we imagine. As we stop the production of weapons and ammunition the deluded few who aren't in it for the money but are genuinely insane enough to believe that killing human beings is a good thing will quickly be found and offered help, for they are sick and know not what they do. Those that drive them, the 'leaders', will quickly be apprehended by our new police forces and brought to common law justice.
We will know that if our job needs doing then we are obliged to keep doing that job and, if onerous, ask for help. Millions of people will be freed from unnecessary work, money related work and be freed to follow their dreams or to seek ways to help the human specie's new civilisation to be born.
If we do a job we feel ashamed of because the boss, for profit, uses cheaper or harmful materials then we will stop. Then we will ask ourselves who, exactly, is this boss and why, exactly, do we do what he or she tells us to? Once money is gone, that question becomes easy to answer.

We will recognise, as world members of the tribe that is humanity, that we need organisation. We are in fact very good at that. Without money, we will choose those organisers in every workplace in every profession to be those we understand to have goodwill at their hearts and expertise and wisdom to guide the team. At other levels in our societies we will again choose, but finally be careful and work from the ground up, choosing the wise and good and pushing them forward, unaffected by the propaganda machinery that we all recognise our media, both mainstream and alternative, is. This propaganda is driven by money and ownership, both of which will disappear.

We will recognise that a human being's property is their own, especially the roof over their heads, but know that the removal of money will mean less and less benefit goes with the accumulation of stuff. Let our old rulers sit in their palaces, which will grow dirty and rat infested as time passes.

We will simply cancel all laws and return to a common law, a simple law that has an understanding of harm and an understanding of the judgement of peers.

We will legalise drugs. There will be no money-incentive for dealers to add to their addicted slaves, no money for the master criminals to cream off the trade. We will help those addicted.
Organised criminal gangs, especially those who purport to be governments, will wither and die without money.

The arms business will fall by the wayside as WE walk away from the fake jobs of creating death machines to be used to suppress or kill members of our world tribe.

Our police will reorganise themselves and build new peace keeping agencies free of the acceptance of bribery, determined to perform the task they swore to do, to get the bad people out of the daily life of the ordinary people.
We can expect them to find and catch and bring to our new justice system those who abuse our children, those who steal through power and hierarchy, those who have done the most harm.
They will rid themselves of the abhorrence of secret societies and, if not, we the human species will clear them out, take away their uniforms and power and build a new policing system, free of the canker and toxicity of the past.
We believe the police will clear their own house once money is gone and once upright officers are free of hierarchy, free to choose their own leaders.
Following orders to commit crimes has been too often offered as an excuse in our history. It is no excuse, especially amongst those we entrust to keep our society free of wrong and to whom we grant the honour of a uniform and what goes with that uniform.

These are not idle dreams. These are understandings now entering the consciousness of our species. We have suffered enough at the hands of the masters and their hierarchies and their systematic brutalisation of our species and our planet.
We know they see us coming, know they are building their own alternatives, know they are planning chaos and expect us to beg for their New World Order, know they have their 'Common Purpose' and their thousands of fake charities, fake civil servants, fake NGO's, fake world 'philanthropic organisations' waiting in the wings to appear as saviours when the engineered chaos hits hardest.

But they are too late.
We Human Beings are coming.
We're a little bit smarter than we used to be and, in our numbers, so we grow ever more powerful, ever brighter as a collective species.
Now, do you see, is OUR time.

THEIRS is over.

From under the Olive Trees,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
xxx xxx xxx

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