Friday, June 30, 2017

A Sense of Separation.

Don't despair of this sense of separation.

What has driven your study is not mere curiosity.

Rather it is your innate understanding of wrong.
Which has made you determined to find our how and why it exists.

And to share the understandings you arrive at.
In the hope that, in this war between good and evil, good will prevail.

As you have learned more, so the gulf has widened between you and the rest of the tribe.
It is as if you are sighted, they blind.

They cannot see how our tribe is destined for something beyond this reality.
You see the ease with which we could reach out our hands and force open the door into a different future.

You see the opportunity drifting away.........

You see the arrogant frenzied blood lust of the inhuman monsters that feed upon us growing daily and swelling towards the final chapter of the book.

You want to scream “WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP!” until your voice grows hoarse and your body-machine falls, exhausted.

Do so.

But, do not despair.

Your consciousness has taken a path and there is a purpose to that journey.
You have changed.

You are now someone different to the person you were.
Now some thing different.

And you are not alone.
Scattered across our world there are millions like you.

You have a purpose.
Collectively, you are a force for good, for justice, for truth.

A force which awaits its moment to reveal itself.
That Moment will arrive.

Then you will understand what this has all been for, and know that the price you have paid has been worth it, and realise just how important your tiny piece in the collective whole is.

Ready yourself, dear friend, store up your energy, open your soul to the universal love.

You have a purpose........
Be happy in that knowledge.
And smile.

With Love,
Olive and Aktina

xxx xxx xxx

The Olive Tree has stood side by side with humanity for thousands of years. Within its fractals lie truths about the nature of this reality and clues as to the way forward for humanity, how to organise an entity where each element is essential to the whole, where abundance is created through mutuality and shared purpose.

The Olive Tree speaks its silent truth into reality and, as we tend ours and sit beneath their branches, we hear in our hearts their whispered understandings.

Love to all our readers.


Anonymous said...

Thank You my dear, dear soul. I needed to hear that.
Sometimes I feel so alone, but I am not, am I.

Love and Hugs,

Olive Farmer said...

Hi Jill,
To know that you are not alone is a great comfort.
To know you are part of something beautiful gives strength.
LOve to you,
Olive Farmer
xxx xxx xxx

rainbowsophie said...

Dear Jill, believe me you are not alone.... However I long sometimes to be able to find others like me physically close at hand. I know they are there, like shining beacons in a dark night, but finding them takes patience and love. Slowly but surely something is indeed changing, I feel it in the air.

Rainbow Sophie