Sunday, June 25, 2017

No truth...

There is no 'truth' movement, merely the assumption of control of rising consciousness by the masters.

The 'truth' movement is designed to obfuscate, divide, create weariness, prevent cohesion, debilitate.

The internet was created with this in mind.

Our masters foresaw the rising discontent.

From this prescience they determined their programme:
Lead the opposition and thereby destroy its power.
Ensure future generations were/are suitably nullified by distraction (Social Justice Warriors etc) and by resentment (student debt, house prices, lowered incomes), and by simply reducing the capability to think and the desire to get involved (Education, Facebook, Wikipedia, Twitter etc,: Weapons of mass separation).

All of humanity now sees the wrongness of the world, its terrible injustice, its cruelty.
All of humanity now sees the dominance of the very few and their inhumanity.

All of humanity now feels incapable of doing anything, simply because they feel alone.

Yet, deep down, we recognise each other and our hopes, our dreams, our understanding that seven billion of us could make a better job.

This recognition of shared understandings is the greatest weapon we have.

What's needed is to COLLECT TOGETHER.....

Not to discuss detail, for the Devil itself loves detail.
But to find simplicity.

In simplicity we find agreement.

By distillation we find that we agree that things should be good, be fair, be equal, be free.

By distillation we find Love.

The cornerstone from which we must build the future.

As we have been warning here for the last ten years, only the unity of those that understand can form the rock standing proud from the incoming tide.

We Are the breakwater.

We Are human.
We Are amazing creatures.
We Are love.
Together, We Are more than the sum of our parts.
We Are the collective consciousness of a species at the threshold of discovering our destiny.

It is not more war, more hatred, more bigotry, more division, more greed.
Our destiny is something much finer. 

Time to coalesce?  

Love to you all,
Olive and Aktina
xxx xxx xxx

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