Thursday, July 27, 2017

It just takes one idea, spread among us all.......

There is only one way out of the worldwide debt slavery prison.
That is for the vast majority of human beings to refuse to pay their debt instalments, for the vast majority to refuse to pay taxes.

The strength of such numbers would collapse the fake money-issued-as-debt system within weeks, or even days.

The response of our masters would be massively aggressive. Electronic money systems would be turned off, your credit or debit card fail, your 'cash' in the bank (in reality just numbers) would be denied you.

The major corporations and governments would cease to pay wages, smaller employers would be unable to.
Chaos would ensue, (unless......)

In a way, this would be playing directly into the hands of the masters and help them fulfil their master plan for 'money'.

They anticipate, because they know us better than we do ourselves, that all economic activity would cease, that hunger and starvation would quickly follow and, after all of the deaths by starvation, the riots and armed gangs and civil wars had exhausted human will, then they would step in as saviours and offer each of us a weekly 'gift' of their new world 'currency', backed by 'gold', and slowly the wreckage would begin to be cleared away and the much reduced world population would find themselves in grateful servitude.

No doubt the new gift money would be available only to the 'chipped', and those that objected, at any time to anything, or raised their voice in condemnation, would merely find their chip no longer worked, without which they would be unable to buy or sell.
That's the plan. Isn't it?

If human beings don't refuse to pay their fake debts, than the masters will find another way to crash the money you believe in anyway.
This will be soon, most understand. The fake media and its fake alternative collaborators have been preparing human being's subconscious for these events for years, telling us to buy 'gold' and to hoard, to prepare, so that YOU have enough when others go hungry.

But there is another path humanity can follow.

It relies upon us stepping up, finding our better selves, acting en masse to regulate those that don't, the looters, the organised armed gangs, the greedy.

The vigilance and firmness and constant watchfulness of billions, their bravery when faced with aggression, their unity against evil. This is the only way humanity can survive the interim between the current world debt-slavery and the future free world we are about to create.

There will be millions that seek some advantage, that seek by stealth or by fraud or by violence to get more than they need. Billions will therefore be required to hold firm and steer a steady course into the future.

To begin with,it will not be pretty. The agents of the masters, their judiciary, police, media, armed forces, intelligence agencies and their tried and tested chaos engines will be at full force. Stupid and greedy and psychopathic people will betray humanity to feed at the table of the masters as usual.

But it will not be enough, can never, ever be enough again, so long as we are united as a species, finding global unity in our desires for a better world, free of fear, free of war, free of want.

To avoid chaos we must focus human endeavour.
As a species we understand what is essential for life.

We should therefore stop all activity that is not so focused, and assume control of corporations that are important to our survival.

Those people freed from other duties should, locality by locality, serve as keepers of the peace and help to keep humanity on its course.

In the early days we will need to focus on food and energy and other stuffs we get annoyed about if we can't find: Booze, drugs, tobacco, medicines and so on. The employees of businesses involved in all of these areas should assume control of those businesses and keep doing what they've always done. In this way we ensure that human needs are safeguarded, that there need be no panic, that there are enough of us available to tackle wrongdoing.

Remember, there will be no money. We will work as a duty to our species, take what we need, hold firm against those that would spoil this endeavour, find within each individual the finer self that they were destined to be had the world been different.
Well, it will be different.

We will, as a species, need a principle.
We will need, as a species, to understand that it is not someone else's job to deal with transgressors of that principle, but the responsibility of every human being, acting cohesively.
If we are to change the world, free our species from centuries of slavery, it will take all of us, acting as one.

The principle is simple. It evolves from the single idea of love, from which grows freedom, equality, sharing, justice, truth, all with the understanding of obligation, duty, and the idea of doing no harm.

This has to be human destiny, for the alternatives are too awful to consider.
We stand right on the lip of a precipice right now.

There will be those that seek power as the world changes, those that deceptively try to take authority by attracting believers to some cause or another, a 'political' idea or a religious belief.
There is an understanding we should all come to, in our billions:
The idea of pressure groups, political adherents, leaders of those sects seeking to obtain power, even bullies that would be Kings, these things we must, as an entire species, act firmly to prevent.
We, Humanity, will not have leaders, will not have powerful groups eating away at our cohesiveness, will not allow bullies to rise up amongst us and spread fear or take more than the rest. These things are of the past.
Humanity will cooperate, or face the continuation of the evils that have beset us for millennia. .

We human beings do not need money, simply the will of billions of human beings and their focus on making what we need as a species, their focus on preventing evil from worming its way back into the world of good we will create.

Freedom beckons.
It is just a moment away.
The world can turn in an instant.
All it takes is enough of us to believe it can be done.

These are simple ideas, but within them rests the future of our species.

Their implementation will end evil for all time and bring in a period of such rapid advances that, within a few years, we will wonder why it was that we didn't take these steps earlier.
Happiness will be allowed to breakout all over the world, and we will be transformed.

You, dear reader, and we, understand that those who currently are masters of this world are at the very least psychopathic. We know they do not flinch at the murder of a child, their weapons kill children every day. We have, as a species, had enough of all of that. But be aware they will not give up easily and have their fingers on the buttons of the most awful weapons. There are, then, human beings amongst our armed forces and other agencies that must act to prevent their use.

We depend, as a species, on those human beings recognising that change is coming, on making sure that those weapons are not available to the greedy, vile and viciously inhuman 'people' that currently hold power in the world. Make those weapons unusable, we beseech you, for the sake of humanity and the better future that we are about to create for our children and theirs.

As a species, we need a better 'normal'.
Let's get it.

(We know that these words will be stifled by the power that controls the internet but, if you read them and understand, then please do whatever is in your power or capability to spread these ideas.
The future of our species may depend upon it, for it is a path we might take in a Moment if billions of us share these simple desires.)

With Love.
Olive and Aktina.

xxx xxx xxx
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